Skill-Building Science Grades 5-6

Skill-Building Science Grades 5-6

by Jennifer Linrud Sinsel



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ISBN-13: 9781594412189
Publisher: Carson Dellosa Education
Publication date: 04/28/2006
Series: Skills for Success Series
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.88(h) x 0.25(d)
Age Range: 10 - 11 Years

About the Author

Jennifer Linrud Sinsel teaches middle school science at Wichita Collegiate Middle School in Wichita, Kansas. She received a bachelor of science degree in earth science education and a master’s of science degree in space studies from the University of Nort

Table of Contents

A Guide to Experimental Design6
Experimental Design Student Worksheets10
Graphing Worksheet14
Physical Science
Teacher Tips15
Properties of Matter
Just the Facts: Polymers17
Science Skills: Observing Polymers18
The "Write" Stuff: Polymer Pond Creatures19
Engineering Challenge: Create Your Own Polymers20
Just the Facts: Solutes and Solvents22
A Sweet Solution Sample Experiment23
Experimental Design: A Sweet Solution24
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Dana Hamilton25
Science in Society: Oil and Water Don't Mix!26
Force and Motion
Science Skills: Reading and Making Graphs27
Just the Facts: Newton's First Law29
Just the Facts: Newton's Second Law31
Just the Facts: Newton's Third Law32
Science in Society: Highway Crash Cushions33
Engineering Challenge: Balloon-Powered Cars34
How Much Air? Sample Experiment35
Experimental Design: How Much Air?36
The "Write" Stuff: Newton's Balloon Cars37
Just the Facts: Force and Motion Crossword38
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Todd Barber39
Transfer of Energy
Science Skills: The Metric System40
Engineering Challenge: Conductors and Insulators41
Fast-Food Frenzy Sample Experiment43
Experimental Design: Fast-Food Frenzy44
The "Write" Stuff: Nuclear Power45
Science in Society: Renewable Energy Sources46
Science Skills: Downhill Fun47
Science Skills: More Downhill Fun49
Just the Facts: Types of Energy51
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Dr. Ayanna Howard52
Earth Science
Teacher Tips53
Structure of the Earth System
Science Skills: Using Models55
Science Skills: Candy Bar Core Samples56
Just the Facts: Rocks and Minerals57
The "Write" Stuff: Trip to the Center of Earth58
Science in Society: Gold Rush!59
Engineering Challenge: Boat Building60
Talking Trash Sample Experiment61
Experimental Design: Talking Trash62
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Brian Fisher63
Earth's History
Science in Society: Digging for the Past65
Science Skills: Problem Solving66
The "Write" Stuff: If Fossils Could Talk!67
Engineering Challenge: Hurricane House68
Just the Facts: Pangaea Puzzle69
Creating Craters Sample Experiment70
Experimental Design: Creating Craters71
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Dr. Gretchen Jones72
Earth in the Solar System
Science Skills: Mission Measurement73
Just The Facts: Out of This World Vocabulary74
The "Write" Stuff: Planetary Exploration76
Engineering Challenge: Martian Landing Gear77
Moon Phases Sample Experiment78
Experimental Design: Moon Phases79
Just the Facts: Earth and Moon Crossword80
Science in Society: Future Space Missions?81
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Dr. Rosaly Lopes82
Life Science
Teacher Tips84
Structure and Function in Living Systems
Just the Facts: Controls and Variables86
Science and Society: Spread of Disease88
Science Skills: Growing Bacteria89
Antibacterial Soap Sample Experiment90
Experimental Design: Antibacterial Soap91
Just the Facts: Cellular Crossword92
Science Skills: Create a Cell Model93
The "Write" Stuff: Comparing Cells94
Engineering Challenge: Create a Mechanical Arm95
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Dr. Cheryl Nickerson96
Regulation and Behavior
Science Skills: Observing Animal Behavior97
Just the Facts: Observation vs. Assumption98
Worm Preferences Sample Experiment99
Experimental Design: Worm Preferences100
Engineering Challenge: Animal Intelligence101
Just the Facts: Animal Defenses102
Science in Society: Endangered Species Interview103
Just the Facts: You Be the Zoologist104
The "Write" Stuff: Zoo Pros and Cons105
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Dr. Patrick Gannon106
Populations and Ecosystems
Science Skills: Classification107
Just the Facts: Classifying Animals108
Engineering Challenge: Design a Closed Ecosystem109
Science in Society: Rain Forest Products110
The "Write" Stuff: Logging Solutions111
Follow the Trail Sample Experiment112
Experimental Design: Follow the Trail113
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Dr. John Westbrook114
Diversity and Adaptations of Organisms
Science Skills: Deductive Reasoning115
Science Skills: Ears and Adaptations116
Engineering Challenge: Peppered Moth Adaptation117
Just the Facts: Name That Adaptation118
Animal Activity Level Sample Experiment119
Experimental Design: Animal Activity Levels120
Just the Facts: Mutualism121
Science in Society: Human Impact on Animal Species122
Spotlight on Scientists: Meet Vaughn Weaver123
Answer Key125

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