Skeletal Muscle in Health and Disease: A Textbook of Muscle Physiology

Skeletal Muscle in Health and Disease: A Textbook of Muscle Physiology

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Manchester University Press

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Skeletal Muscle in Health and Disease: A Textbook of Muscle Physiology

An understanding of muscle structure and function, and its control in health and failure in disease is a basis for a full understanding of human physiology. This book combines basic but up-to-date information about the structure, biochemistry and physiology of muscle with discussions on the use of muscle in everyday life, in sport and in disease. The illustrated text considers aspects of skeletal muscle structure and physiology including force generation, development of muscle in the embryo, contractile properties, muscle fatigue, damage, pain and disease of muscles, thus aiming to provide an integrated approach from cellular aspects to whole body physiology. The authors also stress the interactions of the working muscle with the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, the importance of nervous control and the role of exercise and the endocrine system in growth, development and ageing. The first four chapters cover basic muscle structure, mechanics and interactions of muscle and nerve. Some topics, notably the cardiovascular aspects of exercise, have not been included because they are covered in other textbooks. The following chapters concern training growth, fatigue, damage and pain including discussions of current and sometimes more controversial aspects of these subjects. The final chapter is concerned with muscle diseases and is intended as an introduction to the subject for medical students. The book is intended to be of use to those interested in how muscles work, whether from the point of view of training for sport, treating physical problems and diseases, or understanding the basic cellular physiology and how the function interrelates with other body systems.

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ISBN-13: 9780719031649
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Publication date: 12/01/1990
Pages: 224
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