Simply Spirit: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Clarity, One Insight at a Time (Words By Joseph - Book One)

Simply Spirit: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Clarity, One Insight at a Time (Words By Joseph - Book One)

by Joseph Eliezer


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SIMPLY SPIRIT is the first book in the "Words by Joseph" series. It is a compendium of original quotes, dealing with diverse subjects organized in chapters such as Intuition, Relationships and Sexuality, Fear, Money and Success, Illusion and Clarity, among others. This easy to read guide to Spiritual clarity offers insights into often confusing and perplexing life situations to help readers advance on their spiritual journeys.

Written in laymen's terms, thought-provoking and deeply impactful, SIMPLY SPIRIT also invites readers to reflect on their own core beliefs thus allowing them to arrive at their own conclusions and insights with certainty and clarity that will enhance their connection to themselves and the world around them.


"Thought-provoking, loving and non-judgmental... Joseph's book strengthens the "inner being" and builds confidence in your personal intuition." --Jivi Khehra, TV Host of "Winds of Change with Jivi"

"Joseph writes simply and straight from the soul, challenging and beckoning without preaching or patronizing." --Mahalia Eliah, Spiritual Emergence Service

"Unapologetic and edgy, yet deeply comforting and inspiring, SIMPLY SPIRIT jolted me into a whole new level of consciousness. I love it here." --Liora Steiman, MD, MEd in Couns. Psych., Therapist

Author JOSEPH ELIEZER is a psychotherapist, based in Vancouver, BC, who practises a unique form of therapy, called Intuition-Enhanced Psychotherapy. Joseph combines his highly developed innate intuitive abilities with his counselling and psychotherapy training to help his clients gain insight into their unique circumstances and find solutions to many of life's puzzles.

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ISBN-13: 9781897435427
Publisher: Agio Publishing House
Publication date: 07/28/2010
Pages: 274
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