Sinful (The Sin Duet, #3)

Sinful (The Sin Duet, #3)

by M. Malone, Nana Malone

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Sinful (The Sin Duet, #3) by M. Malone, Nana Malone

Leave it to me to finally learn how to drive stick…with a woman who's nothing but trouble.

Protecting people is what I do. But with Gemma everything is different. There was a time when she was my everything and I would have given my life to protect her.

Now she's back and this time I won't fail her. I'm ready to put it all on the line to keep her safe.

My past finally caught up with me and I had to make a choice. Leave or destroy my family. I'll do anything to keep them safe…including walk into enemy territory.

Sinful is the conclusion to the Sin duet.

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BN ID: 2940155597568
Publisher: Malone Squared
Publication date: 06/19/2018
Series: Sin Duet , #3
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 15,508
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Sinful (The Sin Duet, #3) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless 9 months ago
Right from the top let me say that this needs audio accompaniment. This was one sexy, sweet read. Driving stick has a new definition and it has given me a new way to look at our sexy, sweet, delicious Englishman. I highly suggest that you read all three (Before Sin, Sin, and then Sinful) together or soon after each other. This man has many layers. Sin series was a great addition to the Blake Security firm group of sexy hot males and heroines that tame them somewhat. Those wanting a bigger picture start with the beginning of Blake Security males. Gemma and Matthias are not your sweet typical romance of romance. They have rawness, secrets, and that sense of family & friends. Who will be up next from the security firm? I am not sure and I certainly am not going to be picky about who gets there next.
Adin419 10 months ago
After Sin's cliffhanging ending, we can breath again in the conclusion of Matthias' story. A lot has happened that he can't explain or even remember, but he knows deep inside that something very wrong is going on. He has found his place, a family, and his long lost love is alive and back in his life. But Matthias thinks of himself as a monster that could only do harm and does not trust himself to be around anyone, specially those that he cares about. Blake security guys and ORUS will have to'work together if they want to save Matthias and end with the Family. Sinful is action packed, but specially passion packed. Gemma and Matthias story is filled with great surprises, unexpected twists and turns, lots of steamy passion, great friends and unexpected surprise family members. This story will make you laugh and cry, but it will also make you fall in love with these special guys and the girls they can't leave without. Awesome story from Malone squared. Can't wait to see what will they come up with next.
ToshyBell2010 10 months ago
Matthias is just the right amount of SIN! I look forward to anything that Nana Malone & M Malone put out! Individually, they create characters that warm your heart and make you want to jump into the story... Together... They are explosive. They have created a world of sexy (& deadly) sweethearts (disguised as BAD BOYS!) Sinful is the conclusion to Matthias' story. And it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Matthias in the previous installments was the quiet, computer nerd who didn't say much and had a dark core that he only let out to protect those he loved. But that was the jist of what we knew of him. This series brought us his story and the conclusion to why he became who is is. Gemma is a link to Matthias past and an eye into his future, but there are obstacles standing in the way of that. He knows he must protect those he care about so he has to do it in true Matthias fashion, even though these ways leave him alone. Blake Security doesn't stand for this. They must find a way to stay safe, help Matthias, and keep the family intact! The journey Matthias goes on with Gemma is just the right type of story for them. If you read the description, you may not think it will work, but the Malones are masters with telling a story of a semi-flawed hero/heroine! Another excellent series & I can't wait to see who they have up their sleeves next!
Izzybear 10 months ago
Mrs. Malone had me all teary eyed by the end of this book. It was truly a wonderful conclusion to Matthias and Gemma’s story. Sinful picks up right where Sin had left off. Matthias leaves to keep his family safe and also to eliminate the people posing a threat to them. He’ll be going into the lion’s den alone and the chances of him surviving are small but it’s a sacrifice Matthias is willing to make. What Matthias doesn’t realize is how much he is truly loved and that his family will stop at nothing to protect him, even if that means protecting him from himself. Will they be able to find Matthias before it’s too late and come up with a plan to defeat their enemies?
YvonneD26 10 months ago
I absolutely enjoy reading these authors collaboration and must give both Minx and Nana Malone their due. They are the Dynamic Duo because the books that they write together and separately are the BOMB! They can ROCK YOUR WORLD as TWO or ONE, I absolutely enjoy reading everyone of their books I have read. You can't put any of their books in one certain specific category their books are drama full, intriguing, suspenseful, enemies, secrets, visionary, loving, adventurous, full of humor, has the green eye monster jealousy, passionate and romance. Everyone is so fabulous, the enjoyment of reading their books because they will make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes and hold all of your attention until the end. Oh My I just have to say it again these two ladies are Dynomite! If you are like myself you are totally engrossed in this Sin Duet series. I was so looking forward to reading Mathis story. He is the type of man women can't help but fall for and I was so excited to read his story, I maybe telling my age by saying this but THIS BOOK Is All That And Bag Of Chips with a scrumptious chocolate cake thrown in. I absolutely love reading this book and I feel any book without some type of romance just feels incomplete. I enjoyed reading this story so much it's so unique, I enjoyed the characters feels so real along with their real flaws. You can't help but really enjoy recognizing the humanity in each character and the fact that they’re not the cookie cutter type. This a story is full of landmines, for sure. But I feel that a story should always seem believable and it's especially important in a romance novel. I enjoy the way it feels when the two main characters are able to fallen in love with each with all excitement the authors can generate. This is the last book of Sin Gemma and Mathis story. Of course as in the two previous books Sin is a exciting and captivating book to read. There is still a lot of drama along with the tragic parts that happens, but because both Mathis and Gemma loses their innocence together. It's so exciting knowing they have to save Mathis and Gemma friend Siobhan life. Now they are openly fighting the Father , their responsibilities are staggering. Their decisions directly impact the lives of the people in their family. But what makes this book sad is the surprising twist that Gemma friend Siobhan is waging on two fronts: Mathis fighting his and her enemies. Prejudice, fear, greed are all conspiring against the future Mathis and Gemma wants to bring about. It's so disheartening that the fate of their world is at stake. As usual, there was a lot of action and adventure in this book. Mathis and Gemma plus the rest of the gang undertaking a daring, hazardous mission but this time they are not alone. Using new (experimental) technology, they travel silently through enemy territory, confronting the bad guys, with both Mathis and Gemma committing some expert deceptions (or as he would call it “manipulating the people and computers to get out of tight spots. This trip is so dangerous, that it had my heart in my throat the whole time. In the previous books, the optimist in me always knew they would come out unscathed but as I see how this could changed them both, I’m not so sure anymore. I mean, I’ll know they will ultimately win but I wonder what will be their cost. The events in this book point to a very exciting series finale.
cgarr 10 months ago
What a conclusion! I enjoyed the finish to Mathias and Gemma's story. There was plenty of action and excitement in the last installment. I would totally recommend this book. And now that all are out, I'd recommend allowing time for yourself to read it. You aren't going to want to put it down! I love that Matthias got a happy ending! I received an advance copy in return for an honest review.
gillek2 10 months ago
Matthias and Gemma’s story that began in Before Sin and Sin concludes and it is well worth the wait. Matthias’s past has come back to haunt him with no one being able to comprehend not only the changes in the man they love but in the actions they didn’t believe he was capable of. Gemma needs to find Matthias before further damage is inflicted but will she be able to convince Blake Security that she only wants what is best for him and doesn’t mean him harm. They may not fully trust Gemma but there is no way that they are not going to help their brother. This story leads us on a suspenseful adventure full of twists and chemistry that you won’t be able to put down. It illustrates that family is not about blood, but it is about love and being there for each other no matter the circumstance or the cost. I really enjoyed this duet and I need more stories featuring the wonderful characters of Blake Security. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book.
Tina_H 10 months ago
Sinful starts off where the last book in this series leaves off and boy oh boy is it full of steam and lots of action. Matthis and Gemma are still looking for ways to get their life on track so they can be together and have a life and we will finally find out if that is possible in this book. You will really want to set some time aside so you can read this from start to stop because once you pick this up you will not want to put it down. it is totally worth it though.
B2BKristina 10 months ago
I was so excited when this landed on my kindle!! The cliffy killed me and I was all, "aww hell nah! You killin me smalls!" LOL. Really though, this picked up where the first book slayed us and it was pretty quick paced. You start realizing that something isn't quite right, I mean duh, Matthias went a little cray cray, what I mean is, there's this underlying situation that when revealed you're like ahaha! I knew it wasn't just Matt! I don't know if that even makes sense if you haven't read it, but in my head it totally made sense. So after the root of the problem is revealed, I was happy with the reunion of Gemma and Matthias. I wasn't quite sure what to expect after all that happened at the end of book one, but the authors did not disappoint in the steamy department. We also finally learn the full extent of Matthias' backstory and wowza! I know I haven't read the other books in this series, so I'll be going backwards, but it's definitely a must! Another thing I loved about this duet is that you really get that feeling of family with these guys. They may not all be blood-related, but they are most definitely a tight-knit crew and willing to do whatever it takes for each other. I was so happy with the conclusion of this book and I'm eagerly awaiting maybe Oskar's book? *wink wink* In the meantime, I'll be backtracking and reading about the other hotties in this crew. Really have come to love these authors and so happy I came across their books this year! **Pounds chest twice and throws up peace sign** ...yepp...nerd. #B2BKristina
charlligirl 10 months ago
I am shocked. I did not see that coming. And I'm pretty sure you won't see it coming either. How do you write a spoiler-free review when all you want to do is gush over the twists and turns that happened in the book. I do not know how Malone squared will top this duet. And who in their right mind allowed JJ to have a gun? I mean, are you out of your bloody mind?
NHenderson1518 10 months ago
OMG!! They did that with this book. Wrapped up Matthias' life with a bow and presented it to us on a silver platter. I can't even imagine how they come up with this stuff. And the research that has to go into it - the amount of detail is always right on point. I have been wanting to read Matthias' story from the first meeting. He has always been so quiet and shut off from everyone. Now we know why. This book made me love him and all the guys and gals at Blake Security even more. ORUS even made a pretty good appearance in this one. This book lets you know everything you need or wanted to know about Matthias and we gain a great character in Gigi, who I also love by the way. Excellent read that goes a little farther than the previous Black Security books but I think readers needed that. We need to know if everything is going to be ok. I can't wait to see what happens next. We got some new blood at Blake - I wonder if we will hear about them too.
Jennifer_e911 10 months ago
Anyone who follows my reviews, knows that I really, really dislike a cliff hanger. However, after following along with the Blake Securities Crew, I’ve come to realize that sometimes a cliff hanger is a good thing. Sometimes, a cliff hanger can build the anticipation to such a level it makes the series seem to be so much better than it would have if you had gotten the entire story all at once. This duo of writers has accomplished the impossible with this series. I actually have enjoyed a cliff hanger! Mattias is a confused young man! He has hidden so much of his past, and forgotten even more! But he knows who his family is, who has his back when everything is falling down around him. At the end of Sin, we were left a mystery, a mess, conflict, and confusion. Sinful begins where it left off, and hits the ground running. The opening scenes were amazing! It’s unusual for a book to open with such an intense scene, but this one does it so well! This book is full of action, suspense, and an intense romance that kept me wanting more! The chemistry between the characters was scorching! This book had so many questions, so many twists and turns that I wasn’t sure what was coming next, but I loved every bit of it. The entire Blake Securities series has been fabulous, and Sinful fits right in there with them. Definitely a must read!
kgagnon 10 months ago
4.5 Thrilling and Steamy Stars! I could not wait to find out what happened after the shocking ending of book #2, Sin. Matthias is on the run after he believes that the monster inside him surfaced and caused him to kill the only man to show him kindness. All he has known is the retribution of the Family, so he expects that from Gemma and Blake Security as well. Little does he know that his new family and Gemma are his lifeline. As the Family amps up their attempts to get to Matthias, he learns what true love and loyalty really is. This thrilling, funny, and steamy conclusion is filled with twists and turns that will keep you totally engaged from start to finish. I really love this series and can't wait for more from the Blake Security team!
cyprus 10 months ago
This is an amazing conclusion to the series and I was totally intrigued with the way the story developed. There is so much more to Matthias that meets the eye. The reader finally gets an insight into him, and his background, when he finally tells his side of the story to those he considers family. There are also lies and deceit which adds flavour to the overall enjoyment of the story. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending this book. Matthias is gone and in his place is the cold-blooded killer they called The Shadow. Gemma wonders what it is she said that set Matthias off, because this wasn’t her Matthias, the one that only she really knew. But this is Matthias’ family and if anyone can help her get him back it would be them because they cared for him deeply. Matthias knows he has to walk away; he has no idea what happened back at the penthouse other than he had suddenly been filled with rage and attacked his friends. Noah isn’t giving up on Matthias; what happened wasn’t his fault, someone had made him this way, but they had understimated one thing, the power of love. Matthias didn’t let many people in, but the ones he did earned undying loyalty. With Gemma by his side, Matthias could conquer anything; they had both lived with guilt thinking they had caused each other’s death, but in reality they had both surived and grown stronger only to find each other again. Gemma wants to know all about Matthias’ teenage years; the Family had sold him to ORUS as a punishment, but in the end they had created a weapon that could be used against them. Now it is time for Matthias to finish what he started and take the fight to them; together they were going to take down the Family and reclaim their lives, while saving their friend Sabine. Father abducts Gemma; he is counting on Matthias rescuing her, forcing him to come back to where it all began, so he can finally finish it the way he believes it should have been done years go. Gemma had been on a mission for the Family, but it just wasn’t the mission she thought it was. Gemma didn’t make any mistakes, but once again her actions have put Matthias at risk; did Father know all along that she worked for ORUS. But people were rarely ready for the unexpected and Matthias thrives on the unexpected. But may be he isnt supposed to do this alone; may be he can actually lean on his family for once. But what of Sabina; had Gemma risked Matthias’ life for someone whose love was more memory than reality? A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.
Momma_Becky 10 months ago
This dynamic duo has done it again. Sinful is everything I've come to expect from the Blake Security family and more. It's intense, action-packed, sexy as... well, sin,and absolutely impossible to put down. Matthias and Gemma fit so perfectly together. Not only do they have history, albeit a dark one, they seem to be almost magnetically pulled toward each other. In addition to this couple's scorching hot romance, we also learn the secrets that Matthias has so fiercely guarded while he learns some important lessons about family and loyalty. As always, we get to catch up with rest of the wonderful characters of Blake Security as they banter with each other and battle for each other. Matthias has become one of my favorites in the Blake Security family and I can't wait to see what's next for them.
Lashea677 10 months ago
We've met the monster. Now we learn the man. Mathias has many sides. Dangerous assassin being his most obvious, but beneath the killer is a great capacity for love. Can the beast be tamed? M squared has created a complicated tale of love lust and betrayal. Sinful is not just a runaway love affair or a renegade bloodfest. It's the creation of a family from Gemma and Mathias to Noah, Oskar, Rafe and all the other band of brothers. Love was the driving force for an epic ride.