Silent Witnesses

Silent Witnesses

by Christos Doumas




The exhibition Silent Witnesses is a succinct presentation in the third millennium AD of the picture we have of the Cycladic islanders in the third millennium BC. Cycladic works of art speak to the modern audience both through their silence, as objects of unique conception and beauty, and as testimonies of a brilliant and significant culture that flourished in the Cyclades at the dawn of Western Civilization. Silent Witnesses is divided into three thematic sections: Simple Beauty, In His Own Image, and Silent Witnesses. In Simple Beauty, the exhibition presents streamlined, elegant objects with quotidian uses but whose beauty places them in the realm of sculpture. These artifacts were made from readily available materials on the islands, such as wood, marble, bone and stone. The section In His Own Image examines the variety of sculptures based on the human form, revealing the anthropocentric aspects of Aegean culture of this time. The final section, Silent Witnesses, presents the contents of graves that were systematically excavated by archaeologists. Having been collected as objects d'art, they are presented here as artifacts for serious historical and scientific examination. This final section emphasizes the need to educate the public about these pieces whose heritage was nearly lost. This volume explores the artistic tradition that existed in the so-called prehistoric period in the Cyclades. It includes illustrations and descriptions of the 59 objects in the exhibition such as clay and stone vases and of course numerous examples of the renowned Cycladic marble figurines.

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ISBN-13: 9780977659869
Publisher: Onassis Foundation USA
Publication date: 12/31/2002
Pages: 119
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