The Sixth Family

The Sixth Family

by Marino Amoruso


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The Sixth Family by Marino Amoruso

Within the infamous and legendary Five Families of of the New York La Cosa Nostra, there is a "Sixth Family"- the crews of young men who take orders from the mafia soldiers. Once you're a 'made man' you don't do the dirty work anymore. Now, orders are given to the crews, the "Sixth Family" to carry out assaults, extortion's, hijackings, collections and even murders. These young men live in a constant world of intrigue, betrayal and the very real possibility of dying a sudden and violent death.
The Sixth Family is the story of Frankie Russo's crew - Tony, Vinny, Jakey, Bruno and Fat Donnie- all in their mid-twenties and hungry to become made men and mobsters. They do the dirty work for one reason-so someday, if they carry out their orders and keep their mouths shut - they might become part of the NY Mafia Five Families.
Crew member Vinny narrates the book with snappy dialogue. Mob captain, Carlo Vitelli works for the "big boss" Roberto DiNardo and all Carlo expects from his made men, like Frankie Russo, is to take orders for jobs and make sure that his crew doesn't screw up.
Carlo needs to stay off the radar of the FBI, so he's got to trust Frankie that his crew will be loyal to him. Unfortunately, the guys: Tony, Vinny, Jakey, Bruno and Fat Donnie don't always get things right, but their blunders and attempts not to piss off Frankie cause amusing chaos as they do their hits, plan their robberies and even kidnap a soap opera star.
Carmella Balducci, a prosecutor in the U.S Attorney's Office, is determined to destroy the DiNardo family and Carlo Vitelli. She has an informant from "inside the family" who can help her get recognition for bringing down these powerful mobsters.
A violent web of deceit and revenge is graphically told in a way that will have you laughing. These touching moments within this gritty story endear us to these people.
As an accomplished filmmaker and author, Amoruso's incredibly engaging style, creates realistic characters, just like the guys from the "old neighborhood" in Brooklyn where he grew up. As a kid, Amoruso would deliver sealed brown paper bags to a bookie filled with betting slips from the wise guys at the local "social club." They would tip him a few bucks and on occasion, bring him inside the club for a cold soda. Even as a kid, he watched and absorbed everything about these unique men - the way they spoke, dressed and acted - and it all comes out in THE SIXTH FAMILY.

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ISBN-13: 9781480086920
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/10/2012
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Marino Amoruso, an award-winning filmmaker and author has written, directed and edited over 50 films for broadcast and cable networks. He has also written several very popular books -
ACROSS 7TH STREET - a multi-cultural love story between an Italian boy and an Orthodox Jewish girl set in 1960's Brooklyn, NY.
THE SIXTH FAMILY - about the the "crews" of young men that do the dirty work for the Mafia bosses. A gritty comedic story with great dialogue and riveting characters.
MONROE CITY BLUES-A Brooklyn boy learns about baseball, prejudice and life in 1960's Southern Georgia.
THE LAST OUTLAW - a modern day NY reporter goes to New Mexico to uncover the truth about a legend.
GIL HODGES: THE QUIET MAN - a revealing and personal view of Gil's life from his Indiana childhood to his legendary career as a baseball player and manager. Told by those who knew him best.
BACK IN THE DAY: REFLECTIONS OF A BABY BOOMER - a collection of short stories; humorous and poignant views from a Baby Boomer.
BEING ITALIAN: A MEMOIR - Amoruso's award winning reflection of his life as an American-Italian Brooklyn boy, living with his immigrant family.
AUNT PHIL GALLO'S COOKBOOK - a wonderful collection of Italian family recipes.
Amoruso received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Sons of Italy in America for his contributions in preserving Italian-American culture, history and heritage in his books and films which can all be seen on our website or search Marino Amoruso on Amazon.

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