Silver Clouds, Dark Linings: A Concise Guide to Cloud Computing

Silver Clouds, Dark Linings: A Concise Guide to Cloud Computing

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The Executive’s Strategic Guide to Driving Maximum Business Value from Cloud Services


Cloud services represent a fundamental shift in how individuals, enterprises, and governments conduct business, interact, and use technology. If used effectively, they can increase business agility and focus, simplify capacity planning, and strengthen cost control. Unsurprisingly, however, the cloud also presents risks. In this concise, executive level book, leading experts Archie Reed and Stephen G. Bennett share the insights and guidance decision-makers need to drive maximum value from cloud services--and avoid the pitfalls.


The authors explain what cloud computing is, how it works, who provides cloud services, and how companies are using them. Next, they walk through the entire cloud lifecycle, offering expert guidance on planning, governance, compliance, security, operations, administration, management, and more. You’ll learn how to:


· Assess the opportunities, benefits, and risks of cloud services in your environment

· Use the cloud to improve processes, accelerate system/product delivery, or create entirely new products and businesses

· Approach the cloud strategically (and learn why you should)

· Understand cloud infrastructure, operations, and standards from the decision-maker’s point of view

· Build on existing solution architecture, design practices, and SOA investments

· Ensure appropriate control, monitoring, compliance, and security

· Use IT process standardization to simplify cloud services management

· Define a flexible roadmap that enables multiple projects to move forward in parallel, and can change as the marketplace evolves


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Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 09/15/2010
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About the Author

Archie Reed is HP Chief Technologist for Cloud Security. He is a 20-year experienced manager and technologist, with a wide range of leadership, architecture, product, R&D and implementation experience gained in high profile environments. Archie has worked to deliver both commercial and internal business solutions, as well as managed both engineering and corporate development for multi-million user, multi-tenant service provider. Archie has been an involved in multiple standards efforts including OASIS to the Cloud Security Alliance. Archie is a regular speaker at executive events, conferences and analyst meetings on topics including Security, Privacy, Cloud Computing, Identity Management and Business Technology Optimization. Archie’s previous books include “The Definitive Guide to Identity Management” (Realtime Publishers 2003), “Migrating to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000” (Realtime Publishers, 2001), and “Implementing Directory Services” McGraw Hill (2000), alongside many white-papers and magazine articles. Before becoming an IT professional Archie held prestigious roles as a croupier, a barman and a roustabout.


Stephen G. Bennett is a Senior Enterprise Architect at Oracle, and previously with BEA where he was the Americas SOA Practice Lead within BEA’s consulting division. Stephen is a 25-year experienced technologist focused on providing thought leadership, best practices, and architecture guidance around SOA and cloud computing. Stephen has spoken at several conferences and customer events. Stephen has co-chaired a number of working groups within the Open Group organization around SOA Governance and TOGAF/SOA. Stephen has delivered technology management and enterprise architecture consulting to many enterprise customers. Before becoming a consultant, Stephen was involved in delivering enterprise-wide mission critical systems within the investment banking industry.


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Table of Contents


Part I: Shift Happens!

1 Introduction

The Cloud Services Market

Cloud Services Benefits

Benefits of Cloud Services

Summary of Benefits

What Is Cloud?

The NIST Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing

The NIST Service Models of Cloud Computing

The NIST Deployment Models of Cloud Computing

What Can Cloud Do for Me?



2 Evolution or Revolution?

Cloud Capabilities

Benefits Versus Risks


3 Reflections on the Shift


Part II: The Cloud Service Alphabet Soup

4 Introduction to Cloud Services

Cloud Usage Models

Cloud Architecture: High Level

Public Cloud Architectures

Private and Hybrid Cloud Architectures

Cloud Architecture in Depth

Software as a Service

Platform as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud Architecture Conclusions


5 State of the Industry

Cloud Services Create New Markets and New Threats

New Markets

New Threats


Assurance in the Cloud



6 Reflections on Cloud Services


Part III: Life in the Cloud–Planning and Managing the Cloud

7 Introduction to Cloud Planning

Enterprise Architecture

Solution Architecture and Design

Service-Oriented Architecture

Data and Application Interoperability

Data in the Cloud

Recovering Data from the Cloud

Managing Workloads in the Cloud

Governance and Management




8 Cloud Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Risk Management



Cohesive GRC

Cloud GRC Model

Cloud Service Portfolio Governance

Cloud Service Consumer/Producer Governance

Cloud Asset Vitality

Cloud Organization Governance

GRC Is a Process, Not a Project!



9 Cloud Business Risk and Security

Risks Associated with Cloud Services

Where Do I Start?

The Cloud Security Alliance

Framing the Security Discussion

Risk and Trust

Data Use and Classification

Audits, Logs, eDiscovery, and Digital Forensics


International Issues

Identity and Privacy Management

Identity Management in the Cloud

Infrastructure Security

Physical Security

Legal Issues

Strategic Security



10 Cloud Operations, Administration, and Management

Standardized Processes and Tools

Operating Cloud Services


Cloud Service Management

Model-Driven Management

Policy Management

Metering and Billing

Cloud Service Provider Management


11 Reflections on Life in the Cloud

Part IV: GPS to the Cloud…Where to Now?

12 Creating a Successful Cloud Roadmap

Crossing Your Chasms

Risk Realization Chasm

Wider Acceptance Chasm

Best Practices Chasm

Business Case Chasm

Avoiding the Inevitable Chasm

Planning Your Journey

13 Conclusion

Big Data

Big Architecture

Communications, Networking, and the Interconnectedness of All Things


The Rise of the Broker

The Rise of Community Clouds

Rapidly Changing Billing Models

Silver Clouds, Dark Linings


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