Sino-Christian Theology: A Theological Qua Cultural Movement in Contemporary China

Sino-Christian Theology: A Theological Qua Cultural Movement in Contemporary China


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«Sino-Christian theology» usually refers to an intellectual movement emerged in Mainland China since the late 1980s. The present volume aims to provide a self-explaining sketch of the historical development of this theological as well as cultural movement. In addition to the analyses on the theoretical issues involved and the articulations of the prospect, concrete examples are also offered to illustrate the characteristics of the movement.

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ISBN-13: 9783631604359
Publisher: Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
Publication date: 03/05/2010
Pages: 237
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Table of Contents

Contents: Pan-chiu Lai/Jason T. S. Lam: Retrospect and Prospect of Sino-Christian Theology: An Introduction – Jason T. S. Lam: The Emergence of Scholars Studying Christianity in Mainland China – Qiuling Li: Historical Reflections on «Sino-Christian Theology» – Peter K. H. Lee: The «Cultural Christians» Phenomenon in China: A Hong Kong Discussion – Shun-hing Chan: Conceptual Differences between Hong Kong and Chinese Theologians: A Study of the «Cultural Christians» Controversy – Pan-chiu Lai: Theological Translation and Transmission between China and the West – Huilin Yang: The Value of Theology in Humanities: Possible Approaches to Sino-Christian Theology – Qingxiong Zhang: Sino-Christian Theology: The Unfolding of «Dao» in the Chinese Language Context – Ken-Pa Chin: The Paradigm Shift: From Chinese Theology to Sino-Christian Theology - A Case Study on Liu Xiaofeng – Pan-chiu Lai: Sino-Christian Theology, Bible, and Christian Tradition – Khiok-khng Yeo: Messianic Predestination in Romans 8 and Classical Confucianism – Hong-Hsin Lin: Reflection on Enlightenment: A Proposal of the Focus of Sino-Christian Theology – Xin Gao: Preliminary Survey on the New Generation of Scholars of Christian Studies in Mainland China.

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