SiO2 in Si Microdevices / Edition 1

SiO2 in Si Microdevices / Edition 1

by Manabu Itsumi
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg

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SiO2 in Si Microdevices / Edition 1

Electronic systems and digital computers are indispensable elements of modern multimedia technologies and the Internet society. But their explosive advance would not have been possible without the extraordinary progress in VLSI technology using high-quality SiO2. This volume addresses the thin gate oxides involved in the individual processes in fabrication, e.g. the growth, cleaning and thermal oxidation of silicon, metal interconnect formation, and photolithography. It describes new methods for observing defects in SiO2 as well as novel approaches to eliminating such defects. The book will be a valuable resource for all materials scientists and engineers seeking to further advance the quality of silicon microdevices.

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ISBN-13: 9783540433392
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 01/17/2003
Series: Springer Series in Materials Science Series , #56
Edition description: 2003
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 9.21(w) x 6.14(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.- 2. Outline of Silicon Processes.- 3. Basic Characteristics of SiO2.- 4. Oxide Defect Locating Method.- 5. Correlation between p-Si and n-Si Minority-Carrier Recombination Lifetimes.- 6. Wafer Transient Deformation Obseration.- 7. SiO2 Weak Spots Originating in Si Wafers.- 8. Wafer Cleaning Process Affecting SiO2 Dielectric Strength.- 9. Selective Oxidation Process Inducing SiO2 Weak-Spots.- 10. Thermal Oxidation Causing SiO2 Instability.- 11. Polysilicon Gate Formation Process Affecting SiO2 Quality.- 12. Metal Interconnect Formation Process Causing SiO2 Deterioration.- 13. Si-SiO2 Weak-Spots System Repaired from Plasma Damage Through Water Pouring.- 14. Local Weak-Spots Found in Poly-Oxides and Buried Oxides.- 15. Oxides Reliability.

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