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Sister Jane

Sister Jane

by Irmgarde Brown

Narrated by Molly Secours

Unabridged — 11 hours, 45 minutes

Irmgarde Brown
Sister Jane

Sister Jane

by Irmgarde Brown

Narrated by Molly Secours

Unabridged — 11 hours, 45 minutes

Irmgarde Brown

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All her life, Jane believes she is small-town ordinary. . . until she isn't. Some people brand her a witch because of the cat while others believe she has a demon. Her family thinks she's ready for the nursing home, and the down-and-out reporter assumes she's a fake. But nobody, including Jane, can figure out how she does it: heal the sick. All the sick. All the time. Is it a gift of God? The Church is divided. Then, everything erupts when the foreigners arrive along with the government people and the scientists. Will Jane become a pawn or save herself?

Sister Jane is a story that combines realism, considerations of the supernatural, and the conflicts and conundrums that are set loose by Jane's ability to heal. Author Irmgarde Brown creates characters that hold the reader's interest because they evoke an emotional response that registers as real. This is fiction that contains depth and serious questions. However, answers are left open to interpretation, and faith is never presented as a "one size fits all" experience of the human spirit. The plot begins on a strong note, and continues to build to an ending that is both unexpected and intriguing.

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Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

"A wise, winning story of a modern-day miracle worker" - Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

★ 2021-07-12
In Brown’s debut novel, a seemingly miraculous gift upends an ordinary woman’s life.

Jane Freedle is absent-mindedly singing the hymn “Oh Christ the Healer” at church. “What would it be like to be a healer?” Jane wonders, but her pondering isn’t idle. She had prayed over a cat hit by a car, and the cat had instantly recovered; she had prayed over an injured fellow church member, and they had instantly recovered. Suddenly, Jane finds herself wondering what is happening to her normal life as a friendly, retired schoolteacher and widow living in Lafayette, Maryland. But these seeming miracles keep piling up. Her prayers heal a dying old woman at the nursing home where Jane volunteers, and when she mistakenly tells her pastor about it, he tells Jane’s daughter, Maddie, that Jane might be going a little crazy after living alone for years after the death of her husband, Richard. But when Maddie’s little daughter has her own accident, Jane heals her before the paramedics even arrive, although nobody seems to believe it. “Her family thought she was bananas,” Jane reflects, “her pastor thought she was senile, and her friends thought she was delusional.” To complicate matters, a washed-up reporter named Wade Twomey has been assigned to investigate seeming miracles happening in this small town, and he quickly considers Jane the heart of the story. That story only grows more complicated for Jane and everybody else, and Brown writes it all with an invigorating pace and an enjoyably understated humor that breaks through everywhere. Jane is portrayed as an endearingly fallible and unlikely miracle worker, a retiree who slips into profanity too easily and keeps up a running argument with her dead husband. It’s Jane’s complete lack of predictable sanctimony that gives the novel its consistent charm.

A wise, winning story of a modern-day miracle worker.

Product Details

BN ID: 2940174910997
Publisher: Author's Republic
Publication date: 06/10/2022
Edition description: Unabridged

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