Sixteen of the Best

Sixteen of the Best

by Sarah Veitch

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BN ID: 2940154107126
Publisher: Chimera Books
Publication date: 05/30/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

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Cindy showed up at his office around 6:15pm, dusk in April, the cruel month, or the new month, depending on whether you like poetry or flowers. She couldn't prevent these idle thoughts from running through her mind as she tapped lightly on the dark mahogany door, rapping her nervous knuckles on the smooth, warm wood, right next to the brass plate with his name on it.

'Come in.' She heard his voice, quiet but powerful.

Just like his lectures, which she had been listening to for weeks now, trying to concentrate on them, ignore the uncooperative parts of her that led her to think about other things. Flights of fancy, you might call them, if you were looking for a euphemism. But Cindy didn't need a euphemism anymore. She could just call them fantasies now, and she was tired of pretending.

The door creaked softly as she stepped into his office and closed it behind her, turning the brass switch that locked it. He spoke first. 'Hello, Cindy,' he said.

He was sitting at his computer, the glow from it like moonlight on his face. As he waited for her answer, he reached for the lamp by his desk. Cindy put up a hand. 'No,' she said. He stopped, looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Surprised? Interested? Angry? The thought of him being mad at her sent shivers down her spine. 'I just wanted to thank you, and tell you how much I enjoy your class,' she said, trying not to stammer.

He leaned back, his mature, wise face smiling slightly. One hand ran through his impressive and dignified head of white hair, the other removed the eyeglasses resting on the bridge of his nose. 'Wonderful,' he said. 'Thank you.' He folded his hands and rested them over the bottom of his necktie, on his paunch. His fingers stroked the skin near his watch. He kept smiling at her in a disdainful, amused sort of way. 'Is that all?'

Cindy shifted her weight and felt sweat moisten the inside of her bare thighs. She had been at university for two years now. She wasn't a child anymore, not even a teenager, but she still favored a disciplinarian, and she had seen it in him from the first time she glimpsed him on campus. After two lectures, she had taken to wearing no underclothes to his classes. She thought about her body now, naked under her cotton dress, and a spasm of shame whipped through her. Still, she answered him. 'No,' she said, feeling the hot flush in her cheeks, turning her eyes downward.

His tongue rolled along his top lip, just touching the ends of his moustache. He swivelled his chair so it was no longer facing his desk. He gestured to the empty space before it. 'Come here,' he said with a hard slap on his thigh, an audible punctuation mark that echoed in the quiet dignity of his office.

The command made Cindy's nipples harden. She walked to the place she was told to go, like a good girl. 'Yes, teacher,' she said, biting her lower lip.

'Kneel,' he said, softer now, his voice a low hiss laced with a taunt. Cindy felt tears well up behind her eyes. She fought the urge to cry and beg him not to hurt her. Instead, she did as she was told and kneeled down. He stroked her yellow hair with his left hand, undid the buckle of his suit pants with the other. 'This is what you want, isn't it?' Cindy murmured assent, soft unintelligible sounds rolling from her lips. 'Isn't it?' he said louder, squeezing a clump of hair in his hands.

'Yes,' she answered. 'Yes, teacher.'

Keeping a strong hold on her hair, he said, 'Take out teacher's cock.' Cindy yelped now, she couldn't help herself. The cry escaped from her mouth like a bad, bad thing. She knew she would be punished for it. Quickly, she unzipped his suit pants and found the hole in his under drawers. The size of his cock made her gasp with pleasure. Oh, how she wanted to suck it.

Her mouth watered as profusely as her pussy as she whispered without looking at him. 'Please, teacher.'

He laughed, a harsh guffaw. 'Sluts like you need to suck cock, isn't that right?'

Cindy nodded, keeping her eyes down. He placed both hands on her head, rubbing circles on her scalp, scratching hard, grabbing, pushing her into his rod, which grew harder the closer she got. She let her whole face feel it, her cheek and nose and eyelids rubbing against the skin of his shaft and balls and hair. She buried her nose in the spot at the base of his cock, drinking the damp smell of his balls, the hair tickling her nostrils.

She began to lick and taste, her tongue lapping the clammy, soft skin of his balls. His dick was rock hard now, smooth and dusty pink, the red knob at the end shining. Cindy rolled the tip of her tongue around the gleaming head, tasting the sticky drops of pre-cum there. His hands forced her head down, pushing his cock into her mouth. She opened wide, letting it all the way in, letting it gag her.

She sucked hard and hungrily, her lips hugging tightly around him, taking him in and out of her mouth, feeling his cock press into the back of her throat. She had been wanting this for weeks, staring guiltily at his pants while he lectured and wrote equations on the blackboard. She had seen him around campus before even enrolling in his class, and she had to admit that this - his cock in her mouth and the price she would pay for it - was her only motive. Now she had it, and she wanted to lick it and suck it until it exploded inside her. She wanted to open wider and wider until she swallowed him, until he burst in her mouth.

But he stopped her, pulling her up by the hair until she was looking him in the face. 'Look at you,' he said, touching around her mouth with his fingertips. 'You have teacher's cock all over your face.' Cindy tried to go back down on him, but he held her hair hard. 'You are a bad, bad girl.' Cindy suddenly remembered her body, naked under her dress, and the shame returned in a hot rush through her body.

'Please,' she whispered. He grabbed one of her tits and rubbed it. The nipple hardened in his hand and he pinched until Cindy felt her cunt tingle. 'Please,' she said. 'I'll do a good job.'

He laughed again. Humiliation bloomed like a flower in her heart. She opened to it, knowing that her teacher would do what needed to be done.

He stood up, his erect cock still hanging out of his pants. 'I'm afraid you're a very bad girl, Cindy,' he said. Then he commanded, with that authoritarian slap on the thigh, 'Hands and knees.'

Cindy turned her body around until it faced the other way, leaned over, and placed her hands on the nubby carpet. He walked around and around, looking at her, stopping in front of her, coming just close enough so she stared into the head of his cock. The nearness of it filled her with that hopeless, pitiful longing again. Though she knew it was futile, she leaned forward to take him in her mouth - she wanted to suck him so badly. He pulled away, laughing at her. 'Please,' she said, her head hanging.

'That's no way to punish a slut like you,' he said. He began walking around her again, then she felt his hands pull her dress up to her waist, revealing her bare ass. He laughed out loud. 'See how naughty you are.' His hands caressed her cheeks. She felt how soft they were under his fingers, like the petals of the tulips that bloomed and opened outside her dorm. She began to moan.

One hand smacked her. She felt hot, unbearable shame overtake her and she let it go now, sobbing. 'Please don't hurt me,' she cried, even as she felt herself lifting her ass higher.

When his hand met her cheeks again, first one, then the other, she could feel every inch of his fingers leaving their mark, branding her. The skin of her ass stung and tingled. He grabbed it and squeezed, spanking her again and again, picking up the tempo until his palm fluttered hard on her rear, numbing it, making it alive. She lifted her hips higher, opening her legs wider every time his hand connected with the tender, hot skin of her bum. She imagined how he was marking her, the red welts his palmprint made, and she cried out to him, tears streaming down her face, 'Teach me my lesson.' She lifted her rear end higher still, moving up and down like she was fucking, exposing her wet cunt.

He spanked her stinging butt cheeks with one last burst, a long series of smacks, one immediately following the other. She imagined the movements of his hand, so quick they blurred, like the fluttering of a bird's wings. Then he stopped, caressing the sore skin and squeezing it hard. Cindy bit her lip until she thought it would bleed, suppressing the yelp of pain that gave her so much pleasure. She had already overstepped today. She hoped he would give her another chance. 'You can get up now,' he said. She stood, and lightly brushed her fingers against the skin of her numb, aching bum.

He sat at his desk, dignified and authoritative. Cindy saw that his cock had been put away. She felt a rush of desire, her mouth watering, followed by a hollow sense of desperation. 'Come back tomorrow at the same time,' he said, smiling in the darkness.

'Yes, teacher,' she said, and left...

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