The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai / Edition 1

The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai / Edition 1

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Columbia University Press
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The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
LillianWu More than 1 year ago
This was a very beautiful story, and highly insightful to the lives of courtesans of the time. I regret not having discovered this sooner! I am on an everlasting quest to learn about other cultures, and Eva Hung has provided footnotes (with a few from Eileen Chang) and even an entire essay dedicated to the explanation of life in a Chinese brothel. Han Bangqing's narrative style pulls you in to the story and refuses to let go, masterfully shifting from one character plot to the next. My only warning is that you DO NOT read the Foreword before reading the actual narrative, as Eva Hung has taken the liberty to explain the details in full there.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Now, this is a very personal thing. It happened to me last year, and as a clueless sixth grader, I felt hopelessly lost in a world of hatred. <p>My year started out great. New teachers, new people, a new chance to prove myself. I met a lot of people, but the one who stuck out to me the most was Aurora.<br>Arooura and I became buddies, like, two days after we met. We had a lot of classes together, so I would always try to sit next to her or very very close. It wasn't much of a problem because seating was usually alphabetical by last name.<br>Two weeks into school, Aurora got sick and was out for a couple of days. I was beginning to wonder how bad it was when, vioala, she shows up, sits down out our normal pre-dismissal table, but doesn't even look at me. I get up to move over and sit next to her, but she moves every time I get close to her. She does this every day, and at lunch too. Finally one morning I get close enough to speak, and I ask why she's been avoiding me. She tells me, "Well, you don't have to act like you're my /shadow!/" in an overdramatic tone, and moves away again. I spent the next week trying to figure out what she meant. Next time I spoke to her, she accused me of stalking her. I don't stalk. I'm just not stupid. If you have a binder that says, "Fifth block math" and I see it, I'm going to know what block you have math fifth block. <br>After that, I spent another month trying to re-befriend her to no avail. Then I ask a couple friends why Aurora hated me. They all gave me the same answer. She thought I had told her crush that she liked him. I then talked to him and found out who really told him. I then passed it on to her when she yelled at me for the false accusation. At this poin I was spending most nights breaking down and crying or staring out the window, imagining myself flying away if I had wings, leaving Aurora an the rest of the world behind.<br>It wasn't until November that I got a final answer. Aurora said to me during a lunch with assigned tables based on seventh block class, "I /hate/ you," with so much anger and hatred that I never wanted to see her face again. Thinking about his now is starting to make me cry. Aurora has probably been spreading lies about me. Just last week she said to my sister, in gym, that I was a stalker. That confirmed my suspicions about the rumor spreading. I know she made fun of me last year because I had a small cough. I could barely breathe either way, and singing during chorus wasn't helping it. I think some of my old 'friends' still consider me an outsider. Maybe it was because of me giving Aurora a nonstop glare saying, "I'm tired of this crap." I wanted to be her friend. But while I was still recovering, she turned Alexis, Matty, Gwen, and Allie into her friends and now just my classmates, rather than friends. I don't hate her, though. I am just appalled at how much she lies to everyone. And I want it to stop. Please. Show me something that is not evil. Something true. Something honest. <p> And now I'm crying again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I sort of went through the same thing. When I was in middle school, my best friend through elementary school, just dopped me. She was constantly calling me names, telling my friends I lie about everything I ever told them, and told me I was abusive to y dogs because they are outside dogs, I promise I'm not. It really hurt me, because we has shared so many good things an suddenly they all turned bad. So I will try to write something for you in res four, it should be done by tonight! :) And I just want you to know, that no matter what there will always be someone who needs you. :)