Single Servings: 90 Devotions to Feed Your Soul

Single Servings: 90 Devotions to Feed Your Soul

by Lee Warren

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Many Christian singles struggle with loneliness, physical desires, and expectations. The world has answers to all of these needs, but so does the Bible. In Single Servings, author Lee Warren, himself an unmarried thirty-something, offers ninety devotionals for single Christians who find themselves pressured by one or more of these challenges. He takes an honest look at the struggle as well as the benefits of the single life, never attempting to minimize the realities of being single but always pushing the reader to find ultimate satisfaction in Christ and the church. Each devotional is followed by insightful questions that encourage both practical and spiritual reflection, making this is a must read for any single who desires greater fulfillment and longs for wholeness.

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ISBN-13: 9781441233264
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/01/2005
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 208
File size: 686 KB

About the Author

Lee Warren has been the singles columnist for Christianity Online and has also written articles for Decision, Victory, Light and Life, Cross and Quill, and Live Wire. He currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.
Lee Warren has been the singles columnist for Christianity Online and has also written articles for Decision, Victory, Light and Life, Cross and Quill, and Live Wire. He currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.

Table of Contents

Part 1Community
1The Need for Others10
2Finding Community12
3Wedding Depression14
4Knowing Your Neighbors16
5All I Had Was God18
6Single and Forgotten20
7A Long Drive22
8The God Who Never Fails24
9Spurring Each Other On26
10The Soothing Sound of a Gentle Whisper28
Part 2Completeness
11Five Marriages Later32
12The Perfect Spouse34
13Our Unknown God36
14The Company Picnic Blues38
15One in Christ Jesus40
16God-Given Satisfaction42
17The Satisfaction of Spiritual Maturity44
18He Loved the Unlovely46
19Guilty of the Unthinkable48
20In God's Likeness50
Part 3Emotional Health
21Sticks and Stones Are Nothing Compared to Words54
22Just the Way You Are56
23Daddy's Gone58
24Recovering from Bad Choices60
25Run to the Refuge62
26The Good Ol' Days64
27Trusting God for Employment66
28No More Grudges68
29From a Curse to a Blessing70
30A Higher Standard72
Part 4Physical Desires
31Out with the Old, In with the New76
32Longing Eyes, Running Legs78
33First Kisses, No Second Guesses80
34Quick! Where's the Escape Hatch?82
35The Power to Endure84
36Starving the Flesh Dog86
37The Ripple Effect of Sexual Impurity88
38A Covenant with My Eyes90
39For God's Glory92
40Our Spiritual Act of Worship94
Part 5Longing for Love
41God's Road98
42Eyes for Another God100
43The Bigger Picture102
44Delight Yourself in the Lord104
45What Drives Your Longing?106
46Civilian Affairs108
47Staying the Course110
48Panting for God's Commands112
49False Satisfaction114
50Let Nothing Move You116
Part 6God's Timing
51Finding Love in a Harvest Field120
52Compelled to Action?122
53No Unfinished Packages124
54Our Timing Stinks126
55Preparing to Go128
56In God's Perfect Timing130
57Time to Move?132
58Not Now134
59When It Is Not Our Time136
60On Being a Chicken138
Part 7No Fair!
61A Healthy Dose of Fear142
62The Lord Is Our Portion144
63The Demands of Our Sin Nature146
64Why Those Twelve?148
65Promotion Comes from God150
66I Am Supposed to Get Married First!152
67God's Things, God's Way154
68Why Can't Look Like That?156
69I Have No Answer158
70Whatever Pleases Him160
Part 8Expectations
71Death Leads to Life164
72Our Expectations versus God's Plan166
73The Problem with Expectations168
74God's Ways Bring Fulfillment170
75Good Expectations172
76My Expectation Is from Him174
77Eating with Unwashed Hands176
78Parental Pressure178
79Dealing with Stumbling Blocks180
80A Friend on a Mission182
Part 9Embracing Life
81Do What Your Hand Finds to Do186
82Embracing Time Alone188
83Joy in Service190
84Celebrating Valentine's Day as a Single192
85Planning Financially for the Future194
86Gathering for the Harvest196
87Your Life Has Already Begun198
88Postcard Hospitality200
89The Freedom to Go202
90I Like Being Single204

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