Sing Hollies in Reverse

Sing Hollies in Reverse


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Sing Hollies in Reverse

From the same folks who gave us the entertaining Melody Fair Bee Gees' tribute, Sing Hollies in Reverse sets its sights on one of the U.K.'s great (and often overlooked) pop craftsmen/harmonizers. The fact that the 21-track lineup represents the current cream of contemporary power-pop is no guarantee in itself of satisfying results. Fortunately, led by such sublime contributions as Mitch Easter's "Pay You Back with Interest," Bill Lloyd's "Step Inside," and the Wondermints' "You Need Love" the cream rises to the Hollies' challenge. Some of the performers motor down a straightaway interpretation (Tommy Keene, Continental Drifters, Material Issue) while others tinker furiously with the engines (E, Steve Wynn, the Loud Family, Canada's perky cub), but everyone is prepared to get their hands dirty and take to the task with fervor. Sing Hollies in Reverse should send any novice running to his local disc emporium in search of an actual Hollies compilation (I personally know of a documented case), surely the ultimate tribute that any "tribute" album could perform.

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Release Date: 09/05/1995
Label: Eggbert Records
UPC: 0780928001821
catalogNumber: 80018

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bill Lloyd   Percussion,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals,12-string Guitar,Sampling,Track Performer,12-string Bass Guitar
E   Multi Instruments,Track Performer
Material Issue   Track Performer
Posies   Track Performer
Jigsaw Seen   Track Performer
Steve Wynn   Track Performer
Tommy Keene   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Adrian   Guitar
Eric Ambel   Track Performer
Carla Olson   Organ,Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Freddy Steady   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Lisa M.   Bass,Vocals
Sneetches   Track Performer
Loud Family   Track Performer
Shakin' Apostles   Track Performer
Continental Drifters   Track Performer
Ted Ansani   Bass,Vocals
Jon Auer   Guitar,Vocals
Jozef Becker   Drums
Jon Brion   Guitar,Piano,Drums,Vocals,Track Performer,chamberlain
Pat Buchanan   Electric Guitar
Clem Burke   Drums
Matt Carges   Drums
Waller Collie   Bass Guitar,Background Vocals
John Collins   Trombone
Susan Cowsill   Vocals
John Easdale   Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Mitch Easter   Multi Instruments,Track Performer,Musician
Jim Ellison   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Englert   Slide Guitar
Flamingos   Track Performer
Peter Holsapple   Banjo,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
James "Hutch" Hutchinson   Bass
David Jenkins   Bass
Brad Jones   Guitar,Bass Guitar,Vocals,Fuzz Guitar
Kevin   Drums
Cam King   Organ,Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals,Pump Organ
Mike Levy   Organ
Robert Mache   Guitar
Earle Mankey   Electric Guitar
Joe McGinty   Piano,Electric Piano,Bells
Scott Miller   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Vocals
Robinson Mills   Recorder
Billy Moss   Recorder
Mike Musburger   Drums
Carlo Nuccio   Drums,Vocals
Vicki Peterson   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Andrew Sandoval   Harmonica,Piano,Electric Guitar,Vocals,farfisa organ,12-string Bass Guitar
Zack Smith   Guitar
Ken Stringfellow   Organ,Guitar,Vocals
Daniel Swan   Vocals
Mark Walton   Bass
Paul Wieneke   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Mike Zelenko   Drums
Kristian Hoffman   Keyboards,Vocals,Track Performer
Andrew   Track Performer
Ronnie Gomez   Electric Bass
Chuck Mancillas   Drums
Mikael Rickfors   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Amels   Hammond Organ
Craig Ballam   Bass
Andy Bartel   Bass
Dennis Davison   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Bill de Mairr   Vocal Harmony
Mark Flannagan   Bouzouki
Teddy Freese   Drums
Lisa G.   Drums
Will Glenn-Cooper   Violin
Robynn I.   Guitar,Background Vocals
Darryl Icard   Bass
Jude   Guitar
Brian Kassan   Bass,Guitar
Joe Katz   Bass
Albert LaRoche   Bass Guitar
Jonathan Lea   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,12-string Guitar,12-string Bass Guitar
Matt Lederman   Acoustic Guitar
Peter Linzell   Saxophone
Alec Palao   Bass Guitar
Phillip Rhodes   Drums,Vocals
Darian Sahanaja   Keyboards,Vocals
Billy Sullivan   Drums
Brad Talbot   Vocal Harmony
Boo Terwilliger   Percussion,Drums
Danny Thorpe   Rhythm Guitar
William Tutton   Bass,Acoustic Bass
Jesse Valenzuela   Guitar,Vocals
Clem Walderman   Percussion,Drums
Nick Walusko   Guitar,Vocals
Wondermints   Track Performer
Cub   Track Performer
Zachary Smith   Guitar
Flamingoes   Track Performer
David Carswell   Recorder
Mike Viola   Vocals
Michael D'Amico   Drums,Vocals
Bill DeMain   Vocal Harmony
James ?   Bass,Vocals
Kris Woolsey   Guitar
Brian Brown   Guitar,Slide Guitar
Rick Roberts   Electric Bass
David Terhune   Guitar
Todd Foulsham   Vocals

Technical Credits

Bill Lloyd   Producer,Engineer
E   Producer
Material Issue   Producer
Posies   Producer
Eric Ambel   Producer
Carla Olson   Producer
Freddy Steady   Producer
Sneetches   Producer
Jon Auer   Engineer
Jon Brion   Producer
John Easdale   Producer
Mitch Easter   Producer
Flamingos   Producer
Charles Francis   Producer
Jay Hudson   Producer,Engineer
Brad Jones   Producer,Engineer
Cam King   Producer
Earle Mankey   Producer
Joe McGinty   Producer
Scott Miller   Producer
Kurt Ralske   Producer
Andrew Sandoval   Producer
Dave Wellhausen   Engineer
Kristian Hoffman   String Arrangements
Mikael Rickfors   Producer
Andy Bartel   Contributor
Jud Cost   Liner Notes
Dennis Davison   Producer
Jonathan Lea   Producer
Alec Palao   Liner Notes
Billy Sullivan   Producer
Wondermints   Producer
Cub   Producer
Robin Eaton   Engineer
Charlie Francis   Producer,Engineer
Virgil   Engineer
M.I.K.E.   Engineer

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