Sin, Science and the Sex Police: Essays on Sexology and Sexosophy

Sin, Science and the Sex Police: Essays on Sexology and Sexosophy

by John Money


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Controversial sexual medicine icon Dr. John Money has been on the leading edge of sex research for decades. Supporters and students call him a powerful genius who has changed the face of sex research, blazing new pathways for future scientists and sexologists, especially in the murky area of gender identification and disorders.

Sin, Science, and the Sex Police contains twenty-nine selections covering both the study of sex (sexology) and the ideology of sex (sexosophy) in which Money, the man who coined the terms "gender" and "lovemap," ponders the many dimensions of human sexuality: its biology, the natural coding of sex assignments, how we identify ourselves sexually, the sex roles we play, and more. These fascinating essays explore the compelling topics of eroticism, the ideology of homosexuality, the concept of gender, role and sexual identity, "antisexualism" in history and religion, Freud, paraphilia, gendermaps and loveblots, lust in humans and animals, evolutionary sexology, the Kama Sutra, masturbation, sexological disorders, sex reassignment, orgasm, body-image, and much more.

Money proclaims that while societies have cherished medicine and philosophy as sciences, sex has unfortunately failed to be properly embraced. Always on the cutting edge, always far beyond his time, Money enlightens and fascinates.

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ISBN-13: 9781573922531
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication date: 02/28/1999
Pages: 340
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John Money (Baltimore, MD) is professor emeritus of medical psychology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, and the author of many books including the popular Lovemaps.

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