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Simba, Jesus Christ Warrior: Lion of Judah.

Simba, Jesus Christ Warrior: Lion of Judah.

by Stanley Ole Lotegeluaki


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The Lord who was on His throne was talking to St. Abaddon. " I know you yanked out Satan and the Beast's tongue billions of years ago, but now I want them functonal so they can tempt the nations again. Just stuff or shove the frogs into their mouths so they can speak for them, that should fix it." St. Abaddon in the Bottomless pit looked at Satan. He had mutilated him as much as possible in the fires of the Bottomless pit and now the Lord wanted him to fix this bloody mess of a person. St. Abaddon did not want to let them out of the pit, but now it was time for WWIII and he had to let the whole house of Satan out of the bottomless pit. Also the goat humans who were in another place or comfortable hell were to be released onto the unsuspecting space kingdom of Jesus Christ. After a while it was done and Satan and the Beast angel and his demons were kicked out of the Bottomless pit. When they got out they were still screaming and crying as the pain of being burned for 40 billion+/- years sunk in. Their skin still sizzled from the fire when they got out. After a while the screaming stopped and Pandamonia, Satans nation realized that they were out. Jesus talked to Satan and told him that the rest of the Bible was to be fulfilled, and the Boast that he had made to the Angelic host that with a big enough army he could defeat God. So WWIII was to be fought and if he lost he would be thrown into the Lake of fire forever. Jesus Christ is mighty in Battle- Psalm 24. Satan mused about this for a while, his strategy was that he could live forever only if he did not attack Jesus Christ, if he did not start WWIII he and his demons will live forever and scripture would not come true. That was Satan's nation strategy in 40 billion AD+/- after the 1000 years. All went well but slowly Satan and his demons who were relegated to the toilets of Christ's kingdom decided that they too wanted a nation to rival Christs kingdom, Also the goat humanbeings were taken out of hell and born to Christian mothers, so they had a supply of humans who sinned continuosly. After a season Satan became tired of his position as the laughing stock of heaven and he decided to destroy Christ's kingdom. An evil thought was put into his head by the Lord and God brought Satan against HIm. Ezekiel 38:8-23. Ezekiel 38:10.."that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:" Satan thought an evil thought and created a rival kingdom with the pomp of Nazi Germany,the political slickness of Communism, and the religion of Islam. Satan then thought what group of people would be best for my adventure? The most numerous of people of course. So he went and tempted the goats of Japheth, the Asians for they were the most numerous for Japheth means widespread or numerous. Jesus had blessed them and they filled billions of earthlike planets in the universe. So Satan put his capital city in Japheth or Magog and Gog. Satan also possessed all the goats in all the other nations against Jesus, such that a civil war was fought between Christians and nonChristians- those who worshipped the Beast Angel or Poltergeist, Satan's husband. At first it was difficult, for Chinese Christians and Asian Christians fought fantastic battles against Satan and did exploits. But the Lord let all the Christians fail so the Bible could be fulfilled. Revelation 17:17. God let the Christians fail and the Asian Christians were beat because demons were helping the enemy in the insurgency. Daniel 11:34. After the nations fell, Jesus returned riding on the gospel of the Church- the White horse and the Angels came from heaven riding on the gospel of the Church- white horses. Order was restored- chpt 19 Revelation, and the Asian nations continued on loving Jesus until the collapse of the universe. Those who died in the war were teleported to 2000 AD+/-. The Chinese who live today in 2000AD+/- are heros of Armageddon.

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