Sit, Stay, Love (Love Unleashed Series #1)

Sit, Stay, Love (Love Unleashed Series #1)

by Dana Mentink


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Take one abrasive professional athlete, a quirky out-of-work schoolteacher, and an overweight geriatric dog, and you're ready for a lesson in love...Tippy style.

Pro baseball pitcher Cal Crawford is not a dog guy. When he inherits his deceased mother's elderly dog, Tippy, he's quick to call on a pet-sitting service.

Gina isn't thrilled to be a dog sitter when her aspirations lie in the classroom. Furthermore, she can't abide the unfriendly Cal, a man with all the charm of a wet towel. But with no other prospects and a deep love for all things canine, she takes the job caring for Tippy.

As Gina travels through Cal's world with Tippy in tow, she begins to see Cal in a different light. Gina longs to show Cal the God-given blessings in his life that have nothing to do with baseball or fame. When her longing blooms into attraction, Gina does her best to suppress it. But Cal is falling in love with her too...

Discover the charming story of Tippy, the dog who brought a family together.

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ISBN-13: 9780736966078
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 04/01/2016
Series: Love Unleashed Series , #1
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Dana Mentink is a multi-published, award-winning writer. When she’s not clacking away on the keyboard, she busies herself teaching third grade. Mostly, she loves to be home with her husband, two daughters, a rascally rescued terrier, a chubby box turtle, and a feisty parakeet.

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Sit, Stay, Love 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
LoraineN More than 1 year ago
What a sweet romance. Right away I was drawn into the lives of two contrary personalities brought together by Tippy the dog. I really enjoyed the journey that I took with Cal as he struggled to find real purpose for his life beyond his fame. Full review at my website.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is humorous but it makes you see the importance of God and family. Such a good read. When you start the book, be prepared to read until you finish it!
J_Augustine More than 1 year ago
Prepare to fall in love...with a dog... I didn't start out as a dog lover, I was a cat person all the 2 dogs of my own and many hours spent volunteering at an animal shelter later I am known as a dog person, too. I love stories with pets in them, especially comedy stories with a dash of romance. I've enjoyed Dana Mentink's romantic suspense books for a few years now and I honestly wondered how a pet-themed romantic comedy would turn out. I should never have questioned. Sit, Stay, Love is totally my new favorite book by her! I enjoyed every page and couldn't seem to put it down. I really can't wait to read the next title in the Love Unleashed series and hope it continues for several more books. Dana Mentink knows her craft, I disliked Cal and his attitude quite a bit at first, really liked Gina's quirkiness, and completely fell in love with Tippy's crazy antics. Sit, Stay, Love is a delightful read filled with fun times and poignant moments, and Tippy most definitely steals every scene. This is one book you won't want to miss! (I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.)
ShareeS More than 1 year ago
Sit Stay Love by Dana Mentink is a light and sweet romance story. It was one of those feel good books that I zipped right through. I’m looking forward to her next release, Fetching Sweetness. Since this was the first of Ms. Mentink’s books that I’ve read, I was happy to see she’s got TONS more! It’s always great to discover a new author. Being an animal lover, I was immediately drawn to this story since it revolves around a geriatric dog, Tippy. I especially enjoyed the way Ms. Mentink developed Tippy’s personality, making her annoyingly lovable. It’s a shorter book so the story moves fast from the professional relationship of Gina the dogsitter and Cal, the professional baseball player. Both carry a lot of personal baggage and there are several misunderstandings between them. All making for a good read.
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
Sit, Stay, Love is a pretty good. It was sweet, cute and fun. I enjoyed it and hope to read more by this author in the future. 4 1/2 stars.
PianoLady831 More than 1 year ago
Refreshingly different, funny, touching, romantic, heartwarming . . . Sit, Stay, Love resulted in one of the most pleasant reading experiences I’ve ever had, contrary to what I might have feared when choosing to review it. For one thing, I love dogs – other people’s dogs, that is. And I’m not particularly fond of baseball. But none of that mattered because I was entranced with characters and storyline from the first page – and Tippy, of course, for “There’s just something about Tippy.” Cal and Gina are so easy to relate to, and I was drawn to them from the beginning. Cal’s emotional and spiritual growth from one chapter to another make this story especially enjoyable. I loved the slowly-growing relationship and sweet chemistry between these two. And strong secondary characters in Cal’s uncle, aunt and dad – Oscar, Sweets, and Mitch – add so much richness. Enter Gina, pet sitter extraordinaire. Sometimes I come across characters that I wish were real so I could actually meet them, and one of those would be Gina. She radiates a faith in God, humor, genuineness, and is a natural with people. To Cal, “It was like she had the sun inside her, energy which pulled him closer and warmed him.” Gina’s faith is real and I loved the influence she had on Cal, helping him to realize that pitching was just his job, and that family was his world. Themes of forgiveness and second chances are also explored through the relationship between Cal and his dad. I love Dana’s passion for senior pets and how she brings awareness to all they have to offer. Please note that part of the proceeds from this book will be donated to senior dog rescue. I give Sit, Stay, Love 5 stars based on my personal enjoyment factor and highly recommend it – for, after all . . . “There’s just something about Tippy.” Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
NanceeMarchinowski More than 1 year ago
I'm a cat person, through and through. Dogs and I just don't gel. Well, Tippy has altered my feelings about dogs! Sit, Stay, Love is a sweet, tender, and lovable story of a dog who brings a whole community together. An estranged and broken family is held together by an old dog. Tippy provided love and devotion to a dying woman suffering the ravages of cancer. Upon her death young pro baseball player, Cal Crawford does everything he can think of to keep the dog out of his reach, even hiring an adorable dog sitter to take care of Tippy. The story of Tippy, Cal and dog sitter Gina, is absolutely heartwarming. The events in this story could be real. The personalities depicted in this book are authentic and relatable, captivating my heart throughout an unpredictable and entertaining fashion. It's lighthearted, compassionate, and forgiving all rolled up in one warm and cozy read. I highly recommend this highly enjoyable book about a very special dog and his humans! I loved it! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. All expressed opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
Sit, Stay, Love was a sweet journey for two emotionally wounded characters. Cal and Gina weren’t wounded in the same way, but both were trying to overcome loss (whether it was the loss of a relationship or the loss of a loved one). The way both Cal and Gina approached life was significantly different and it was a pleasure to watch as Gina (and Tippy) were able to reach into Cal and help him grow into a better man. This book left me feeling happy and uplifted. Tippy was such a funny dog and I loved the way the author described her various personality quirks! There was an abundance of interesting characters, such as Cal’s aunt and uncle, who added even more depth to the story. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
WishEnd More than 1 year ago
SIT, STAY, LOVE was such an adorable, heartfelt, and fun read! There was emotion, humor, inspiration, sweet romance, one lovable dog, and plenty of family, character, and romantic tension to keep things interesting. Would recommend to dog lovers, romantics, and inspirational romance readers. The characters were so much fun in this story! Cal was a talented pro pitcher with a troubled past and recent heartbreak. Underneath all his grouchiness and arrogance was a man with a big heart and a boy who never got over past hurts. I loved seeing the changes that he made and how his heart grew and opened up as the story unfolded. Gina was such an interesting counter to Cal. She is so positive and loving and wears her heart on her sleeve for all to see. I loved how talented she was in her own right and how she really sees Cal and not his celebrity status. Then there was Tippy, the dog, that had her own superb and entertaining role, and other characters that added to this story who were all well done. I'm so glad I got to review this one! A great read to lighten the heart, bring a smile to the reader's face, and add some laughs and sighs. I'm looking forward to reading the next one, which I recently spied on NetGalley up for review and also available for pre-order on Amazon, FETCHING SWEETNESS. Can't wait!
MeezCarrie More than 1 year ago
Sit Stay Love by Dana Mentink is at its heart a love story. A love story between a man and a woman. A love story between a man and God. A love story between America and baseball. And a love story between a quirky elderly dog and the humans she acquires. I adored all of the above! The mood is the right mix of humor and emotion as well as hold-your-breath romance. I delighted in each character, except perhaps for the ones I was supposed to dislike. I even – dare I say it – enjoyed the baseball aspects of this novel. (Full disclosure: I am so not a sports person.) So, if you are also not a sports fan, never fear! This novel will delight you anyway! I can’t recommend this book highly enough! It’s fun. It’s quirky. It’s delightfully entertaining! It’s uplifting and emotional and full of cute humor and sweet romance and great characters. Whether you love baseball or you just show up for the food, Sit Stay Love and Dana Mentink may make fans of you by the end of the book. Dog lovers, this one needs to be on your wish list for sure! (I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review.)
thall5 More than 1 year ago
What a sweet, funny, easy read with a little bit of suspense thrown in! Whether you are a dog lover or not, this latest book of Dana Mentink is a must read!! I give it five stars all the way!! Would make a great Hallmark movie in my opinion!
janesquires More than 1 year ago
his is Dana's first book about a dog, Tippy. Tippy is delightful to read about. He brings Cal and Gina together. Cal doesn't want his Mother;s dog (she passed away) so he hires Gina to dog sit. But Gina really wants to teach school more than anything. Cal is a famous Pitcher. Tippy causes problems but soon becomes the dog that makes everyone want to come to games. I loved reading about him. I am a dog lover but wasn't always. I loved reading about blind children playing beep baseball coached by Cal's Uncle. Gina loves Cal as a man God made him to be and not as a celebrity. Cal's Dad shows up who hasn't been in his life most of it. Cal doesn't want his Dad around. But learning to give a person a right to be good is a hard lesson. Gina was good for Cal.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
"There's just something about Tippy", the overweight, sluggish, key snatching, geriatric dog." Gina is a heart-warming, funny, sincere character. She was friendly to everyone. Cal, I wasn't sure about. I didn't like him, really. He was rough, abrasive, and hated dogs. But he was willing to use Tippy for the value she gave to his career. On the other hand, he was hurt, feeling he was only valued because he's a pro-athlete. That kind of made me sad. However, he did grow on me in bits and pieces. SIT, STAY, LOVE is a really slow read, it doesn't really grab the reader, suck them in, and make them read through in one sitting, it is a type of personal-development story for both Cal and Gina. This is a different sort of story than Ms. Mentick's usual, and she did it in her usual impeccable style. Fans of Ms. Mentick, animal stories, and "finding yourself" stories might be interested in reading SIT, STAY, LOVE. Non-athletic people who are afraid of sports related stories need not worry. It is very lightly done and in an agreeable, very readable way.
mymissdaisy More than 1 year ago
The author is committed to donating a portion of the proceeds toward senior dog rescue Please don't confuse this book with a children' s book with the same title I laughed from Chapter 1. I giggled from Chapter 2. And all the way through. My first thought was this book is just gonna be a chuckle. Is there any depth? I found it to be light-heartened and fun. I enjoyed the characters. The hero is a professional baseball player described as a abrasive. The heroine is described as quirky. And, yes there was depth as Cal struggles with his feelings of insecurity and with forgiveness. From the back cover . . . Pro baseball pitcher Cal Crawford is not a dog guy. When he inherits his deceased mother’s elderly dog, Tippy, he’s quick to call on a pet-sitting service. Gina isn’t thrilled to be a dog sitter when her aspirations lie in the classroom. Furthermore, she can’t abide the unfriendly Cal, a man with all the charm of a wet towel. But with no other prospects and a deep love for all things canine, she takes the job caring for Tippy. As Gina travels through Cal’s world with Tippy in tow, she begins to see Cal in a different light. Gina longs to show Cal the God-given blessings in his life that have nothing to do with baseball or fame. When her longing blooms into attraction, Gina does her best to suppress it. But Cal is falling in love with her too… Discover the charming story of Tippy, the dog who brought a family together. A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR "There's just something about a dog, isn't there? What is it about these loyal, quirky, laughable, loving creatures that turn our lives upside down? I've been honored to share my life with many canine companions and each one has taught me a thing or two (or three.) In this novel, you'll meet Tippy, a dog who seems to be able to grasp the important things in life much better than his human companions. I'm convinced that God gave us dogs so we can have some adorable reminders about what unconditional love looks like. I hope you enjoy your travels with Tippy!" For more information about the authors other works visit her website. Click Here. Dana Mentink, author of Sit, Stay, Love EDITORIAL REVIEWS "...[O]ne part comedy of errors and circumstance, one part innocent love story, and one part testament to the power of God's love and forgiveness. Cheers, laughter, tears, and thoughtful moments are guaranteed." I enjoyed Sit Stay Love. It's worthy of my 5 star rating. Image result for stars for book reviews
TrixiO More than 1 year ago
Can an old dog teach Cal & Gina new tricks? When Tippy comes into Cal’s life after his mom passed, he’s closed himself off to anything but baseball and perfecting that ONE pitch that will keep him in the game. Bright & bubbly, Gina enters his life as a dog sitter. She’s the one person who’s not intimidated by his “celebrity” status and she soon begins to see his heart. Can God use her (and Tippy) to teach Cal that Someone really does care for him? I enjoyed this story so much! It was just the kind of light-hearted read I love. It also had strong faith values as reflected in Gina. She’s not afraid to share about God & you’ll find her naturally talking to Cal about Him. Cal has many past hurts that have closed off his heart to love, except for the love of baseball that is! Then there’s Sweets & Otis, Cal’s aunt & uncle who raised him most of his life. You can’t help but fall for their charm and easy smiles. Throw in a bunch of lovable blind kids who can help Cal see what really matters in life and you have yourself one home-run of a story! This is full of both humor & rich faith, laced with forgiveness, deeply rooted family ties, and sprinkled with sweet romance! The author did a splendid job of reminding me that God loves me for just ME! You will also not soon forget the characters; they will live on in your hearts long after the story has ended. And lastly.... there’s just something about Tippy! **I was provided with a complimentary copy of this by the author in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Dana for the kind of story that touched both my heart & life. I look forward to more of these type of stories in the future!**
susanmsj More than 1 year ago
This was a delightful book. It was a sweet story and I fell in love with Tippy as well as the human characters. Cal and Gina were opposites but they were just what each other needed. I laughed and cried while reading it, which is always a sign of a good book. I would definitely recommend it. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and was asked to write a review.
Deal_Sharing_Aunt More than 1 year ago
I should start my review of this book by saying that I am a sucker for any books about animals especially dogs or cats. Author Dana Mentink has written a wonderful story about a dog who helps people find love and a real home. Poor Tippy is alone when his owner dies. He has to go with his owner's son because she died. He has no time for a dog so he hires someone to take care of the dog. Next thing you know although they are totally different, 2 people and a dog start to get along. Was this meant to be? I give this book a 5/5. I was given this book by Litfuse Publicity Group for a review. These are all my opinions. - See more at:
Christa4 More than 1 year ago
“Sit, Stay, Love,” by Dana Mentink is a home run! This fun-loving book is one you won’t want to put down! Cal Crawford, pro baseball pitcher, doesn’t have time for much of anything except baseball. He doesn’t have the slightest idea what to do with the senior dog he inherited after his mother passed away, so he decides to hire a dog sitter. Gina Palmer hopes one day to land a teaching job, but for now she takes the job of a dog sitter. She immediately falls in love with Cal’s dog, Tippy. The owner, on the other hand, is another story! Gina does her best to show Cal all of the blessings God has bestowed on his life. Will Gina be able to get through to Cal? Will this business relationship ever turn into something more? Once you start reading this book, you will immediately fall in love with Tippy and her family! It is a perfect read for anyone. The author is donating a portion of the proceeds toward a senior dog rescue-a winning combination! I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.
Sue1 More than 1 year ago
Can a mutt be a matchmaker? How does one aging, overweight, floppy dog teach her humans about love and forgiveness? Baseball is Cal Crawford's life. He has no room for love and certainly no room for his recently deceased mother's elderly dog, Tippy. Immediately he contacts a pet-sitting service to care for the dog---a dog he is not all sure he even wants to keep. Gina Palmer wants more than anything to teach young children. While waiting for this dream to come true, she works for her cousin's pet-sitting service. When hired by Cal, she quickly falls in love with Tippy but is not at all impressed with Cal, the man or the baseball star. As she traipses around with Cal and Tippy, Gina finds her opinion changing and witnesses the subtle cracks in the star pitcher's carefully constructed facade of aloofness. Will Tippy be the catalyst to propel her humans into a different relationship based on love, trust, and faith? Dana Mentink's Sit, Stay, Love is a sweet, witty romance filled with delightful characters and a fast-moving plot. If you want a quick, fun read, clear your schedule, pick up Dana's new book, and be prepared to sit, read, and enjoy! Susan Simpson, Author
jewelrydiva More than 1 year ago
This was a fun and delightful read. Who doesn't like a dog, hot baseball player and a sweet quirky heroine? These elements make for an easy read that I found hard to put down. I read this book in two evenings. If you need a light easy read to put you in a happy place, then this book is for you. I highly recommend it!
KMorgan73 More than 1 year ago
A star baseball player. A down on her luck woman. A cantankerous and somewhat out of control dog. What a combination these three were to read about! Sit, Stay, Love is a sweet story of patience, love, and second chances. I really enjoyed this sweet romance from Dana Mentink. Her writing pulled me into the story from the very beginning and kept me interested until the end. She created down-to-earth characters and a dog that had me smiling and laughing at her antics. The story progresses at a natural and steady pace. Baseball being my favorite sport to watch I loved the "inside look" at spring training and how baseball players must feel with all the pressure to perform to the standards of fans and coaches. This really lent an authenticity to the story. I also liked the way the author wrote about more serious subjects without making the book too heavy of a read. If you are looking for a sweet romance that isn't too light or too heavy, Sit, Stay, Love is the perfect read. In fact, I highly recommend you purchase this book then Sit, Stay, Read!
LizD1 More than 1 year ago
Sit Stay Love : A Novel By: Dana Mentink When I first saw the cover of Sit Stay Love , I thought now what kind of a story is this going to be ? Boy did it have me fooled. The cover drew me in because when my daughter was small we got her a Dachshund. I have always been fond of Dachshunds . I am a fan of Mentink and have read lots of her books , but this one is different. I loved the story and the characters. When I started read I did not want to put it down, Mentink had me hooked. Mentink weaves us a very delightful story that will have you laughing and even crying at times. You cannot help but like and laugh at these characters, they seem so real. Cal Crawford is not a Tippy ,dog lover. He inherited Tippy from his mother that passed away. With his job he could not take care of an old dog. He calls for a dog sitter. Gina is down on her luck now and she goes for the job. Tippy is not your everyday dog. She can be a handful at times. This is one delightful story you do not want to miss. I am still laughing at Tippy and Gina. I was given a copy of this book by Harvest House Publishers and the author for my honest review.
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
The whole time I was reading this book, I wanted it to be a movie! I kept thinking of actors that would be great to be in it! This is just a fun, fun story. It has laughter, emotional moments, times when you want to shake both of the characters and so much more! I happen to love major league baseball so having the main character be a major league pitcher was extra fun! Cal was a tortured soul. He was abandoned by his father when he was young but his uncle helped raise him, along with his mother & aunt so he's indebted to them. His uncle taught him how to throw a baseball and now he's in the big league's and very wealthy. His mother has died and left him her elderly dog, Tippy. Cal is not a dog guy and immediately gets a dog sitter until he can figure out what to do with Tippy. Gina is a teacher but after a fiasco happened with her last teaching job, she becomes a dog sitter until something else comes along. She's not very excited about Cal who isn't friendly and doesn't even like his dog! But, Gina decides to show Cal all the blessings in his life AND teach him to love Tippy. There are so many funny, laugh out loud moments in this book! Tippy does some hilarious things. I loved seeing how Cal changes over time with the help of Gina teaching him what's important and even his dad reappears. There is so much to love about this book! You must read it! I sure hope it get made into a movie some day!
BethErin More than 1 year ago
Sit, Stay, Love should be made into a movie! This book is irresistible with adorable little Tippy looking so innocent on the cover. Dana Mentink did not disappoint with the engaging story and loveable characters. Cal, Gina, and Tippy's adventures are full of humor, blunders, love, and the occasional outburst of temper. You don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy this encouraging romantic comedy. I requested this book through NetGalley in order to offer an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sit, Stay, Love is a new, fun, lighthearted romance from Dana Mentink. This book is full of quirky characters, funny mishaps, romance, and even a tad bit of mystery. I enjoyed getting to know Cal and Gina, the main characters. Cal, a professional baseball player, is dealing with the loss of his mother while also having to face his father who abandoned him wanting to be in his life again. Cal is dealing with all of this as well as a struggling career when he meets, Gina, the dog sitter, who he hires to take care of the dog he inherits from his mother. I also can't forget to mention that readers (especially dog lovers like myself) will fall in love with Tippy, a senior dachshund mix, that will steal your heart and keep you in stitches. You'll have to read the book to see just what kind of adventures Tippy will take Cal and Gina on. What I have come to appreciate about a story by Dana Mentink is she can address issues of reconciliation, forgiveness, etc., but also make me laugh out loud as well. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.