Siorai: Continuum Book Three

Siorai: Continuum Book Three

by Ardyce West


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In this third installment of Ardyce West's Continuum Series, Sophia's metaphysical awakening led to a family she never knew existed, but she must confront a demon from the past before she may fully embrace the future.Her journeys lead her and Michael to Ireland, where they discover ancestral roots that impel Sophia to continue her recall of a past life aboard the RMS Titanic, where over 1,500 souls were lost in the most infamous sea disaster in history. Lost and adrift among the many nameless souls in lifeboats on the frigid North Atlantic, Sophia vividly recalls the grief and despair suffered by the survivors, whose lives were forever changed by forces beyond their control.In the meantime, members of Apeiros reunite to embrace beloved White Buffalo, who shares his noble legacy that foretells an eternal life.FROM THE PUBLISHER:This rich and captivating story draws elements from Ardyce West's previous two Continuum novels, blending them into a compelling new slant on the metaphysical themes of spirituality, reincarnation, and eternal life. West's dynamic storytelling further fleshes out the core characters of the previous two books, Apeiros and Aeternalis, starring Continuum's heroine everywoman, Sophia Delaney, a seemingly ordinary, middle-aged American artist whose life was upended after a car accident thrust her into the ethers of eternality in a near-death experience. Siorai - Continuum Book Three picks up in the aftermath of the tragic RMS Titanic disaster, where Sophia recalls her past-life aboard the doomed ship. Lost and cast adrift in a lifeboat, she watches the horrific demise of the great ship, which carried over 1500 souls to their icy doom, among them the man with whom she fell in love on what they believed was a voyage to a new life of hope and redemption. The story further develops Sophia's journey of reawakening as she and her beloved Michael tour Ireland and explore their ancient ancestry, while back at home Sophia's spirit guide and mentor, White Buffalo, must face his own destiny in the circle of life.

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ISBN-13: 9780996954433
Publisher: KC LoneWolf
Publication date: 09/18/2017
Series: Continuum , #3
Pages: 440
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.98(d)

About the Author

Ardyce West is an optimum blend of spirituality and transformation. She is a Licensed Practitioner for United Centers for Spiritual Living in Colorado, as well as a certified Life Mastery Consultant and DreamBuilder Coach. Ardyce has expertly chaired large retreats and facilitated transformative healing workshops, assisting others in living a full spectrum wholehearted life through the brilliant guidance and intuition she provides for individuals and groups. Also an extremely accomplished artist, Ardyce has conducted many art and jewelry workshops.

She is the author of the captivating metaphysical fiction series, "Continuum, " including Apeiros - Continuum Book One, Aeternalis - Continuum Book Two, and Siorai - Continuum Book Three. She also authored the beautifully written poignant non-fiction: I Never Heard You Cry - A Compassionate Journey Through Abortion, which was written to give a voice to the many that are affected by abortion, either through personal experience or through that of a loved one.

Ardyce is currently writing and illustrating two children's books, with Continuum Book Four in the works.

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