Singapore Teachers: Narratives Of Care, Hope And Commitment

Singapore Teachers: Narratives Of Care, Hope And Commitment

by Yanping Fang


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ISBN-13: 9789814678261
Publisher: Ws Education
Publication date: 01/28/2016
Pages: 556
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue Yanping Fang vii

Foreword: Inside Singapore Schools F. Michael Connelly ix

Introduction: Lives of Singapore Teachers - Narratives of Care, Hope and Commitment Yanping Fang xvii

Part 1 Working with Students: The Calling of Teachers' Work 1

Overview Aristotle Motii Nandy 3

1 The Bull and the Leopard: Teacher Authority and Student Personal Space Joyce Lixiang Ong 9

2 Courage, Tenacity and Care - Inspirations from Working with Low Ability Upper Primary Pupils Marianne Fe Lyn Ha 19

3 Learning to Teach and Understand Gifted Students Chen Chen Teo 29

4 "Caring Teacher Award" or "Caring Student Award": Teachers' Experiences - Shaping Beliefs Sivagouri Kaliamoorthy 47

5 Confessions of an Accidental Teacher Bernard Kim San Sit 61

6 Growing and Learning from Teaching Different Students in the Context of Change Lawrence Lau 69

Part 2 Working with Colleagues - Source of Energy or Wear or Tear? 79

Overview Aristotle Motii Nandy 81

7 Attributing My Professional Growth to My Mentor and My Students Vimi D Sambwani 87

8 "The Looking Glass Self" - Locating My Professional Identity from Interactions with Students and Colleagues Sheikh Luqmahn Bin Ahmad 101

9 Leadership: The Hardware versus the Heartware Fatimah Othman 117

10 Sunshine after the Rain - A Reflection on My Teaching Career Melanie 133

11 To Stand on My Own Two Feel Ting Ting Lee 145

12 The Accidental Leader Hwei Fang Song 157

Part 3 What Shapes a Teacher? 167

Overview Huey Min Sun 169

13 Being Tested Li Meng Goh 177

14 My Germination Process Annie Seng 193

15 Leaders that Make or Break Your Career Jackie Chye Chen Ang 207

16 Chapters of My Teaching Career Siti Aiska Said 219

17 I Teach Because I was Taught - A Teacher's Story Anu Radha 229

18 A Journey to Designing Student-Centred Learning in a Problem-Based Learning Environment Rachel Ong 243

Part 4 What Shapes a Leader? 257

Overview Say Pin Tan Sonia Khan 259

19 A Tale of Two Schools: Leadership, Perceptions, Perspectives Huey Min Sun 265

20 Journey of Growth to be a Teacher and School Leader Siew Khim Teo 281

21 New Beginnings: An Educator's Journey through the Door of Mentorship Aristotle Motii Nandy 295

22 Managing Stereotypes in a Diverse Educational Landscape - A Teacher's journey towards Self-discovery Nur Sabariah Mohamed Ibrahim 309

23 The Passing of a Day Say Pin Tan 319

24 Becoming My Own Heroes Thiam Chuan Yap 335

Part 5 Teacher Identity and Self 351

Overview Yanping Fang Sonia Khan 353

25 The Heart of a Teacher Tin Hong Hon 359

26 An "Upgraded" Consciousness: CHC 373

27 Beyond Passing Them Knowledge and Skills - The Moral Dimension of a Teacher's Work Andy Jan 383

28 Regardless of Race, Language and Religion - My Identity as a Malay Teacher N. B. Mizzy 395

29 Re-Evaluating My Professional Trajectory: A Journey in Search of My Identity Rina Mizzy 411

30 My Life in (Jigsaw) Pieces Vivian Rodrigues 427

Part 6 Research on the Narrative Inquiry Practice of Course Participants and Instructors 443

Overview Yanping Fang 445

31 The Collegial Factor in Narrative Inquiry - How Group Meaning-Making Helps Let Go Deep-Seated Traumas David Yean Sin Liew 449

32 Five Brooks One Purpose Sonia Khan 457

33 Understanding the Emotional Work of Singapore Teachers in Interacting with Students Yanping Fang John Yeo 475

Epilogue: Narrative Inquiry for Teacher Education and Professional Development - An Instructor's Journey Yanping Fang 513

Index 513

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