Singing in Greek: A Guide to Greek Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire

Singing in Greek: A Guide to Greek Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire

by Lydia Zervanos


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In Singing in Greek: A Guide to Greek Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire, Lydia Zervanos reveals to singers the vast riches of Greek vocal music. Dating back to 1770, Greek art music following the Western European styles, often drawing on themes from folk music and motifs long awaits its rightful place in a truly international vocal repertoire. Modern singers in search of new musical opportunities will find in Singing in Greek the necessary tools to locate and perform art songs and arias from this extensive national vocal repertoire. Concisely written and full of practical advice, the book opens with an introduction to the Greek alphabet and pronunciation, navigating the assignment of International Phonetic Alphabet symbols. Zervanos covers such topics as Greek vowels, digraphs, consonants, binary consonants, consonant combinations, palatalization, basic Greek grammatical concepts and their role in stress and length, syllabification, and punctuation all separated into easily referenced chapters and supported by online recordings of native Greek opera singers. In the second half of Singing in Greek, Zervanos offers a short history of Greek art music, biographies of prominent Greek composers, texts of their most representative works with IPA transcriptions, and word-for-word and poetic translations, with arias and art songs chosen for all voice types and levels. This book also includes indexes of direct vowel-to-IPA and consonant-to-IPA transcriptions, as well as useful appendixes on publications, organizations, and famous Greek poets. Singing in Greek is a must-have resource for every singer, voice teacher, vocal coach, collaborative pianist, and opera and choral conductor seeking to perform and teach in this unique language, explore the wealth of music available, and expand their knowledge of Greek repertoire."

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ISBN-13: 9781442229778
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 05/16/2015
Series: Guides to Lyric Diction Series
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Lydía Zervanos is a Greek-born soprano pursuing an active international performing career.

Table of Contents

Recording Examples
Part One: The Sounds of the Greek Language
Introduction to Part One
Chapter 1: The Greek Vowel Sounds – [a] [ɛ] [i] [ɔ] [u]
Chapter 2: Digraphs – ΑΙ αι, ΕΙ ει, ΟΙ οι, ΟΥ ου, ΑΥ αυ, ΕΥ ευ (ΥΙ υι, ΗΥ ηυ)
Chapter 3: The Greek Consonant Sounds
Chapter 4: Assimilation
Part Two: Greek Vocal Repertoire
Chapter 5: Overview
Chapter 6: Ionian School of Music – Composers
Chapter 7: Nikolaos Halikiopoulos-Mantzaros (1795-1872)
Chapter 8: Pavlos Carrer (1829-1896)
Chapter 9: G. & N. Lambelet
Chapter 10: Spyridon-Filiskos Samaras (1861-1917)
Chapter 11: National School of Music – Composers
Chapter 12: Manolis Kalomiris (1883 - 1962)
Chapter 13: National School of Music – Song Selection
Chapter 14: Greek Operetta
Chapter 15: Modernism in Greek Art Music
Chapter 16: Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Five Greek Folk Songs
Appendix A: Publishers
Appendix B: Organizations
Appendix C: Greek Poets
Appendix D: Vowels to IPA
Consonants to IPA
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