Siren Reborn, Texas Sirens, Book 8

Siren Reborn, Texas Sirens, Book 8

by Lexi Blake, Sophie Oak

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Re-released in a second edition. Re-edited but no substantial changes.

Cole Roberts and Mason Scott loved each other since childhood, but they needed something more to make them whole. They searched for a woman who could complete them, but a terrible accident tore them apart. Their perfect life shattered, they were each left angry and alone.

Kitten Taylor's past is filled with heartache. She yearns to be part of a family she can call her own. When Cole takes her in, she hopes to finally find the place she belongs, but quickly realizes something is wrong. There is a chasm between them and every day it seems to get worse. When they are alone together, she can sense the wonderful bond they could share, but they can't seem to find a way to connect.

Everything changes when Kitten meets Mason for the first time. She instantly feels a connection and realizes how perfect their lives could be if Mason and Cole could look beyond the past.

When a killer puts the trio in their crosshairs, Cole and Mason will have to put aside the betrayal and hurt they allowed to consume them in order to forge a future with the woman they love.

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BN ID: 2940160903552
Publisher: DLZ Entertainment LLC
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Series: Texas Sirens Series , #8
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 765
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About the Author

Lexi Blake is the author of contemporary and urban fantasy romance. She started publishing in 2011 and has gone on to sell over two million copies of her books. Her books have appeared twenty-six times on the USA Today, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. She lives in North Texas with her husband, kids, and two rescue dogs.

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Siren Reborn, Texas Sirens, Book 8 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 14 days ago
5 Star Review Siren Reborn (Texas Sirens #8) by Sophie Oak I love Ms.Oak (Lexi Blake’s) style of writing; to me these characters are like coming home to family and friends and this book gave me so many feels. I was riveted from start to finish, Sirens Reborn was one of those reads I could not put down. There were times when I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry reading Siren Reborn. This is Katherine (Kitten) Taylor, Cole Roberts and Mason Scott’s story and I have been looking forward to reading it. Kitten has had a horrific past and as she struggles to get her life back on track, she is searching for a Master and a family to love her. After an accident tore Cole and Mason’s relationship apart, they were left alone and angry. When Cole takes Kitten in, they both know that something is missing in their relationship but Cole is a Master and he will give Kitten what he can. When Mason returns, could he be what has been missing? Can the three of them merge and become the relationship that they all yearn for?

When danger rears it head and a killer goes after them, Cole and Mason will need to work together and overcome the pain of the past to protect Kitten. Kitten has had to overcome so much after her kidnapping and torture and I have a soft spot for her and wanted her to get her hearts desire. Cole and Mason, to me were the right choice for this woman who has survived so much. She survived such horror and if any one of Sophie Oak’s characters deserved a chance at happiness, it was Kitten. This was an emotional read, hot at times, witty and tears were shed as Kitten finally got a chance to live the life she so richly deserved. However, for this to happen, Cole and Mason will have to face their own complicated past and make peace. As always it was great to see a few familiar faces show up in the story, that always makes me smile and adds another layer to these books.
Carla Cross 6 days ago
Anonymous 6 days ago
I have enjoy read this authors series. I would have to say this one is one of my favorites. It is about 3 people who have to over come things in the lives that impacted how they dealt with horrible things in their lives & relationships. I fell in love with Kitten and how she came to be a stronger person with what happen to her. This book may me laugh and cry when reading it. I'm glad that the 3 characters found each other.
CoffeeGoddessTK 7 days ago
Having read previous books in the Texas Sirens and Nights In Bliss series by author Lexi Blake, I was already acquainted with Kitten and her backstory. And, although her history was not a happy one, I always felt, as her character was more fleshed out in the storylines of these books, that she had a lot more to say, and that when she finally came into her own, she would shine. And, shine she does, really becoming the glue that brings her happy family together. Seeing Cole and Mason be able to work through the flaws in their personalities, and their past mistakes, to get to their HEA with Kitten is rewarding. Pride, regret, and lack of forgiveness give way to an understanding that they've got everything they need with Kitten and each other, and, despite some trouble getting to their forever and always, the love that was there before is stronger than everything that was keeping them apart. It's alway nice to see friends from previous books, and this, added to Lexi's sort of trademark shenanigans, makes SIREN REBORN the perfect landing place for Kitten and her men. Fans of these series will absolutely love this book, and will want to make sure to add it to their TBRs. ❤️
JenPH 8 days ago
This has certainly become one of my favorite reads in the series, with a rich history between Mason and Cole and an intriguing present as they try to bridge everything that happened in order to have a future with Kitten. One of my favorite things about the books that I've read from Lexi Blake is that her female main characters have a heck of a backbone to them. Yes, many of them may start off as needing men in their lives--whether it be one or two--to help them figure out certain things, especially with as far as what's been missing, but by the end of the books, they're truly the heroines of their own stories. As always, that mix of sex, suspense, and sweetness is perfectly balanced in this novel, with Blake not skimping on any of the three. Then there are the three main characters who I can never help but want to cheer on as they get their happily-ever-after. Siren Reborn earns its all five of five stars. ♥
Kathleen Boston 9 days ago
I have been waiting for Kittens story, and I was not disappointed. Such a strong, resilient woman would need two stronger men. A truly emotional and enjoyable story.
Katrina Danon 9 days ago
Great reunion with our friends from Texas and Bliss. Some mystery, some moments of personal growth and of course, some really steamy scenes. Lexi never disappoints.
fantasylandblog 9 days ago
Jesus, what a way to start 2020! I wasn't sure after seven books if Lexi could surprise me or even keep me going with this series, but Siren Reborn kept me reading and happy! I couldn't put this story down. Kitty and Cole are just beginning their contract/relationship when we start this story. So there isn't a history to follow with these two. But when Mason shows up, that is when the heat begins. Cole and Mason have a very long history. With Kitty, Cole, and Mason in trouble and the sexual heat at a 10, this story flies off the pages. Siren Reborn is a must-read story! What a great story!
Ann Burrows 12 days ago
I've loved Kitten since she was first introduced and it was wonderful to see her finally get her HEA.
Carie Berger 13 days ago
Wonderful to revisit The Club group as well as Bliss favorites. Kitten has always intrigued me and I loved her story of strength, self discovery and love. Cole and Mason are a hot mess but Kitten becomes the strength and center of their world. Thank you Lexi for this secy seeet story
MessyBunBookBlog 13 days ago
I am such a huge fan of Lexi Blake! The Texas Sirens Series may be my ultimate favorite of all of her books! Cole, Mason and Kitten's story pulled me in and did not let me go! I have been not-so-patiently waiting for Kitten's story and I was not disappointed at all! Another Five-Star read!
Christina_R 14 days ago
Cole & Mason were so hot and add Kitten to the mix, it gets hotter. I love this world and these characters. Lexi Blake has such a hot series going.
DarGee 14 days ago
Finally, Kitten is ready!!!! Kitten is a tragic figure, she has been around forever, and we have bits and pieces of her story, but it turns out it is more tragic then we could have ever thought. I tear up just thinking about what her life has been up to this point, how much suffering she has endured. Her coping mechanisms have been long established, and are so ingrained, she isn’t even aware of them. Even those closest to her see some of them, but not all of them. What she isn’t though is a victim, and she is strong willed and ever optimistic. She is a sensual being, but she falters at making herself heard. Watching her make herself into a person she feels comfortable with, she is at ease with, and she is happy with, made my heart swell with joy. Of course, that path is helped along with Cole and Mason, because everyone should have realized sweet Kitten is too much for one man to handle Cole and Mason have found joy and pleasure with each since their teen years. But one tragic moment plunged them both into pain, doubt, and unhappiness, and ripped the seams of their life together to shreds. Apart for the past two years, they are brought back together by Kitten. Even with their unease with each other, they quickly realize they both will do anything for Kitten. That is all she needs, but there are bigger, larger, and wicked forces at play, and they have been interfering for longer than the three of them could imagine. As this trio is tested with danger and things trying to manipulate them apart, it only cements the bonds between them, the love that they share. Where Cole and Mason help Kitten find herself, Kitten smooths the bumpiness that Cole and Mason need to get through to find their peace with each other. Kitten is finally ready for her happily ever after, and she has finally found her footing, so Cole and Mason don’t stand a chance. Lucky for her, they both will do anything to keep her happy, and if that includes loving her forever, then so be it!
Tracy Curtis 14 days ago
I purchased this book through Amazon and am leaving my review voluntarily.Triggers: some talk of rape/torture, M/M/F, all involved with each other***Spoilers***Cole and Mason were previously involved together along with a female sub. A tragedy happened, they went their seperate ways with broken hearts.Kitten was from a strict home with no love, kidnapped and had horrendous things done to her by a madman and then rescued. But she was lost until Cole. And Mason. Together these 3 will navigate hurt feelings, lack of self worth and broken hearts to find themselves whole again.I have purchased and read every book in the TEXAS Sirens and Nights in Bliss series. I have liked every story. Lexi Blake/Sophie Oak has written characters that you want to meet and know. (Which is hard for me because usually when a series goes on and on, I lose interest. I can't wait for the next book. )I want to move to Bliss myself.
Kayreader 14 days ago
I probably say this with every book Lexi writes, but Siren Reborn could be one of my favorites in the Texas Siren series. Kitten has been a favorite character of mine for several books now because not only is she finally getting her story with the perfect men, but the story about Kitten is all about finding the independent woman inside after the tragedy she has lived through. ❤ Facing your self-worth after living through the worst possible conditions you can imagine is an inner strength not many of us have. To not only having your physical body broken down, but your emotional worth shattered and yet come out with the light and innocence that Kitten does is a beautiful thing. It is probably what I love most about Kitten is that she is full of love and grace and she hasn't let anyone take that from her even in the face of adversity. This world could use more people like her. In Siren Reborn Cole and Mason have been lovers before, but are currently apart due to a falling out. Kitten is the glue/connection that brings them back together and the person that has any hope of keeping them together for a future. None of them work without the other as they each have their own strength to offer each other as a triad. This is what makes this story so special and Kitten herself such a special character. Her openness and willing to display her feelings really help in Cole and Mason's healing process. Like most of Lexi's stories, this one also has suspense and someone out to cause foul play. While the characters try to figure out their relationship someone is ultimately trying to tear it apart. At the end will everything work out? If Kitten has her way it will.