Sirens in Bliss, Nights in Bliss, Colorado, Book 10

Sirens in Bliss, Nights in Bliss, Colorado, Book 10

by Lexi Blake, Sophie Oak

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Re-released in a second edition with new content.

What happens after happily ever after?

It's the event of the year. The wedding of Leo and Wolf to their beautiful sub, Shelley McNamara, has all of Bliss up in arms—and makes everyone think about love and marriage and family.

Wolf and Leo have to deal with the sudden reappearance of their father. Rafe Kincaid is handed an opportunity that might take him and his family away from Bliss. Aidan, Lexi, and Lucas O'Malley find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage. And Stefan Talbot must face his biggest fear—possibly losing his wife in childbirth.

So come to the Feed Store Church, pick a seat, and enjoy the chaos as all your favorite characters from Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss, Colorado, come together for one eventful weekend.

And some of them may never be the same again.

Note: This is a reunion book, which shares an overall story arc and many crossover characters with the Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss series. This is not a stand-alone.

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Publisher: DLZ Entertainment LLC
Publication date: 11/12/2019
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About the Author

Lexi Blake is the author of contemporary and urban fantasy romance. She started publishing in 2011 and has gone on to sell over two million copies of her books. Her books have appeared twenty-six times on the USA Today, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. She lives in North Texas with her husband, kids, and two rescue dogs.

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Sirens in Bliss, Nights in Bliss, Colorado, Book 10 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
KDRBCK 28 days ago
Sirens in Bliss by Lexi Blake/ Sophie Oak is book 10 in her Texas Sirens Series. Yes, there are cross-overs, but all in all, you could read the book as a stand alone. Meet characters from previous books, learn about their struggles and their success. Leo, Wolf and Shelly- Callie, Nate and Zane- Stef and Jen Talbot- Aiden, Lexi and Lucas have the biggest struggle- Seth, Logan and Georgia- Rye, Max and Rachel- Rafe, Cam and Sierra- all the couples from the previous books . Loved meeting them again and learn about their lives. Great read that gave me all the feels, unputdownable, gripping. 5 stars.
MaimeosAngelsEL 3 months ago
5 Star Review Sirens In Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #10) by Sophie Oak This is a reunion story, so definitely not a stand alone. It is also my favourite in the series so far. Primarily because we get to catch up on so many of our favourite couples in Bliss as we come together to celebrate the wedding of Leo and Wolf Meyer to Shelley McNamara. Ms. Oak gives us an update on numerous couples from Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss, Colorado, what is currently happening in their relationships and what happens after the happily ever after. Not everyone is happy within their relationships and miss communication is rife with numerous couples. There were times when I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry reading Sirens In Bliss as it was obvious that there was stress and unhappiness with some of our favourite couples. I also worried that Leo, Wolf and Shelley might not make it to the altar and get the happily ever after that they all so richly deserved. With the sudden re appearance of Leo and Wolf’s estranged father, Shelley refusing to take the beat and a lack of communication regarding having children, things are about to get complicated. I particularly enjoyed the “humanization” of Stefan Talbot as he gets closer to becoming a father. The in charge Dom seems to have lost his way and I loved Jennifer’s solution to help bring back his focus. I love Ms.Oak (Lexi Blake’s) style of writing; to me these characters are like coming home to family and friends and this book gave me so many feels. I was riveted from start to finish, Sirens In Bliss was one of those reads I could not put down.
CoffeeGoddessTK 25 days ago
When the worlds of the Texas Sirens and Bliss, Colorado, come together and make a baby, what do you get? SIRENS IN BLISS, the re-released reunion story from author Lexi Blake, writing as Sophie Oak. And what a reunion it is. Characters that we've come to know and love are gathered to celebrate another happily ever after Bliss style, and it's wonderful to see how everyone is doing. I was a bit late to the game with some of the back stories, so am not familiar with everyone, but that doesn't dull the sparkle of this book at all. There is plenty of passion, definite moments of angst (the best books always have them!), and all of the quirkiness that we've come to expect from these characters. This book could only have come from the heart and soul of Lexi Blake, who has written about all of these folks with so much love over the course of the two series. I do suggest having a familiarity with both the Texas Sirens and the Nights In Bliss, CO, series, so that you're not wondering where in the world you've landed while you're reading. But, for fans of these worlds, this book is a great stop in the journey, and I can't wait to see what's coming next. ❤️
JenPH 27 days ago
The wedding of brothers Leo and Wolf Meyer to their submissive, Shelley McNamara, brings together beloved characters from the two re-released series penned by Sophie Oak and, as expected, it's one heck of a quirky read! Life is never boring in Bliss, and excitement fills the air, not just for the wedding but as families and friends reunite from both Colorado and Texas to celebrate. I enjoyed seeing so many familiar characters and seeing where they were in their respective lives and how their relationships were all flourishing. As always, there's a lot of lighthearted humor, but there's also some angst and drama because even though these couples and throuples got their proverbial happily-ever-afters, we see that life after the HEA isn't always happy 24/7 and that relationships don't just need love but communication and honesty as well. Sirens in Bliss was a five-starred blissfully great read. ♥
Kayreader 27 days ago
The marriage of Shelly, Leo, and Wolf (from Siren in Bloom) lead their friends and family to Bliss, CO where we get to partake in updates of many of Lexi's beloved characters from both the Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss series. While updated with some new content added in this 2019 version, I was overjoyed to revisit couples I haven't read in almost a decade, but during this catch-up I felt like I'd just read their story from multiple books in either series just yesterday. Lexi has always captivated me with her writing, storytelling, and characters in a way that I've felt like I'm visiting old friends when I pick up one of her books. Sirens in Bliss was absolutely perfect because I was able to visit with so many of my old friends while hearing about their married lives, which aren't exactly perfect - because here's an inside secret - marriage is work. Lexi wrote these perfectly imperfect couples/triads to validate all of us who should remember that and know that it's okay to feel that way. When children arrive you are tired, feel unattractive, tired, working hard, tired, did I mention tired? You have to make time in your marriage for each other and I love that Lexi approaches this and doesn't shy away from it. You are going to make mistakes, lots of mistakes, and still need to work through them. Marriage is a constant work in progress and each of the couples/triads she focuses on is in a different stage in their marriage. This was a great conglomeration of so many of her characters that this really was one of my favorite books, but in saying that, it couldn't have become that status without the preceding stories. I seriously could have kept reading this book forever! Although, I am excited for more - the children that will mature in the future - and of course the couples/triads that are brewing in the background. I love returning to Texas and Colorado where these worlds exist, so keep writing Lexi and I'll keep reading!
fantasylandblog 28 days ago
Sirens in Bliss is a recap, and a regroup of Bliss. We get to see everyone again and find out how everyone is. The stage is Leo, Shelley, and Wolf's wedding, which is such a great way to celebrate and see everyone. There are good times, sad times, and teary moments. Everything you want in a gatheri
LASherwood 29 days ago
Loved EVERYTHING about this book. I wish more authors who write multiple series would write novels like this and bring all the characters together again. For the readers to get glimpses of their favorite couples and to see how their fairing years down the road. It's exactly how Lexi Blake wrote Sirens in Bliss. She combines the Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss characters together for one epic wedding. Together, couples learn how to cope with life after being wedded for years, they learn how to put forth family first over business and learn what life will look like with added little ones. I am beyond happily-blissed with how Lexi ended this book. The original ménage couple who began the series, ends it. By god woman... please keep these characters going and making a ruckus! I will never get tired of them.
Christina_R 3 months ago
This book is not a standalone, but it was a great read. I loved seeing all the characters from previous books. The story was well written and captivated me from the beginning. I adore Lexi Blake's writing and highly recommend this entire series.
DarGee 3 months ago
That was amazing! Like really, really amazing - we often get to catch up with characters in series as we move onto to others, but rarely do we get, what is in essence, a reunion book. One of the few duo's, not trio's, is our first couple. Super-duper control freak Stefan, King of Bliss, is having a freak-out life as Jen becomes ready to give birth to their son. This was amusing, though it shouldn't have been so funny, to watch Stef completely lose his mind, and very nearly his wife, until he figures things out. This is a good, old fashioned, happily ever after and baby makes three! In this story, we catch up with our soon-to-be-married Leo, Wolf and Shelley from the Siren series, though we first met Wolf in Bliss. Jitters and some uncertainty still linger though they want to be together, but just wondering what the future will bring them. This is our transformative story, finally figuring everything out with complete clarity Then we have one of our Bliss couples, Laura, Rafe and Cam. We know they just adopted their beautiful daughter, but they have been flying under the radar lately. We see Cam quite a bit, but never really caught up with what was going on with Rafe and Laura. This is our poignant story, these three are emotional without being over the top. They have partially figured out where they are and what they are doing but never did finalize anything completely The final trio is on the edge of losing it all. Aiden, Lexi and Lucas had one of the bumpiest and heart-wrenching stories to get together. They still seem like the kids of the bunch and are still trying to protect and control things for each other as well. Lexi seems to be causing the issues, but deeper fault lines show just where Aiden has lots to learn. Luckily, Lexi still has her mom around to kick her butt when needed, and Aiden has several Dom's around to set him straight. While the whole crew is about, we do get a check in with Julian, Finn and Danielle; Chase and Ben are around, of course Mel and Cassidy are front and centre. No Bliss story would be complete without Max, Rye and Rachel and Callie and Zane make their appearances as well I have to say, the most exciting surprise was the final chapter. The authour stated it was for the fans, and I couldn't agree more - 'we're the best because we're the first and have been doing it longer' and in every book, in every scene they appear, it feels like coming home. Thank you for the Abby, Jack and Sam fix, they only need one chapter, but they are the heart of these stories, and no book is complete without them!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
SIRENS IN BLISS is the tenth instalment, and instalment 7.5 in the Texas Sirens in Lexi Blake’s (aka Sophie Oak) contemporary, adult NIGHTS IN BLISS, and instalment 7.5 in the Texas Sirens erotic, ménage, D/s romance series focusing on the men and women who live in Bliss, Colorado. NOTE: Due to the nature of the story line premise, some scenes may not be suitable for more sensitive readers including spanking, M/M, M/M/F and M/F/M sexual scenarios. SIRENS IN BLISS is the re-release of the 2013 novel written as Sophie Oak with additional content. Told from several third person perspectives SIRENS IN BLISS is an ensemble story line wherein most of the previous characters, from the Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss, Colorado series, have gathered together to celebrate the union of Doms Leo and Wolf Meyer, to their sub Shelley McNamara but all is not well in the lives of the happily ever afters, and Lexi Blake brings the reader up close and personal as secrets, lies, fear, issues of trust, passion and the past force lovers, Doms and subs to re-evaluate the direction of their lives, going forward. SIRENS IN BLISS follows Leo and Wolf as their past is determined to destroy their lives. From their ‘eccentric’ mother, to their absentee father Leo and Wolf are determined to protect the woman they love from the dysfunctional dynamics they once called a family. Meanwhile Stefan Talbot struggles with his wife’s impending childbirth, threatening his relationship going forward: Aidan, Lucas and Lexi’s relationship begins to crumble as Lexi pushes away the men that she loves; and Abby Barnes-Fleetwood has a crisis of faith when issues of self-esteem force her to revisit what was and what will be. SIRENS IN BLISS is an erotic tale focusing on the D/s relationships and love; on issues of commitment and a lack of confidence. Ghost from the past continue to haunt the lives of those we have met before yet some ghosts remain a living reminder of the h*ll they have all had to endure. The premise is entertaining and thought provoking; the romances struggle in the face of doubt, anger, secrets and heartache; the characters are familiar, colorful, rebellious and impassioned
MBurton 3 months ago
Sirens in Bliss was a look into several couples lives from both the Nights in Bliss series and a few couples from the Texas Sirens. Actually, couples is not an accurate term. Almost all of these couples were menage relationships. I have not read the Texas Sirens series and I don't feel that you have to in able to enjoy this book. I may not have known some of these characters but it didn't keep me from enjoying learning about them. It also has me more interested in reading the Texas Sirens series after getting to know some of these characters. The best message you get with this book is that even though a book ends with a happily ever after, there is still more to the story. You still have to work in a relationship to keep it growing and you will stumble a time or two. It's how you handle that stumble that can make your relationship stronger. These characters have been so much fun to get to know and I love how much everyone in the town of Bliss look out for each other. They truly behave like one big family. They may be crazy, or annoying but they are also a gift to be appreciated. I loved that feeling you get when reading a book or series with this type of setting. I'm looking forward to more in the town of Bliss.