Site Server 3.0 Personalization and Membership

Site Server 3.0 Personalization and Membership

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Site Server 3.0 Personalization and Membership by HOWARD

What is the Subject Area?

This book concentrates on the Personalization and Membership capabilities of Site Server 3.0 which enable you to do clever stuff like this;

ISP û Personalized IIS administrative tool using the existing IIS web administration interface to allow different members to have different administrative privileges. Demonstrate the ability to user membership on various levels to provide simple display and access privileges as well as integrating with existing applications.

Interactive Web Site û Use personalization and membership to control the display of the content on a site to give the users a richer browsing experience. This example theme would demonstrate to readers how to incorporate lightweight samples and ideas into their existing web site.

Intranet û Using personalization and membership in an Intranet site to control access to items on the network. This would be a higher end example of what personalization and membership could do.

What's Great About this Book?

  • Covers setup and installation of NT4, SQL Server 6.5 and Site Server 3.0
  • Introduces and explains LDAP and ADSI, which drive the Membership side of Site Server
  • Demos personalization and membership with ASP
  • Covers all features of membership and personalization, from basic through to advanced
  • All features demonstrated by use of real world case studies.

Who is this Book for?

The intended audience for this book is three fold. To begin with, program managers and product managers that are interested in furthering their web endeavors and using all of the available tools and resources that Microsoft provides. With planning being a key element in any large scale Internet or Intranet development effort at least a fourth of the book will be devoted to planning, machine requirements, and development time frames. Secondly, the book will be heavily weighted towards using the Personalization and Membership features of Site Server 3.0 and will appeal directly to developers and consultants who have to implement and solve real world problems with Site Server. Finally the book will provide readers with real world examples that they can then apply to the problem that they are working on.

Who is the Author?

The author is a consultant working in the Developer RelationÆs Group at Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer. As an SDE in DRG his role is to develop, and promote several specific Microsoft technologies: Site Server 3.0, Internet Information Server 4.0, Microsoft Transaction Server, and Microsoft Message Queue. More specifically he develops demos and helps solve critical business problems for the top 50 Internet Content and Solution Providers across the world that are migrating to these specific Microsoft technologies. These companies include Virgin Records,, Intuit, The Discovery Channel, Office Depot, and QVC. Prior to working with the Developer Relations Group, he worked on the Site Server 3.0 team to help develop the Customizable Starter Sites which are usable demos that showcase all of the tools and features of Site Server 3.0. He has also recently written an article for Microsoft Interactive Developer on Personalization and Membership and has been asked to write another article on ADSI (Active Directory Services Interfaces) and how it integrates with the Directory Service in Site Server to allow applications to access the same Directory Service. Finally, he has helped drive some of Microsoft's development labs and has had to write and give presentations on Site Server 3.0 specific topics to Microsoft' customers and partners.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781861001948
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 12/31/1998
Series: Programmer to Programmer Series
Edition description: 1998
Pages: 611
Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 0.06(d)

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Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is the worst. It's confusing and hard to follow. It dose a poor job of covering Personalization all together.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The other side, this book explain well, and step by step, but if you implementing or try to follow the example, it's very poor b coz there's no relationship about theory and the code, and when you follow the examples you'll get very confusion. If you really dont know about P&M programming, this book useless but if you just want to know the theory this book so good.....