Simplified Land Titling: Simple, low-cost protection of all land rights

Simplified Land Titling: Simple, low-cost protection of all land rights

by Mr Krunchie Killeen


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Proving ownership of Real Property (land and buildings) has been complex and expensive.
Without credible documents of title, millions of property-owners are unable to obtain market prices for, or obtain credit on the security of, their property. As a result many are trapped in poverty.
In this book, Krunchie Killeen prescribes a Simplified Land Titling system (abbreviated to "SLT") which solves all these problems:
• Proof of Title is made simple and inexpensive;
• All property rights are encompassed;
• SLT is universal in its potential application;
• It can be used as a tool to legitimise "extra-legal" titles.
Where official systems are inadequate, Para-legal SLT systems can be established with good effect.
The technology exists. Krunchie has provided the model. What is required now is action by government and/ or NGOs.

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ISBN-13: 9781546684978
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/25/2017
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

"Krunchie Killeen" is a pseudonym of Proinnsias O Cillin ("Francis Killeen" in English).
He has qualifications in Law (BL First Class Honours) and Information Technology (M Sc for his thesis "A Model for Land Registration in the Information Age").
He has written a number of books on disparate subjects, available now or soon on Amazon:
^ "Simplified Land Titling" offers a comprehensive and universal solution to land-ownership problems, including a secure title for billions of owners who now lack documentary title. It encapsulates Krunchie's insights in 45 years working in Ireland's Land Registry and as a Land Registration Consultant, and his study of the application of Information Technology to Land Ownership.
^ "Transport 21 Hundred" describes a transport system to replace cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes, that has zero carbon emissions and could deliver door-to-door transit between any two places on the globe. This answers the question he posed to himself as a child, "what form of transport will replace cars and make them obsolete?"
^ "Outrageous Poems" which he has been writing and reciting since childhood
^ "KIM: Krunchie's Input Method," a highly intuitive keyboard that fits on a shirt-button, to completely replace the QWERTY keyboard
^ "Infinity Nonsense," a refutation, inter alia, of the "transfinite" of Georg Cantor and "non-computable numbers" of Alan Turing
^ "The Sayings of Frank," a collection of the precepts of his father, Frank Killeen, who believed in honesty and discipline
^ "Fables for Our Times," which take a sceptical view of aspects of public affairs
Krunchie has been a member of Irish Language organisations, a Civil Servant, a Jurist-Linguist, an Examiner of Titles, a Land Registration Consultant, a Community Activist, a founder of Peoples Art Dublin, a University Lecturer and a tin-whistle player.
He plays with the Invincibles and reads patriotic scripts on the CD "The Graves of Glasnevin," available at:

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