Sir Loin Of Beef

Sir Loin Of Beef

by Vanessa Vale

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They might call me Sir Loin of Beef, but when I see Kaitlyn for the first time, stick a fork in me, I'm done. But I won't claim her alone. Jed Cassidy and I share everything, and that includes her. If the sweet little librarian isn't ready to be wrangled by two rodeo champs, we'll just have to break her in nice and slow. She's ours. We will win her over--body and soul--and when we do? Well, let's just say we'll give her a hard ride...and it'll last a hell of a lot longer than eight seconds.

Kaitlyn Leary takes one look at the sexy cowboys and can't remember the last time she was so eager for a double helping of... big beef. But giving in to desire might ruin everything. Because the truth is that this small town librarian isn't all she seems. Landon Duke and Jed might be talking about a future of picket fences and making babies, but the past could destroy it all. Still...two cowboys?

Who could resist?

Remember: With a Vanessa Vale book, one cowboy is never enough. In this smokin' hot new series, each heroine gets an extra helping (or two) of Grade-A Beefcake.

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BN ID: 2940161624388
Publisher: Bridger Media
Publication date: 10/11/2018
Series: Grade-A Beefcakes Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 4,652
File size: 630 KB

About the Author

Vanessa Vale is the USA Today Bestselling author of over 50 books, sexy romance novels, including her popular Bridgewater historical romance series and hot contemporary romances featuring unapologetic bad boys who don't just fall in love, they fall hard. When she's not writing, Vanessa savors the insanity of raising two boys and figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker. While she's not as skilled at social media as her kids, she loves to interact with readers.

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Sir Loin Of Beef 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
HAPPY—HORNY—HOPEFUL—LOVED Once again, Ms. Vanessa Vale has unleashed a new series, Grade-A Beefcakes, with a great cast of characters, plenty of laughs, tears, mystery, suspense, romance, and more. Grab you a copy and learn why the Duke boys have earned their beefy monikers. Find out about their proclivities, and when they find ‘the one’ how their lives will change—for the better. Kaitlyn Leary will move back to Raines, but there are some things that even fifteen years won’t erase, like the association with her surname. She works hard, holds down two jobs, and just wants to live her life and maybe, someday, find happiness. She has made a few friends, went on a miserable blind date, and is now in the process of trying to repair her childhood home that is in serious disrepair. Landon Duke no longer is on the rodeo circuit, and now lives back in Raines near his family, running his own construction company. He was dubbed Sir Loin of Beef during his rodeo days, and that moniker has stayed. He has been friends since early childhood with Jed Cassidy, who now owns a bar in town. These two have known since they were teenagers that someday, they would share a woman, they are just waiting for her to come along. The plot will have a special venue at Cassidy’s that is bringing the ladies in with male strippers. It is keeping not only Jed, but his staff, and even Duke working to keep up with the crowd. When two women come into the bar, it isn’t the aggressive one that garners the attention of Jed and Duke; it is her friend, the one who looks like a prim and proper librarian. It is instant recognition for them, she is the one they have been searching for—and then all of a sudden she is pulled on stage by one of the strippers, this can’t happen. Both men will intervene and take her to Jed’s office for some private time, and while they get frisky, they forget to exchange names. “The two of them, they were the rugged alpha males. Real cowboys. They were nothing like other men, making the strippers look average.” “The prim little thing had a liking for sexy underwear and an inner vixen she kept all buttoned up. I wanted to let her out. All the way out.” The story has some mystery, instant attraction, shock and awe factor, the past drawn into the present, and some hurtful words spewed, a trouble-maker, and a titillating romance between two men and one woman. She will be so far out of her element, yet the sexual attraction and chemistry will lead to her allowing these two men to take her on a journey, one she wants to experience. But what happens when the past comes barreling into the present? Will they end before they even have a chance to see where this chemistry might take them? Will the wisdom of others help smooth away the pain and allow them to move forward? The story does include explicit ménage scenes between three consenting adults. This is the first book in the series and does not end on a cliffhanger, but instead, a glimpse into the next story, or another one of the Duke brothers. There is also a bonus scene that can be found in Ms. Vale’s newsletter.
DebDiem 25 days ago
Sir Loin Of Beef is a laugh-out-loud contemporary romance by Vanessa Vale. Ms. Vale has delivered a well-written book loaded with phenomenal characters. This is a fairly quick read, perfect for those with limited reading time. This is a M/F/M romance, so it may not be for everyone. Duke and his best friend, Jed, were ready to settle down. All they needed was the perfect partner for them. Kaitlyn works two jobs and is trying to avoid a stalker when her friend talks her into going out for a night of fun. Kaitlyn, Duke and Jed's story is loaded with drama, humor, action, smokin' hot sex and a little suspense. I enjoyed every page of this book and look forward to reading more from Vanessa Vale in the future. Sir Loin Of Beef is book 1 of the Grade-A Beefcakes Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the second book I’ve read from this author, and I swear they used basically the same characters. (A curvy brunette and 2 two dimensional alpha cowboys with very little physical description besides their length and girth.) This first half was promising - set the story up, provide two possible points of conflict, and let it go. But then, without any work from the characters, the main conflict just resolves, practically by itself? Seriously? It’s just lazy writing if you ask me. The sex scenes were too wordy and tried way too hard to be sexy, and every time they decided to get hot and heavy again, I rolled my eyes and debated skipping pages. (I’m an avid reader - I hate skipping pages.) All in all, I’m just annoyed. I really wanted to like this author, and with some work I think she could have some really good stuff, but I think I’m done. Trying to finish this book felt like work to me, and I don’t think I can force myself to do it with another one of her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mathphilosopher More than 1 year ago
Vanessa Vale's "Sir Loin of Beef" is the first tale in the new Grade-A Beefcakes series. A sexy one-handed read! Duke and Jed are yummy! Just their dirty talk put me over the edge, let alone the hot nookie scenes. The back history and other storyline make it a complete read. I can't wait to meet the next beefcakes!
fantasylandblog More than 1 year ago
Vanessa Vale has done it again. After reading her Montana series I was ready to read one of her menage series and she did not disappoint. I loved Beefcake. Kaitlyn has come back to town after her father died. She thinks she can finally come to terms with how her family left the town. But when she is in the middle of two of the hottest men she has ever seen and finds out one of them is part of the family her father almost ruined she runs for the hills before he can find out who she is. Jed and Duke have always shared everything. They are best friends and it just always came naturally. But they are tired of one night stands and are ready for the one. When Kaitlyn shows up at Jed's bar they feel like she is the one. But when Duke finds out who her father is all hell breaks loose between everyone. I really enjoyed this story. What a way to start a series. Can't wait to read the others!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just o.k. 125 pages, not worth the amount you pay for it.
ssrosepetal More than 1 year ago
My first reaction was that I needed to read this book just for the title! It's kind of unique. Then I saw that it was about a heroine who had not one but two alpha men falling in love with her (and it wasn't a triangle!) Then I wanted to know what her secret was that could keep these two men from loving her. Though it was short it was definitely worth my time. I loved the little bit we got to know of Landon "Duke", Jed, and Katelyn. I loved the story of instant love, instant connection. I also loved that there was no real hard drama. Sometimes you just need a simple book with no hard drama. This was the perfect light read with a BIG side of handsome alpha cowboy.
ssrosepetal More than 1 year ago
My first reaction was that I needed to read this book just for the title! It's kind of unique. Then I saw that it was about a heroine who had not one but two alpha men falling in love with her (and it wasn't a triangle!) Then I wanted to know what her secret was that could keep these two men from loving her. Though it was short it was definitely worth my time. I loved the little bit we got to know of Landon "Duke", Jed, and Katelyn. I loved the story of instant love, instant connection. I also loved that there was no real hard drama. Sometimes you just need a simple book with no hard drama. This was the perfect light read with a BIG side of handsome alpha cowboy.
BookAddictLive More than 1 year ago
Sir Loin of Beef is the first in a new series by Vanessa Vale, and Sir Loin of Beef is a nickname Landan Duke was given when he was on the rodeo circuit. Now retired and back in his home town, Duke and Jed are searching for the one women that will be their forever woman. Kaitlyn Leary is attending a Ladies night with her friend Ava. Coming straight from work and still in her more formal clothes. Ava is super attractive but Jed and Landon are both staring at Kaitlyn, so they try to find out more about her. Well the rest is the fun in the claiming of the town’s librarian by Sir Loin and Jed and the ups and downs until their Happily Ever After. A quick read with lots of fun from our first Grade A Beefcake. A Fun and fast read with lots of naughty with a fun librarian. You know what to expect from a Vanessa Vale Cowboy book and this had it all. It certainly put a big smile on my face.
Jennifer_e911 More than 1 year ago
This book is....HOT! The first book in what promises to be a sizzling series! As with a lot of books by this author, it does focus on a MFM relationship, and love at first sight is a must! This book hooked me right away, and I finished it in one sitting! Kaitlyn is a woman who had a bad childhood. She's moved back to her childhood home, hoping to make a life there. One night while out with friends..... well, you know how it goes! Things get a little crazy, a little heated, and one thing leads to another. But really, a wild night leads to love in all the wrong places. This book has a bit of everything to keep it interesting: family feuds, crazy stalker exs, and dirty talking cowboys. But in the end, love conquers all, and family is most important. This book was a fun, easy read, with just enough seriousness to keep it down to earth.
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Sir Loin Of Beef is book one in the Grade-A Beefcakes Series by Vanessa Vale. I’ve been wanting to try one of this author’s books forever so I thought this brand new series was as good a place as any to start and oh my gosh, I loved it. I love cowboys, I love ménage, and I love alpha heroes, so this book checked off every single box! Meet the Duke family who run the largest cattle ranch in northwest Montana. There are three brothers and one sister. Their father has been telling them their entire lives that when they meet “the one,” they will know it immediately, like a bolt of lightening, just like he did when he met their mother. Landon Duke and his best friend, Jed Cassidy, both rode the rodeo circuit. After Landon or “Duke” as everyone calls him, was injured, they both retired. Duke now owns and runs a construction business in their home town of Raines, Montana. And Jed owns and runs a bar. They have been friends since the beginning of elementary school. Duke’s family pretty much raised Jed. He was more than a best friend to Duke, more like a brother. They started experimenting with sharing women in college. But it was all just for fun. They believed what Duke’s father had told them. And they knew that when they found “the one” that they were going to share her. Kaitlyn Leary has been back in Raines for six months now. She laid eyes on the two sexy cowboys while out with her friends. They immediately swept her off her feet. She had no idea who they were, only that she was insanely attracted to them, both of them. But when she finds out what one of their names are, she runs. Only fate would be that cruel, making her feel this way, only to make him be the one man who she could never have, that would surely hate her once he knows who she is. “This was our last first kiss. Our last first time. And it would be Kaitlyn’s too. She just didn’t know it yet.” When Jed and Duke saw Kaitlyn in the bar, they knew. All it took was one look. She was the one for them. But, then everything went wrong. They can’t imagine what happened, why Kaitlyn ran. But when he does figure it out, Duke does everything wrong and possibly ruins his one chance at happiness. “My body couldn’t help but respond to him. It was as if it knew him. Knew he was safe, that this was right.” I loved this book. It was hot as heck. Just a little warning. Do NOT read this book while on a treadmill! Kaitlyn was sweet but had a toughness to her as well. And Jed and Duke were all alpha, jealous/protective heroes. This was a sweet, hot, read that I entirely enjoyed. I am anxious to see which sibling’s story is next.