Sincerely Yours

Sincerely Yours

by Al-Saadig Banks


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Sincerely Yours by Al-Saadig Banks

Suave and Sincere have a solid relationship and all all that comes with a luxurious lifestyle. They live the ultimate ghetto fabulous romance until one late night Suave, by force makes a decision that costs him his freedom. Their lives change right before their eyes. He's shipped off to prison, leaving him no choice but to leave his worldly possessions and his lavish lifestyle behind. What he's not prepared to leave behind, is the love of his life, Sincere. He continuously asks himself the most hated question known to man. Will she get weak, and search for companionship to fill the empty space in her lonely heart or will she rein SINCERELY YOURS?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780974061023
Publisher: True 2 Life Productions
Publication date: 07/28/2004
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 110,834
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 8.96(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Al-Saadiq Banks is a Best Selling Author of nine titles, which include, No Exit, Block Party1-4, Sincerely Yours, Caught em Slippin', Strapped and Young Gunz. Al-Saadiq Banks made his entrance into the literary world in 2002. He and his brother Naim Banks formed a publishing house under the imprint of True 2 Life Publications, using their first title No Exit as a launching pad to knock the doors of the genre off the hinges, selling approximately 90,000 books the first year. To date True 2 Life Publications has over 600,000 books in print.
Al-Saadiq Banks is widely respected by his readership base and colleagues in the business for penning True 2 Life, hard core, raw and uncut novels, which all take place in the city of Newark throughout a variety of time periods, dating back from the 80's and 90's to the current day. He's appreciated for his story-telling ability and the in-depth development of his characters which leaves readers feeling as if these are real life characters that they've known all of their lives.
Al-Saadiq Banks and True 2 Life Publications has just recently taken a leap into the world of comics, wherein they just adapted Block Party into a comic book. Their mission is to transform all of their titles into comic books and graphic novels. The future of Al-Saadiq Banks and True 2 Life Publications will be the conversion of the graphic novels into animated comic series and the independent film "Block Party".

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Sincerely Yours 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Banks has done it again!! If you've read his previous two (No Exit and Block Party) this is a must read. Sincerely Yours chronicles the relationship of Suave and Sincere. Suave is a hustler who has caught a three year bid. Sincere promises to hold it down and keep it tight for him. Is their relationship strong enough to survive this test of time? Can Suave trust her? Will Sincere give into her needs and wants? Sincerely Yours brings closure to the True 2 Life Street Series and answers questions from the previous two. Some loved and hated characters make cameos. Read it, you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to more from this talented author.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'What more can I say?' The entire squad is on the court and the clock has just gone into overtime as the coach pulls out his clipboard for that 'MOMENT OF CLARITY!' 'It's a hard knock life' 4 Queen's sitting on the sideline awaiting her King's return. You know from the very first time his eye caught yours that his heart was filled with the streets so either you're with that impending bid, or you better blaze your path! But in this case this love is sincerely suave and it's conclusive that it's way too late to let go! Every single visit you're there, you don't miss a single call, and at mail call you blow his name up so everybody knows Wifey is still on the scene and taking care of her J-O-B! Cause you know that a life without his love is not a life you want to live. UNTIL someone sees that you're lonely, he says the right words that 'ALLURE' you. We're human right? I mean I make enough cash to keep him off the streets so he elected to do that time not me! But it's not making love if your heart isn't in it! I was weak, I fell; but then he's back for an 'ENCORE' performance! Dude on the side is getting wild, saying he's in love, telling you to leave your man. Is he crazy? Lemme 'JUSTIFY MY THUG' 4 U! Dude this is just meaningless sex. What my King and I share is 100% L-O-V-E! As Sincere and Suave do their separate but equal bids we find that 'No Exit' opened doors and people were given major 2nd chances. The 'Block Party' didn't end but it drastically changed. And after all these years I'm still 'Sincerely Yours!' Al-Saadiq uniquely breathes life into what a reality street life is. I told people that you didn't have to read in any specific order, but as usual Al-Saadiq has stepped up his game so you must start with No Exit, Block Party, and then Sincerely Yours. REAL RECOGNIZES REAL AND STREET CREDIBILITY IS EVERYTHING!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Here's another hit by Mr. Banks. The main characters are Sincere & Suave (2 perfect? people in love)...The female character Sincere was an ingrate & 'stupidly' irresponsible to the one man who truly loved her. He did a 3 year bid in jail and their relationship was tested. The male character named Suave was a man who was dealt an unfair hand in life, yet he maintains character to push forward. The story is not predictable - don't try to guess. There are 'several' surprises in the story. There are some empowering messeges written in this novel, just as much as there is drama and tragedy. The only flaw I have with this book is the author crossed that taboo line...I won't say what it this book for yourself. My favorite part of the book was the boxing scene in the gym, ( I won't say much more). This book skillfully wraps up a 3 book trilogy (NO EXIT & BLOCK PARTY) and concludes questions that were unanswered in his first 2 novels. Nice work, Mr. Banks....what's next????