Simplified Arterial Blood Gases

Simplified Arterial Blood Gases

by Malcolm Rosenberg


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100 pages of cartoon level respiratory physiology and pathophysiology.

Typically, blood gases are taught by having students memorize relational statements like this one, "If the pH is low and CO2 is high, then the condition is ..." This is a quick and easy method which is usually as quickly forgotten as it is learned.

My approach is somewhat different. In teaching hospital CEU classes, I found that when students understood the physiology of respiration, it followed that pH, CO2 and HCO3 values made sense. This book, Simplified Arterial Blood Gases, includes the content, explanations and exercises from my course.

Each page presents one concept, illustrated with a simple, light hearted cartoon. In most cases, the information on each page can be understood independently of the page before it. In this way, you won't get "lost" by wading too deep into material half-understood. Read each page, absorb the material, take a breather and turn the page. This sequence, repeated over the 100 pages and you will be ready to interpret ABGs.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780972548311
Publisher: Malcolm S Rosenberg
Publication date: 12/31/1996
Series: Simplified Nursing
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Malcolm Rosenberg, RN began his career as a nurse and nurse educator after receiving his Associates Degree from Broward Community College in 1989. He has worked in many medical and surgical areas including orthopedic, telemetry, oncology, as well as the ICU, recovery and emergency rooms.

Prior to becoming a nurse, Malcolm was trained as a mechanical engineer and worked for 10 years in aircraft design and manufacturing. In that setting he began to appreciate the value of using simple diagrams and cartoons to learn and communicate complex dynamic processes.

That learning was put to use when Malcolm was asked to teach continuing education courses for hospital nurses. He decided to create these courses primarily through the use of simple sketches and a light-hearted approach to learning.

Since he wanted his students to understand the content without being overly concerned with note taking, he put together handouts for the students of exactly what was on the overhead projector. Those packages then became these books.

Malcolm Rosenberg lives in Florida with Sandy, his adoring wife, Sandy's mom, Flo, their son, Alex, two dogs and three cats. His older son Craig lives in Georgia with his wife Tara.

Please feel free to contact Malcolm via email: or by phone: 954-802-7539.

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