Simplicity of the Heart: Collection of Poetry I 1977-1999

Simplicity of the Heart: Collection of Poetry I 1977-1999

by Rosa M Diaz


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A young woman gives us her perception of life. She also writes about relationships, love and what comes with it. Her emotions and writing are developed to a great extent.

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ISBN-13: 9781532053917
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/28/2018
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

I was born in Mexico City. I have lived in the California Central Valley since 1972. Writing is a relief and through my writings I became self-analytical. I discovered my point of view about life and the complexity of the feelings that unite us as human beings.

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The spirit Makes us unique And I see The beauty,
And miracle Of life In ordinary things.

I turn to the heavens When I am joyful Or hurt.
I turn to the heavens And render My gratitude Often For the things I have And the life I breathe.
The Master King Is always Close to me.

Soul And Light

The soul and the light Go hand in hand From childhood To old age.
The soul reflects Kindness.
The light illuminates The personal happiness.
Both live on earth.
Both go to heaven.

One without the other Is nothing.
God sent a soul To make us human.
The light Arrived to us To make us different.

The light Is the essence Of our personality;
The soul reflects Our existence.
This, we know,
For what we do daily And the promises We accomplish.
Both have Their unique beauty;
Both are special Sentimentally.

The soul and the light Are strong like a tree.
The branches Are the light;
The trunk is the soul.
The soul and the light Are like a flower.
The light is the aroma;
The beauty is the soul.
The light and the soul Are always united,
Like two friendly Seagulls,
Like darkness And the stars,
Like summer And sunlight.

God takes the soul.
The light Goes off by itself,
And of us,
Nothing is left.
Through time The soul returns,
And the light shines again In another life,
Another being,
Since the reflection of this Never dies.

December 18, 1984

My God

My Lord,
I don't ask for glory Or condemnation.
I simply ask That you take me away Where you believe Is better for me.

I put myself In your hands.
Don't let me fall Onto temptation.
Don't let me fall In hopelessness.
Take me away Where I am needed.
I don't ask for heaven;
I don't deserve it.
But there is no worse hell Than where I am now.

Give me kindness To treat others.
Clean my heart Of ill feelings So I may give my soul Clean and loving.
Give me enough days To fulfill my wishes.
Give a tomorrow Of hope As a reason for living.

Guide me On the good road So that I may deserve To be by your side.
Don't let me think Of vengeance.
Help me be forgiving To everyone.
Don't let me be Selfish or cruel,
And don't blind me To reality.
Don't let me Fill my soul With lies and deceit.

I implore you —
Be merciful So I'll be with others.
Let me know I am not in oblivion.
Give me hope To stay alive.

My Lord,
Forgive me For thinking of death,
But it's a relief For my sorrows And luck.
Protect me,
To be better.

February 4, 1980


Your hazel eyes Reflect serenity.
They illuminate A heavenly peace.
Your face Filled with kindness Gives smiles away Wherever you go.

Your words,
Always bound To God's commands,
Bring hope To everyone,
At every time.

Friend of the universe,
Your voice Is a sweet chant Brought by the saints And close to you Everything is joyous.

Your light complexion Is like the Creator's.
You're fragile Before fear,
But you defy all Because the Lord Is with you.

You're a man Jesus converted Into a guide.
You have much to give In your daily life.
You are special,
But your body Is the repeated image Of thousands Of ancestors.
You give A sincere smile Never denied To anyone.

Thank you friend,
Your life Will be a success No matter The road you take.
In your crystal heart,
Faith Is reflected In each action That you take Toward the neighbors With no complaints.

May 23, 1984

The Cathedral

The cathedral Was so beautiful.
Seemed so near And yet so far,
Just a few steps away As I walked.
In its enormous walls And beautiful Construction I came to leave My sins And I came To be forgiven.
My tears Cleaned my conscience,
And the deep silence Made an echo That deafened me.

I felt calm And a peaceful Restlessness.
I forgot the world Outside,
And I entered a world Of transparency.
I had nothing to hide,
Everything Was exposed.
I wished to stay there Forevermore.

But suddenly I felt fear To the rectitude Of my faults And shame To face them.

I went outside,
And the light Blinded me.
I preferred to live In a world,
Sinner, liar And villain,
But knowing That each action Takes me to know The pure And clean love That the spirit needs To rise above.

October 30, 1983


I know I'm not alone.
I could be in the desert All alone And I'd feel Your guidance,
Imagine your presence,
Before me.

You help me Continue in life.
You heal my sorrows.
I adore you!
I feel strong.
For Your blessing,
My weakness Is strength.

The difficult problems Are easier When You are near.
In my frustrations,
When I feel The most depressed,
I feel your hand Over me.
I regain the lost faith.

Before you I have no pride Or sorrows,
Because You are My witness And You are My conscience.
You are The eternal promise For which I have to live.

May 4, 1982


From the skies above With the radiance You have,
Shine on my soul,
Shine on my heart.

Bright silver star,
Shine on me.
Infinite space Is for the daydreamers.
Before you There is no past Or future,
Only a beautiful Present tense.

Beautiful light,
Shine each night By my window.
Moon That seems so high And beautiful Like the stars,
Help me reach What I dream For me And those around me.

July 23, 1980

A Prayer

Look after me At night.
Look after me At day.
You are My only guide;
Without you I am lost.
Don't let me fall,
Neither to the ground Nor into temptation.
Save me From the abyss.
Make me good To deserve Your attention.

If I fail And fall in sin,
Forgive me, Lord,
It wasn't my intention,
Just the devil's Hand on me.

Remove The hindrances From my life.
Avert the evil.
Look after My thoughts That stray in nothing.
Look after My awakening,
Look after My dreams That are beyond My control.
Look after me In my nightmares Led By unwanted hands.
Don't let me Be afflicted By what has no solution.

Help me forget The mundane And pay attention To the spirit.
Help me find Kindness In everyone,
To help them With no judgments.

Send an angel To help me Through my fears And guide me In my tragedies.
You ought to know I want to keep myself Clean of sin And with a purified soul.
Life is tough When I look And cannot find you Right here,
By my side.

Make me good!
Make me patient!
Have mercy on me.
Never leave me alone Because I want,
With my own hands,
Reach heaven And with my senses,
Experience paradise.
Look after My mortal soul Today and the days To come.
Look after This tyrant world.
We all need of you!

March 15, 1988


Fly high Into the sky,
Fly away,
Fly like a bird,
Fly like a plane.

Lower your guard And free Your thoughts.
Clean your spirit From any emotional Disease.

Fly Into the heavens,
Fly into the wind,
Fly above the clouds,
Fly all the way Into the stars For they know Who you are.
Have no doubts To cry,
To laugh, to speak,
No matter if it's real Or only a dream.

Fly away strong,
Fly away alone,
Fly away brave.
When you come down,
Find yourself,
And make peace So the dilemmas Allow you to succeed.

August 10, 1997


I hear the thunders In a Holy Saturday.

It's rain And the tears Of God Caused By the infamies Of the world.
It's the weeping Of the souls Who are in hell For the torture They can't stand.
It's also The sad weeping About the overwhelming Loneliness Around those in heaven.

Their wailing,
Converted Into thunder,
Is constant.
The day turns gloomy,
It rains and rains With no end.
God Has no mercy on us!

The wailing from God Is delirious.
He asks for peace,
Tolerance And compassion For the neighbor And servitude Only to Him.
He offers us eternal life And the world responds With false promises Of behaving well And caring for others.

The rave on earth.
Is impatient.
As they feel death,
People ask For peace and pity.
They sob and moan,
They come close To their church And believe heaven Is earned And their soul is clean By asking For forgiveness,
Though their lives Were of amusement,
Evil, and selfishness And their actions Were not pleasant.

April 7, 1980

Angels From Heaven

Disguised By the skin,
The angels From up above Couldn't spread out Their wings On earth,
And flew high Into the sky Until heaven Was reached.

They came down And borrowed Time and space To venture,
Learn, create,
And teach.

Angels From heaven Take many forms So we're never alone.
They're invisible And, yet,
Share their warmth.
For our protection They form a barrier.

For our rescue They form a bridge.
In so many forms They cover us With their wings.

Then the Lord Calls upon them,
And they are captured.
And the meaning of life Is held in a moment In a smile,
In a tear,
In a dream,
In a memory Untouched,

When the angels From heaven above Don't have time To say goodbye,
It hurts us forever.
And we're left With a full mind,
An empty spirit,
And a confused heart.
And, again,
We wonder,
What do we need To quest To fulfill our lives?

November 10, 1995


To our brunette Lady,
I come to say In this modest poem,
Queen of my house,
I'm bound to you For this joy And suffering I give and feel.

At your shrine I come to kneel.
I come to give my soul.
Though it lives in sin,
It recovers For your guidance.

Lady of Guadalupe,
You, who are there,
In the highness Of heaven,
Give me your blessings,
And forgive me For not following The path Of your words.

Our beloved lady,
For you is my song.
Never forget those Suffering with No guidance.
Send your mercy And look down below,
For we are nothing Without you.

November 24, 1979

Don't Fear

When you feel sad,
Remember me.
I'll be there To make you smile.
Don't feel bad;
There's nothing to fear.

Never feel lonely.
I'll always be By your side,
Always near,
To help you Solve your problems That will appear.
Trust in me.

Forget the pain Of the past.
Live today The happiness,
Because at the end,
That's all that lasts.
Don't imagine Your future,
Or you'll feel Disappointed,
What you're hoping Won't come true.
Live only One day at a time,
And enjoy The precious life.
God is your best guide,
And your guardian angel Is in your same mind.

October 19, 1983

I Am Thankful

I give thanks to life,
It has given me so much,
Though I don't deserve And I complain about.

I give thanks to God For giving me life.
Though it's what it is,
Though I suffer And enjoy,
I feel life in me.

Thanks to my parents For giving me life And being,
To my friends Who understood me.
Thanks for all They offered And for their truth.

I don't know Whom to thank For this quiet expression,
But I am truly thankful For the pride I have,
For the knowledge I've acquired,
And for having what I have.

I thank Those around me Today and tomorrow So it will be.

March 24, 1980



No matter How serious or strong,
Enduring or close,
Relationships Have made me Who I am.

I am grateful For each one of them.
As I taught,
I learned,
We're all in search Of acknowledgement.

Like An Angel

With the hands Of an angel,
You relieve My stress and pain.

With the ears Of an angel,
You quietly listen To all my complaints.

With the words Of an angel,
You encourage And advise me In every step I may take.

Like an angel friend In my thoughts,
You make me feel Positive about myself.
I trust you With the true me.

Like a guardian angel,
You're patient,
Kind and attentive.
Because of you I have faith,
Dreams, wishes And hopes.
The best of me You provoke!

Angels Don't offer Or promise.
They just give.
That's you – with me!

July 27, 1997

Farewell And Oblivion

You gave me a kiss,
A farewell And oblivion.
But despite that,
Forget you I could not.
The kiss is pinned On my lips.
I carry the goodbye In my heart,
And the farewell I can't remember now.

Those caresses We shared For the last time And those words We told each other Are not easy to forget.

When we go out To see new faces,
We'll not forget Each other.
Not for a farewell Or oblivion,
We'll not remember.

To this day I haven't forget —
And I won't even try —
Because you are In my mind All the time.

July 5, 1979


You wanted to be My protector,
But you're still a child Looking for love And protection.
You wished to be My idol, my hero,
But you're the villain,
Selfish man,
Unable to see Beyond yourself.

Your eyes of sin Denounced me,
And I felt inferior.
Your suspicions And accusations Filled my mind With remorse.
This caused Pleasure in you And gave rise To brutal force.

You wanted me As your lover,
But you're no friend.
You wanted to be My confidant,
But you have never Understood me.

You demanded My honesty,
And you are A fatal liar.
You demanded My oath,
And time proved you An actor With false actions And feelings.
You were Hypocritically kind.
In the end,
You're a man With no pride.

Poor man,
I feel sorry for you,
Insecure child,
Unwisely smart,
Wanted to succeed And became A great loser When you saw that I,
This woman,
Without looking back,
Left you.
You killed my love By strikes,
With your vain actions And hollow words And evil thinking.

I was a victim Of your snubs,
And now you Are a victim Of my indifference.
You were so proud;
Now humbly You come to beg.
Yesterday You were so arrogant,
And today You have no shame.

Look How things are.
Yesterday I was so weak,
At your service.
Today I am strong,
Brave, and with faith.
Ironies of life,
When things are not,
Even if forced,
It never goes well.
Your cruelty Will follow you Like the shadows Of your sins.
Your actions Will be with you Like the beat Of your conscience.
If you don't change,
You'll destroy Your existence.

As you lose me,
On your knees You beg For me to come back.
I am sorry,
I want nothing more With you.
The ironies of life Hurt more When they turn Against us Without any hints That would lead us To suspect.
I don't judge.
It's what you learned.
Your conscience Will forever Give you the answer.
If you feel guilty,
You know Deep inside You've done wrong.
If you're happy,
It's because God Has sent you peace.

I forget all evil.
In my heart I found the answer That keeps me content.
Today your pride Is hurt,
You didn't believe I would confront you With so much Inner strength.
But you see,
I've learned.

You'll hurt me No more.
I will no longer hear You scream.
Here, each one Take its route.
Don't worry About me.
I pray to God To bless you And forgive you.
I am sure that apart We'll do much better.

April 10, 1989


Woman of white skin,
Your eyes Are two stars.

Your face Reflects harmony,
Your smile is sweet,
And your laugh Is a fine chant.

I admire Your simplicity And respect Your kindness.
Woman Of strong heart In the face Of frustration,
And, at the same time,
Sensible And sentimental In the face of love.
Woman and child,
Sophisticated And humble,
Frivolous, dominant,
And kind,
In your heart Love Is always palpating.

With no doubts You take what's around Or before you.
You offer Your opened hand And never have enough Of other's problems.
You are That someone special,
You became An angel,
Dictator Of my actions.
You take care of me At every moment,
And I thank you for it.
And I offer you My friendship.

Romantic woman,
Sentimental poet,
Your dreams Will come true,
Since God Takes care of you.

April 3, 1983


I helped you When you asked.
I offered you What I had In time of need.
I opened my heart And home.
I exposed my life Before you,
And for you I risked All I had.
Now you set me aside Like any stranger.

I believed You were loyal friend In the good And bad times,
Or for our lives,
A little apart.
But no.
You're as cold as clay.

I did not expect Anything from you;
I just listened.
I gave my advice,
Thinking of your welfare When you couldn't think.

I gave you all Within my reach.
And now I'm not needed,
And you discard me Like a Kleenex.
I gave you The best of me,
I wanted To see you happy,
Now you betray me By criticizing how I am.

In this mess I don't lose.
My heart is at peace.
By helping you,
I did a favor To the world.
I cared for you With no fears.

You'll realize,
In your problems,
From all your friends,
I gave you a hand.
I was always ready For anything,
With no doubts Because of our friendship Of years past.

It came as a surprise To find you Talk about me.

Don't make excuses,
For pity or grief.
From experience,
I've learned to know Humankind.

I wish you the best.
If a man Can break This friendship,
I no longer worry.
I did all I could.
And you,
Better than anyone,
Should decide.

After defending And protecting you,
You ignore And criticize me,
And — they even say —
You hate me.
It hurts,
But you'll suffer The consequences.

Next time You need a friend,
I won't be there,
And no one will do What I did for you.
Not your man,
Or your next friend Will give all of itself To know What makes you suffer Or makes you happy.

With our separation You lose The confidant,
The adviser,
Who got nothing In return.
You lose Your best friend.
From you I learned,
That true friendship Doesn't exist.
Friendship Is only for a time And issue That unites And guides ahead.

I ask only One thing:
Don't tell anyone Our intimate secrets,
Not because I fear What is said About me,
But so people Will consider You A good friend.

September 8, 1989

My Pillow

My loyal mate Of nothing complains And nothing says.
My pillow Captures the tears Of my relief And feels the smiles When, mischievous,
The mind dreams.

My pillow,
Without a heart Or face,
To my confessions Is always attentive,
Listens to my laments With interest When my emotions Release me.

My pillow —
I throw it off Or embrace it As I find it convenient.
It conforms To my body With no criteria,
Rejection or blame.

My pillow,
It's the support When I write And on paper I leave my tears.
It also reassures me When I take My anger out In my dreams.

My pillow,
The best friend Of my life.
I ask her questions,
And in dreams I get the answers.

December 13, 1997

Passing By

So much was lost When we said goodbye,
You tell me.
That is not What I say.

Don't blame anyone.
It was destiny,
What do I know?
I told you I was passing by In your life,
And it was true.

This relationship Was not love Or friendship,
Not even attraction.
For me It was a convenience,
And for you It was only for appearances,
Which is worse.

The good thing In all this Is that I was Always honest.

June 5, 1999


Excerpted from "Simplicity of the Heart"
by .
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