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Silver Kiss 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
WordVagabond More than 1 year ago
(From my blog on wordpress, Word Vagabond: Reviews of Independent and Small Press Books.) Ayla wasn't looking for trouble when she moved back home after eight years. All she wanted to do was rejoin her werewolf Pack, get a job with the local police force, and start building a life with her human girlfriend, Shannon. Just a few months later, Ayla's relationship with the Pack is strained to the breaking point, and she and Shannon are thrust deep into a world of drugs and kidnapping, and the Alphas want Ayla to help them solve it all- with murder. The first book in Naomi Clark's Urban Wolf series is beautifully constructed. The plot is simple but solid, but what really makes this book great are the relationships between the characters. I've never particularly been a werewolf aficionado, but the intricacies of Pack life and vivid descriptions of Ayla's experiences in wolf form immersed me in their world. Clark depicts the tight-knit community of a werewolf Pack as a sort of cross between a small town and an extended family, with all the pros and cons of both. The relationship between Ayla and her girlfriend was also well-drawn. Realistic long-term relationships are rare in genre fiction, which often thrives on the chaos and romance of new love and painful breakups. Clark takes no such shortcuts here. Ayla and Shannon fight, make love, make breakfast, and stand by each other when it counts (not necessarily in that order). I found their interactions truly realistic and touching. The characters of Vince and Joel, on the other hand, were a bit two-dimensional. They had no distinguishing characteristics, and I even had trouble remembering their names. This book has a great atmosphere. It reminded me a bit of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, although it has a slightly more realistic tone. Fans of that series will probably like this one as well. Clark has just published the second novel in this series, Dark Hunt, which I'm going to pick up as soon as I hit "post" on this review.
Ameliah_Faith More than 1 year ago
Silver Kiss is a tale of a lone wolf who returns to pack life with her human lover. It would appear this is the second book in a series but it is a perfect stand alone book. I like werewolf and shape shifter stories and this one did not let me down. I really enjoyed seeing the workings of pack life. The normalcy and every day worries between Shannon and Ayla was refreshing. The job and family stressors that is. Not the getting tangled up with drug dealing, kid (wolf?) napping, fight club running, rogue werewolves worries. Those were all new to me but I liked them!! How exciting!! I found this saga well written and fast paced. It held my attention throughout the book and I was a bit pouty when I had to put it down before I was finished. I am looking forward to reading the first and third in this series. Thank you Ms Clark! Originally reviewed With Prism Book Alliance
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story was good, it had good suspense, family drama, action and mythical werewolves. The problem that I had was the very little amount "romantic" scenes and the ending. The ending was good, but it was not what one would call a happy ending. It felt like there is going to be more in it, yet it was pretty much an ending. Overall: it was a good story, just gotta make a different good ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
originally posted at: ***** Are you in the mood for an urban fantasy novel with bite? Then look no further. Silver Kiss is a combination of action, emotion, mystery, and suspense. Eight years ago Ayla left her pack and family behind. Years of living as a lone wolf have given her an independence she's become accustomed to, as well as a thriving relationship with a woman she loves. Things couldn't be better -- aside from her desire to reconnect with her parents. So hoping to reestablish a bond with her family and the pack, Ayla's returned to the place she once resented. There are obstacles, as her human partner and lover, Shannon, has returned with her. Homosexuality isn't something that's embraced by the pack, as their birth rates are declining, and Ayla's pairing with another woman means she won't contribute to the population. Complicating matters further, Shannon doesn't have friends or family in the area. If Shannon's not welcomed, Ayla worries about how it will impact, not only her view of the pack, but Shannon's job as private investigator as well. Silver Kiss is a story that has an amazing world build, complex characters, and a whole lot of twists and turns that come together like a carefully crafted puzzle. The way that things are revealed is fantastic, and I lost myself completely in the environment Ms. Clark has created. At times gritty, there is also a lot of emotional tension as Ayla struggles to come to terms with being a part of a pack, balancing this with her relationship, and gaining her parents' acceptance of the way she's chosen to live her life. It's a slam-bam kind of tale, and pulls you in as you delve into Shannon's investigation into a missing werewolf teen, the herbal drug, Silver Kiss, that is all the rage, and Ayla's slow awareness of how the two are connected. There was just one issue I had with the story, involving the relationship between Ayla and Shannon, which stalled things. The two women have been together for years and, having weathered tragic and dangerous events in the past, know each another extremely well. This was something I enjoyed, as their strong connection allowed them to read between the lines when Ayla had to interact with the pack while Shannon was forced to stay at home. This revealed the amount of trust shared between the two, and it made their commitment seem very real. So I was shocked when something that could have had dire consequences occurs, Shannon becomes upset, and the argument between the women is treated in a very immature manner. It's impossible to divulge too much here, as doing so would only reveal spoilers, but suffice it to say I questioned this portion of the book and it caused me to question the realism and solidity of their relationship. Aside from the above mentioned, the story is well written, fast-paced, and held my interest all the way through. Ms. Clark has developed an interesting secondary cast of characters, a vibrant and vivid world in which wolves and humans mingle, and even a villain that is more than an evil face on the page meant to progress things. The slow build is so worth it, and when the final quarter of the book arrives, you won't be able to put Silver Kiss down. I would recommend Silver Kiss to urban fantasy fans who want to dive into a world that is intense and dark, yet fascinating. The ending leaves an opening for a second installment, and I would definitely be interested in returning to see how things
MicheleLeesBookLove More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Some books wrap themselves up in the trope of a genre like a comfortable blanket, and others seem to transcend genre and theme with their very nature. Silver Kiss is one of these. Labeled an "urban werewolf novel" not true urban fantasy it's the tale of Ayla, a werewolf, and Shannon, a human, together trying to make a new life with Ayla's Pack and family. Except the recent murder of Ayla's cousin Adam (which drew her back to the Pack in the first place) might not be an isolated event. To top it off there's a new street drug out there that's highly addictive to werewolves and triggers their animal instincts, making them rage filled animals ready to fight. Sure enough Shannon and Ayla get dragged (and blackmailed) in, ending up way over their heads. Silver Kiss is a werewolf mystery, not an urban fantasy or paranormal romance, with a strong overlying theme of community and family acceptance, how it relates to humans, werewolves, and lesbians. Ayla is a high strung character, possibly the book's only flaw as her nervous energy infects a book that otherwise has very much normalized the concept of werewolves and werewolf culture. Her emotionality does, at times, distract from the main plot, or close it down as her independent streak leads her to not trust the people around her, not even family and friends. However Clark has spun an interesting balance of world elements, the paranormal and the struggle for normalcy in what's considered deviancy even in our supposedly modern and accepting culture. Highly recommended for library collections, with a good mystery and moments of surprising depth, Silver Kiss is the sort of stand out, inclusive fiction that more collections should be proud to have on their shelves. Contains: sex, violence, cursing
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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