Singe (Hailey Holloway, #2)

Singe (Hailey Holloway, #2)

by K.C. Stewart

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BN ID: 2940153357829
Publisher: K.C. Stewart
Publication date: 08/09/2014
Series: Hailey Holloway , #2
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 357 KB

About the Author

K.C. Stewart is the self published author of the Hailey Holloway series and most recently, the Adirondack Pack series. All her life she had fantasized and day-dreamed on a regular basis but it wasn’t until she began writing short stories that she made those fantasies a reality. She has graduated to novels but still dabbles in the occasional flash fiction and short story. Because of her love for reading and the written word, K.C. is currently continuing her education at Clarion University for Library Science. When she isn’t taking photographs, studying or writing, she is supporting a very real gummy bear habit. Currently, she lives with her boyfriend, german shepherds and cats in central Pennsylvania.

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Singe 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Hailey has sparked our hearts and attention and now she is back, in trouble and kidnapped. At least Dak is out of her head and into her life and his own body, a rather hot one, too! Love is blooming, but when these two communicate, or fail to, someone always gets singed. Welcome back into Hailey’s world of dragons and danger and snark in K.C. Stewart’s Singe. The big question is, WHO will get singed when the dragons rumble? Back to the kidnapping-Hailey is now the prisoner of Dak’s sworn enemy, Silas, but what surprise does Silas have up his scales for Hailey? What big secret is he keeping and why is he allowing his minions to beat her, or does the cold-hearted dragon leader even know? Meanwhile, after another battle of the wills, Dak and Hailey are in another emotional time out and Dak’s past has come back to torment them both. Hailey may be his soulmate, but our Dak has another mate in his past; one who is conniving, evil, deceitful and determined to come between Dak and his human, Hailey. Will Hailey misunderstand everything she sees and hears or will she allow Dak to explain? Our Hailey? Fat chance! Get ready for one of the most lopsided love triangles in history, a huge reveal and more fun and laughs as once again, Hailey rushes headlong into trouble, her heart on her sleeve, while the rest of her is stubborn as a mule. Again, I must bow to the mighty pen that K.C. Stewart wields! Not quite as laugh out loud funny, Hailey is seems to be taking a few hits on the chin, but will she recover in time to fight back, with her words, if not her fists? How has Ms. Stewart allowed such a wonderful character to get caught up in a world she is not equipped to deal with? Will Dak get tired of Hailey? K.C. Stewart has upped the ante for love and life, happiness and heartbreak, while putting a little polish on Silas’s tarnished scales. Is there a creature with a heart buried deep within? Who will be Hailey’s hero when her true past is torn wide open? Style, pacing, dialogue and outstanding characters seem to come easy for Ms. Stewart. She writes with a bold hand, nothing is too over the top and there is no doubt that she loves what she is doing! No matter what genre you read these dragons and this heroine are going to grab your attention, your heart and your laughter.
Stephanie-Shaw More than 1 year ago
LOVED this book! Singe is book 2 of the Hailey Hollow series. It's packed full of suspense, plot twists, and action! Just when things are looking good and her boyfriend has his own body back, Hailey finds herself kidnapped and in a cell in Silas' dungeon. Oddly enough, Silas isn't cruel to Hailey, and even tries to amuse and spend time with her. He's even gone as far as to bring some of her personal items for comfort. The reasons for his unexpected kindness will blow you away. Dacea is ready for him and Hailey and begin their lives together. He thinks she needs to move in to his house so she can be protected, but Hailey needs a little space to herself. She heads into town to blow off some steam when she is captured. While Hailey is locked away, Katherine, Dacea's old mate, shows up and tries to rekindle an old flame. Dac wants nothing to do with her and tries keeping her away. How will Hailey feel when she learns that Katherine is back? He wants Katherine gone so he can focus on finding Hailey, but Katherine won't be swayed. They're still mates, after all. There is so much going on in this book. Many secrets are revealed. You learn a little more about Hailey's past, including info on her parents. The plot twists are crazy. New characters that I love are brought into the series. Will Dacea and Hailey have their happily ever after, or will Katherine come between them and end it for them once and for all? I loved this book and can't wait for Scorch, the next book in the series.
amm02 More than 1 year ago
Such a good book! I have really not read many books about dragons. They take a different approach to mates than some others I have read. Besides that I loved it. Hailey and Dacea are a very interesting couple. She is taken and not sure if he will come. Katherine, Dacea first mate, shows up to even though she is not wanted. Will hailey and Dacea get through this. I cant wait to read more from this author! Such amazing stories! I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Singe, (Hailey Holloway 2), K.C. Stewart Review from jeannie zelos book reviews I enjoyed book one, but felt that with Dak being in Hailey’s mind most of the while I didn’t really get the chance to see the characters together, but now they’re finally separated how will the romance develop? As far as Dak is concerned Hailey is his Mate; that’s it, she’ll move in and they’ll be fine. He’s forgotten though that humans don’t always move that fast...and Hailey isn’t a sweet little obedient miss, but a grown woman with her own plans and doesn’t take to being told what to do- even if its what she wants... So, they're working on that, getting along well. Dak is impatient to get Hailey moved in and can’t understand why she isn’t ready. It’s a kind of culture difference though and he can see that, and knows he needs to walk carefully around Hailey's feelings. Then she’s kidnapped and he’s distraught. I had the awful horror that we were not going to see Hailey and Dak together in this book either when that happened, but its not so. Phew! The kidnapping opens up a variety of plots, there’s Katherine – his ex Mate who’s decided she’s back to stay, and Hailey is an interloper. She wants Dak after leaving him hundreds of years ago, after their brief, disastrous relationship. She has her own reasons for that, and isn’t giving in to Hailey. Silas of course isn’t hiding, but planning his next moves and he’s keeping a huge secret that will affect all their lives. Its a fun read, and I enjoyed it more than the first book. The Dragon v Human differences which Dak and Hailey struggled with were very real feeling. Its kind of accepted that Shifter Alphas are very dominant and tend to give out commands rather than requests, and of course with Hailey having grown up relying inly on herself it’s easy to see why that causes friction. There’s allowances need to be made on both sides if they’re to live HEA. Katherine, the Ex, was a great “bad” lead. I love those, a real B-itchy character adds so much to the scene and creates lots of drama. There were a few quite gruesome moments in what’s essentially a light read....I wasn't expecting that, but it did fit in with the action at the time. Boo the cat – loved him, and he adds another interesting facet. Lia gets a surprise in this novel, something she’d hoped for but almost given up on. I did struggle a bit with Silas in this part, he was so evil last time, so full of hate and revenge that even though there was a plausible explanation I just found him too different in character, and Dak and the others a little too accepting of his changes. Still, it worked well at the end. Some of the questions that puzzled me in book one were answered in this book. There were quite a few typos/grammar errors here, but they were only minor irritations. I noticed especially the peek/peak/pique one that another reviewer mentions, and one that crops up time after time after time in fantasy/paranormal and really annoys me. Rouge – Rogue. Two very different things! When someone goes lawless it makes them a Rogue. Rouge is a red face powder, and when I read about shifters going Rouge I have a mental vision of them as some kind of over done, badly made up drag queen....and that’s not the image the authors intend Winking smile Stars: Four. ARC supplied by Book Enthusiast Promotions.