by Faith Gibson
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Sin by Faith Gibson

Sinclair Stone is the leader of the Stone Society's West Coast Clan. He is the King's brother and also his right hand. Over the centuries, Sin has shared his bed with males and females alike. He has loved human women, even taking a few as wives, thinking he'll never find a mate. Watching his brothers find their mates recently is bittersweet until Sin is knocked to his knees. Literally. Someone is making Sin crazy. He just has to figure out who it is.

Raquel "Rocky" Cartwright is broken. She lost her parents when she was ten, and her life has spiraled downward ever since. Some events were out of her hands, but some were the product of the bad choices she made, and Rocky takes accountability for those. She thinks she has nothing to offer a man except her body, and even that isn't whole. When Rocky encounters a man who was supposed to be a one-night stand, things once again spiral out of control. Only this time, it's for the better. Or so he tries to convince her.

When Sin meets Rocky, he faces the biggest challenge of his long life - convincing his mate she's worthy. He'll do whatever it takes to make her see she is more than something for men to use. Rocky is more.

Even though Sin is predominately a MF story, there is one scene involving MM and FF.

Trigger warning: This story includes the act of human trafficking, drug use, date rape, and mention of prior rape to a minor.

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ISBN-13: 9781540335487
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/28/2016
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.72(d)

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Sin 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read 8 books and cried and laughed through all of them. I will be reading the rest of this writer's work.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it.
spanishladyAM More than 1 year ago
In book 8 of The Stone Society, we read Sinclair Stone's story, he is Leader of the West Coast Clan, brother and second in command to Rafael king to all the Gargoyles. If you follow these hunky, lovable and sometimes brooding gargoyles liked I do, then you will meet a different side of 'Sinfull Sin'. Sin has been married to humans longing for the closeness of soft female and companion only to see them die of old age, for 6 hundred years this has been his life, but he has never found his mate. He sees the happiness that his brothers, cousins and fellow Goyles have found with their mates and he longs for this, but the fates have not seen fit to grant him his. He is tired of the empty sex to slate his desire and longs for a companion to share his life and wealth with, but it seems it will never be. Then on a meeting with another goyle at a bar, he begins to feel ill and knows it's the mate call, but cannot find the source except from a male at the bar and if his mate is to be of the male pursuasion, he would rather continue to live in solitude. He has to find the source of his ill and when he does, he wll prove to her he is a worthy male He is not aware, but the male will play a very significant role in his life and that of his true mate, a role that could mean life, or death for her. Rocky Cartwright is finally clean and she means to stay that way, she will never return to the life that Blake tricked her into. She does not deem herself worthy for any man with a past like hers not even her body is whole. that is why she can't fathom that a one night stand could be anything but with this hunk of a man. Dare she hope to have a love like her parents did before they died? Does he have an ulterior motive, after all that is all she has ever known. But what could she offer him, only pleasure? Meanwhile Julian the clans tech wiz is beside himself because Katherine has been framed and is behind bars, he has yet to tell her they are mates, but his beast is going crazy from being kept from her. He swears to prove her innocense and get her out of jail one way, or the other. Alistaire unable to succeed in finishing The Stone Society using their mates as leverage, swears to get revenge on Rafael the King using his mother, his own sister as a pawn. Will he succeed in his evil plan, or will Athena thwart them. This series has it all....action, suspense, intrigue, sadness, happiness and passion, but especially a love of family unparalleled.
Cherri-Anne More than 1 year ago
Trust me, baby 5 GOLD BARS I vow this to you on all that is holy. Sin felt the love from where he was standing, and it almost knocked him down. HOLY UNHOLY! WOW!! What an ABSO-FLYING-LUTELY SIN-TILLATING book!!! This is just such an MAGOYLENIFICENT & SHIFTACULAR book & series!! It may have been Rocky for a while, very hard for me, never mind the characters, and even I thought they would crack under pressure, then crash & crumble to bits! Heck, I almost did!! But there is ABSO-SHIFTING-LUTELY NO WAY that Faith would do that to her STONETACULAR Gargoyles, would she? Would she?!?!? Well, you will just have to read it for yourself BECLAWS there ain't no way I am going to spill the secrets! wink I will say that Faith has done it yet again!! This is the eighth book in The Stone Society series, and even though I have eagerly, avidly and obsessively read each book as soon as it hits my tablet, I am ALWAYS blown away by what is going on, what happens next, just ALL OF IT!! The depth & enrichment to every single aspect of the story is indescribable!! As is just how much I love, Love, LOVE each book & each of the worthy Goyles! And trust me - Sinclair - Sin - is one of those Goyles! I feel like I have been waiting for this story, for my questions to be answered, my curiosity to be appeased, abated even, but in true typical Faith-fashion, even though I get some answers, some clarity and understanding, I am left with more questions & "oh you did NOT just leave me hanging" "frustration! Which brings me to my next bit of CLAWESOMENESS - HOLY SMOKIN' CIGARS IS THIS EVER HOT!! This is by far the hottest & naughtiness of them all! I expected my tablet to melt! Actually I'm surprised it didn't! :-) But all of this GOYLETASTIC play actually suits the story!! It was/is a crucial part that helps explain what has happened before, what's currently happening, and a not-so-subtle taste of what's to come! I had to laugh at the conversations and internal struggles that Sin has with his Goyle!! HILLLAARRRIIOOUS!! That is always my favorite part of a Shifter book, but these Shifters are very different, so when it does happen, well I thoroughly enjoy every second of it!! I cried so many times, freaked out, panicked about some & someone, and while I tried to relax and enjoy the story, keeping in mind that Faith ALWAYS has happy "endings" for her Gargoyles and the humans they love, I am NEVER sure if the one I WANT them to have is the right person - or the one that Faith – and the Goyles themselves - have "chosen"! So my adrenalin races right along with the characters! Faith is one ASTRO-GOYLE-NOMICALLY talented and genuinely gifted author!! I don't just read each Stone Society book, I honestly & truly LIVE IT!! I become the characters, their hopes, dreams, desires, fears, it all becomes mine too! And I would not change that for ANYTHING! Except for maybe a Gargoyle Mate of my own! wink With my fist over my heart, I bow and pledge my love and allegiance to My King Rafael & his Queen Kaya, but also to Queen Faith, the Queen of all of this New World and every little bit of its GARGOYLE-LICIOUSNESS!!