Simple and Savvy Strategies for Creating Healthy Eaters

Simple and Savvy Strategies for Creating Healthy Eaters

by Beverly Pressey


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Simple and Savvy Strategies for Creating Healthy Eaters by Beverly Pressey

How do you ensure your child's health and interest in a variety of foods without fighting or spending all day in the kitchen? Registered Dietician and mom Beverly Pressey gives parents simple, constructive tips and information to create healthy, smart eaters.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781439246658
Publisher: BookSurge, LLC
Publication date: 07/16/2009
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.28(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     ix
Feeding the First Year     11
First Foods     11
When to Start Solids     11
How to Start Solids     13
Gagging and Choking     16
Inappropriate Food for Babies     18
Increasing Solids     20
How Often to Feed a Baby     21
How Much to Feed     21
Food Rejection     23
Allergies     23
Signs and Symptoms     24
Food Intolerance     25
Can Allergies be Prevented?     25
Living with Food Allergies     27
Alternates to Peanut Butter and Tree Nuts     28
Protein Lunch Ideas     28
Weaning from Breast or Bottle to Cup     29
When to Wean a Breastfed Baby     29
How to Wean from Breast or Bottle to a Cup     30
Times Not to Wean     31
Cup Drinking     32
Transition to Cow's Milk     32
Age One And Beyond     35
You Can Lead a Child to Food but You Can't Make Them Eat     35
Growth Slows     35
Food Phobia + Independence = Parenting Challenge     36
Timing     37
What to Doand What Not to Do     38
Bribing, Rewarding and Punishing     41
Deception     43
Give Them a Fighting Chance     45
Meeting Nutritional Needs     47
Milk in all its Various Forms     47
Definitions     47
How Much Milk Per Day     48
Concerns about Cow's Milk     49
Non-animal Milks     50
Cow Milk Product Substitutes     51
Fruit Facts     51
Fruit Drinks and Juice     51
Does My Child Need Juice?     52
Fruit Products     53
Fruit Sweeteners     54
My Child Won't Eat Vegetables     54
Try Again, and Again, and Again. Repeat     54
Make Friends with Vegetables     55
How Many Vegetables Should My Child Eat?     56
The Vegetarian or Vegan Choice     56
Iron     57
Calcium     58
B-12     58
Exceptions to the Rules     59
Snacks - Not Just Junk Food Time     59
Meal and Snacks: Nutritional Equivalents     59
Growing Food and Fun Food     59
30 Snack Suggestions     60
Eating at Restaurants with Young Children     62
Survival Suggestions     62
How to Eat While the Food is Still Hot     63
What to Bring     63
Safety     64
The Mess     64
Enjoy Yourself     65
Parties, Buffets, Play Dates and other Free-for-Alls     65
Others Offering Children Fun Food     65
Holidays and Traditions     67
Potty Training Awards     68
Birthday Treats     68
Eating at School     69
Buffets     69
Know What Food to Buy     71
Carbohydrates     71
Sugar     71
Starch     71
Fiber     72
How Many Carbohydrates does a Child Need?     72
Some Carbohydrates are Better than Others     72
Protein: the Newest Health Food?     74
How Much is Enough?     74
Animal Protein     75
Vegetable Protein     76
Understanding Fats and Oils     77
Animal Sources     77
Plant Sources     77
Partially Hydrogenated Saturated Fats     78
Fats and Disease     79
Label Reading: What Does it all Mean?      79
Definitions     79
Trans Fats     80
Decoding the Nutrition Label     80
Understanding the Ingredient List     82
Dates on Food     83
Organic Food Products     83
Definition     83
Are Organic Foods More Nutritious?     84
Efficient Shopping, Quick Cooking and Enjoyable Meals     87
Family Meals     87
Family Meal Defined     87
Benefits     88
Understanding Satiety     89
Scheduling Family Meals     90
Quick and Easy Family Meals     91
Keep it Simple     91
Convenience Foods     95
Optional: Pizzazz     95
Meal Planning     96
Plan for the Week     96
Dinner Ideas     97
Make a Shopping List     103
Plan for the Unexpected     103
Dry Goods     103
Canned Foods     104
Perishable Foods     104
Semi-perishable Foods     105
Frozen Foods     105
Seasonings and Condiments     106
Grocery Shop One Time a Week     107
Play It Safe      108
Keeping It Clean     108
Food Storage     109
Packed Lunches or Snacks     112
Cooking     112
Confessions of a Nutritionist Living with Children     115
Resources     119
Acknowledgements     123
Index     125

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