Simply BALi: A Complete Guide to a Healthy, Whole Foods Lifestyle

Simply BALi: A Complete Guide to a Healthy, Whole Foods Lifestyle


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Simply BALi: A Complete Guide to a Healthy, Whole Foods Lifestyle by Dawn M Corridore, Jen W Harris

Simply BALi, A Complete Guide to a Healthy, Whole Foods Lifestyle will guide you to live a longer, healthier, and tastier life. Learn to prepare foods that promote optimal health, prevent disease and energize the body. There are over 175 delicious, nourishing recipes to satisfy your taste buds and support your body.

After years of research, the BALi Eating Plan® was developed by world-renowned physician Roby Mitchell, M.D. (Dr. Fitt) to address the cause of most non-infectious western medical conditions... INFLAMMATION. Cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, autism, acne, high blood pressure, strokes, and high cholesterol are all driven by inflammation.

Simply BALi, A Complete Guide to a Healthy, Whole Foods Lifestyle takes the foods from the BALi Eating Plan® and incorporates them into delicious recipes. You don’t have to sacrifice good taste for good health. The book complements the eating plan with BALi lifestyle recommendations such as exercise, nutritional supplements, adequate rest and nourishing relationships. Follow this program for the best of your life!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780997027525
Publisher: Inner Renovo
Publication date: 02/27/2017
Pages: 376
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

About Dawn Corridore...
I am a mom of two boys. Early on in their lives, my boys suffered with many incurable symptoms - allergies, irregular heartbeat, restrictive breathing at times, hives, eczema, mood swings, temper tantrums, tics and "ADD/ADHD."

Dawn can be reached at

After years of medicating, sleepless nights, crying to family and doctors (who turned a deaf ear), I felt like a failure. I knew something was not right. I knew with every fiber of my being that there had to be another way. So, I decided to start educating myself, looking for my own answers, and finding those experts who "heal" rather than "treat."

I started at my local health food store. This led me to a homeopath who guided my family and me to answers and placed us on the path of healing. was about all diet. When the homeopath told me that "ALL" the symptoms that my children were experiencing were due to the foods I was feeding them every day, I immediately swallowed my pride, got my ego in check and made some very drastic changes in our diet and lifestyle.

After witnessing the "miracles" take place, not only in my children, but also with other members of my family and myself, I knew that I had to do something with this knowledge. This, I did. I went back to school to become a holistic health coach, I studied every book I could get my hands on and I learned from the experts who were getting real and permanent results. And while I still continue to educate myself, I now am able to educate, support and guide others to their path of healing.

Two years ago I met and started studying under Roby Mitchell, M.D. It was at this time that my health really took off. He introduced me to the BALi Eating Plan®. He taught me to listen to my body and to go by symptoms, not just numbers from a lab report. I learned not to take advice from those who could not produce before and after photos. Since starting the BALi lifestyle, I feel as though my life has become clearer and more purposeful. I feel much better today at 48 than I did when I was 25.

What I love most about living a BALi lifestyle is I never have to worry about weighing anything or counting calories, carbs, proteins, or fats. I don't have to worry about what I ate for breakfast to know what I should eat for lunch or dinner, and I know from the transformation of my own health, that BALi will continue to keep critters under control and inflammation from wreaking havoc on my body.

Questions about Simply BALi can be sent to

About Jen Harris...
As a mother of two girls, I have had my share of ups and downs with both their health and my own. When my second daughter, Anna, was born, she was extremely sick. For the first year of her life, we were constantly in and out of doctors' offices and hospitals trying to get her healthy. At 9 months old, she became extremely lethargic and too weak to stand any more. She also could not keep anything down, including water. She was hospitalized, and the doctors were growing concerned that she might not make it. I finally said enough was enough. I forced our way into the offices of some of the top doctors in the Washington, D.C. area. Through many hours with them and hundreds of hours of research of my own, the doctors and I realized that the best way to heal her was through what she was ingesting.

I began to scrutinize every ingredient in the foods she was eating as well as the processing methods. After about three months of making healthy food choices for her, Anna began gaining weight. She continued her forward progress and as she got older even educated other children on healthy foods.

With everything I learned during the process to get her healthy, I thought about going back to school to help people learn the healing power of foods. Once her health was under control, though, I decided to go back and focus on my career as a Certified Public Accountant. I tried to eat healthy and exercise, but with my jam-packed schedule, it was really hard. I was often burning the candle at both ends trying to just keep up with life.

In May 2008, I was forced to stop everything. A car accident that left me with significant injuries to both my body and my mind forced me to retreat. I had to stop working and go through 3 1⁄2 years of physical, vision, speech and cognitive therapies. To give you an idea of the impact... I couldn't remember how to take a shower, make a sandwich, get dressed, etc. Anytime I pushed my body or my mind beyond its capabilities at the time, I paid dearly for it. I learned to listen to signs and signals from my body. These signs were very important to my healing process.

During that healing process, I also developed a blistering, full body rash, which lasted for almost a year. It was NOT pretty. How did I get the rash to go away? After significant research and learning from some of the top minds in the field of nutrition, I again realized that food had the power to heal my body. I eliminated the items that did not serve my body well: processed foods, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, food colorings and toxins in my household products. I began purchasing high quality foods, organic produce, grass-fed meats, and household products made with natural ingredients.

This was my wake-up call. I was not only able to heal my daughter through the healing power of food, but I was now able to heal myself as well. My life changed forever from that point on.
I became a holistic health coach, so I could use this knowledge to help others.

The BALi Eating Plan® is actually very similar to the foods and lifestyle I had developed for myself. I have found that the foods on this plan really fuel my body best. They are the source of my energy. They support my constantly healing brain. They have helped to restore the health of my skin. The BALi foods and lifestyle are the fuel for my beautiful and amazing life.

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Table of Contents

Foreword 2

Introduction 8

Nourishing with BALi Foods 18

How Did We Get This Way? 19

What is BALi? 21

Getting Started 23

BALi Food List 25

What About Alcohol? 28

What Role Do Grains Play? 29

Choosing the Best Bread 31

BALi-Approved Flours and Their Uses 33

Setting Up Your Kitchen 35

Basic Pantry Staples 39

Dining Out Tips 40

Time Savers 41

Change Your Nutrition Mindset 44

Do You Mistake These Foods as Healthy? 45

I Can't Afford to Eat Healthy - Money Saving Tips 47

Top Budget-Friendly Healthy Foods 49

Redefine Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 51

How to Stay on Track for the Holidays 52

Going Beyond Food 56

The BALi Lifestyle 57

Clean Up Your Environment 66

What About Supplements? 68

Recipes 76

Sample BALi Daily Meal Plan 78

Appetizers & Snacks 80

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 106

Pizzas & Tortillas 156 Soups & Stews 170

Sides 184

Salads 204

Dressings & Sauces 220

Breads & Muffins 238

Guiltless Sweet Treats 250

Smoothies 278

Fresh Juice 292

Elixirs, Teas & Other Drinks 300

How to Motivate Yourself to Eat Healthy 316

Frequently Asked Questions 320

Appendix 326

Appendix A: Resources 327

Appendix B: Conversion Charts 330

Appendix C: Oven Temperatures 331

Index 332

Recipe Index 333

General Index 337

Resources 344

BALi Food List 346

Basic Pantry Staples 350

Guide to Fats & Oils 352

The Many Names of Sugar 354

A Guide to Labels 358

The BALi Lifestyle 360

Order Forms 366

What People are Saying About This

J. Kevin Martin

The BALi Eating Plan®... it's the real deal. BALi is not a diet with starting and ending points found on a bathroom scale; it's a healthy lifestyle that the whole family can enjoy for life. Though it's based on good, solid and sound science, you don't have be a chemist in the kitchen or scientist to understand it. It's a lifestyle that's not limited to esoteric menus and exotic ingredients. In Simply BALi, Jen and Dawn will positively impact lives. They explain the basic principles behind BALi in a clear and concise way. Simply BALi makes it easy and will allow you to 'take the training wheels off' and experiment with BALi on your own. The barometer of success with BALi is overall health. BALi should be part of any healthy lifestyle, and Simply BALi will help get you there. --J. Kevin Martin, D.C., Owner of Martin Chiropractic Health & Nutrition Center

Dr. Amy Dunn

For years I've searched for a simple healthy way to eat. I was not interested in fad diets and unhealthy portions of protein. The BALi Eating Plan® is by far the easiest and healthiest plan I have found. The recipes in Simply BALi are simple, delicious and best of all, the ingredients are available in my small, rural hometown. You will not be disappointed in the taste, ease, or health benefits from using this cookbook. --Dr. Amy Dunn, DNP, RN, FNPC

Robin Martinez

At 57 years old and menopausal, I have lost 50-plus pounds following the BALi Eating Plan®. In addition, my endurance has increased, I constantly get compliments on my complexion and I no longer suffer from overwhelming anxiety. The recipes in Simply BALi are delicious and family-friendly. Simply BALi includes real food, sustainable nutrition and can be adopted for any food philosophy or religion. The BALi lifestyle is an enjoyable, easy, and delicious way to live. Start your own transformation. If I can do it, anyone can! --Robin Martinez, M.D., M.H.A.

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