Skinny Thinking: Five Revolutionary Steps to Permanently Heal Your Relationship With Food, Weight, and Your Body

Skinny Thinking: Five Revolutionary Steps to Permanently Heal Your Relationship With Food, Weight, and Your Body

by Laura Katleman-Prue
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Skinny Thinking: Five Revolutionary Steps to Permanently Heal Your Relationship With Food, Weight, and Your Body by Laura Katleman-Prue

READY TO END YOUR FOOD and WEIGHT WORRIES? If so, Skinny Thinking is for you. The only way to create a healthy relationship with food and stop battling with your weight is to change the way you think about food. This is the missing piece of the eating puzzle.  Once you change your thinking, your eating and your body will change.  Simply by practicing the five steps presented in this book, you will never again need to worry about food or your weight. HERE'S HOW YOU WILL BENEFIT: Learn to make wise food and eating choices, permanently change the way you eat and think about food, end your weight struggle forever and free yourself from food worries, learn to accept your body.

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ISBN-13: 9781600378058
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 537,128
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About the Author

Laura Katleman-Prue is a graduate of the Theravision Program in Transpersonal Psychology. She has been teaching meditation and non-duality since 2007 and successfully counseled people about their eating issues, both individually and in Skinny Thinking Workshops. Skinny Thinking grew out of her desire to share the techniques that permanently healed her eating, weight, and body image issues.

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Skinny Thinking: Five Revolutionary Steps to Permanently Heal Your Relationship With Food, Weight, and Your Body 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
SusanLee444 More than 1 year ago
Skinny Thinking is astoundingly unique, which is truly amazing given the countless diet books written over the past several decades and the obsession our culture has with diet, weight and appearance. As far as I know, Skinny Thinking approaches these issues in a truly new (never-been-done-before) manner by applying non-dual spiritual teachings to the issues of food, weight and body image. For me it was the missing piece. Having spent 50+ years on the diet rollercoaster and the past 15 years studying spirituality, Laura's book, by bringing the two together, really pegged it for me---aha moments throughout the book. Three ideas addressed by Skinny Thinking were particularly helpful for me: Firstly, realizing how I had been romanticizing food and now seeing the "whole truth about food" for the first time---that it is, after all, fuel for the body rather than my be all and end all comforter---was life changing! Secondly, bringing awareness to my eating has been radically eye opening. After reading Skinny Thinking I cannot nibble, pick, overeat, sneak food, etc. without being totally aware of what I am doing. I can no longer fool myself, and this is such a gift! When I am aware of what I am doing, I cannot continue very long. I realize it is not what I really want to be doing! And, thirdly, the inquiry process is very helpful in bringing the light of truth to my beliefs in ALL areas of my life, not just food, weight and body image. In the end, it really is all about what we are thinking. Laura's kung fu for cravings and emotional eating are not to be missed. Haven't we all been searching for the "magic bullet" to solve our weighty issues? Well, in my opinion, nothing could be closer to that "magic bullet" than Skinny Thinking by Laura Katleman-Prue---truly a must-read for anyone who has battled the bulge!
FreeYourself More than 1 year ago
THIS BOOK HAS THE MEAT THAT WOMEN, FOOD, AND GOD LEFT OUT!!! Ho Boy, am I relieved. Somebody finally wrote THE book. The book that has the possibility of truly freeing us from the bondage of Food - not through another stupid Diet and Exercise regime, and not through another tiresome POP PSYCHE book of feelings nonsense. What makes this book stand apart is it goes right to the intersection of Mind and Mouth, where addiction kicks in, and shows you how to break that pattern with surgical precision. UPDATE: Since I wrote this, and since I attended the weekend Skinny Thinking Intensive, everything has changed. I always believed that I would STRUGGLE with Food FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. It would never end. I was wrong. I had been told a lot of things about food, eating and addiction that were FLAT OUT WRONG!!!!!!!!! And believing them had stopped me from being free from the obsession with food. LAURA PRUE BLOWS THESE OLD MYTHS OUT OF THE WATER! And with the techniques she offers, called Kung Fu's, I have literally changed EVERYTHING about my relationship with food. I eat healthy foods, but not because I SHOULD! Because I now WANT to. Laura showed me how to retrain my mind and body to just crave and enjoy the best diet ever. And to embrace hunger, and see it for what it really is - well, rather pleasant!! Totally at odds with the industries "You Won't Be Hungry" attitude. Making friends with hunger changed everything - and that is only one of MANY things I have gotten from this book. Eating While Eating, another Kung Fu, shifted me radically, and fast. Oh I had heard basically about this strategy, but it was always around paying attention to your food while you eat and treat the whole event like a visit to Nirvana - hogwash! Through her treatment of Only Eat while you Eat, I found that eating isn't even that pleasurable to me. It is rather boring. So I don't use food as entertainment anymore except on the rare occasion. It just stopped being used that way all on its own, when I started using this Kung Fu technique. And there are a ton more, and enough that you will find the ones that work especially for you. Old ways just let go of me when I use these techniques. It is not me EFFORTING to be GOOD.... There is no Good and Bad days for me. There are just days. and Food is a natural, easy part of it, not an ongoing internal debate (or should I say, WAR!). At this writing, I have never felt so free around food. Just two of the Kung Fus made a radical shift THE FIRST TIME I USED THEM!! Now, the two to three pounds a week I am losing is just a side benefit - the freedom from obsession is the thing. I am not kidding you all - and I have done every diet program, studied nutrition, took up body building and running, studied with every spiritual teacher I could get my hands on and NONE OF IT RESULTED IN PERMANENT HEALING. This work has. So I invite you to NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD ABOUT ADDICTIONS AND FOOD. IT CAN BE PERMANENTLY HEALED!!!! And this book is the way to do it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a therapist who has struggled with emotional eating. I LOVE the Skinny Thinking book and recommend it to everyone I know who struggles. It is the BEST book I have found on the subject and it has helped me immensely. Additionally, it is comprehensive and addresses other emotional issues, as well. Marcy from Chicago, LCSW
Krishna23 More than 1 year ago
Skinny Thinking stands apart from books promoting diets by compassionately supporting the reader through a five step process that offers true healing of our relationship with food, eating, and the body. Laura uses this widely shared point of suffering to not only guide the reader toward weight loss but to true freedom! What a gift!!
ABrantley More than 1 year ago
Years ago, I began to think differently about how I approached weight loss. I knew that diet was not the answer and have been making changes that are healthy and I can live with, such as giving up soda and eating less. I liked Skinny Thinking because it helped me further evaluate food and my relationship with it. More importantly it helped reiterate that food was fuel and nothing more. It's not comfort, entertainment, or anything else - just fuel. Those struggling with weight loss can find the help they need to win the mind battle when it comes to having a better relationship with the food you eat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author takes a fresh look at the subject of food and how we relate to it. She shows us how changing how we think about food or anything else in life changes our experience of it. This is a powerful insight that can have a profound impact on our relationship with food or anything else. Skinny Thinking takes a wise and truthful look at this issue and offers many insights and tips that others have missed that will help you change your relationship with food. The five habits that are presented are sound advice that can change how you relate to food and free you from thinking about it in a way that causes suffering and overeating. I think anyone can benefit from this book, even those without an actual eating disorder, who just want to feel more peace around this issue.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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