Sky Runners

Sky Runners

by Fae Sutherland

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Book two of Skybound

Crux Ansata second-in-command Killian O'Neal has a plan. The governor's son, Neith, has been enslaved in a high-end brothel. Killian's going to break him out, take him home and collect a reward. It's a daring mercenary rescue. What could go wrong?

A lot, as it turns out. The governor doesn't want his son back, the ship and crew are on the run from the slavers, and Neith is in withdrawal from a drug that instills in him a desperate lust.

A passionate heat flares between Killian and Neith—but is it just the effects of the drugs still in Neith's system, or could it be something more permanent? They both need time to figure out if what they have is real—but Neith has taken a valuable item from his old masters and they're not going to let him go easily. When the slavers catch up with the Ansata, Killian will have to choose between the safety of his ship and its crew, or life with the man he's falling in love with.

Take flight with the Crux Ansata in Sky Riders, available now!

51,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426895630
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 06/17/2013
Series: Skybound
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 201
Sales rank: 684,508
File size: 261 KB

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It was hardly the first time Killian O'Neal had been inside a brothel. It wouldn't be the last, either. Normally, though, when he went lookin' for a bit of fun—male or female, whichever way his tastes went that day—he intended there to be satisfaction had on both ends. That wasn't his goal at this particular den of debauchery.

"Stairway on yer left, head up that way." Jeret's voice got his attention through the hidden earpiece he wore.

"I think they'll notice if I go wanderin' up there without company." He made sure he spoke quietly enough to not draw attention.

"Nope. The expensive whores're up there. Pass a few credits to the guy at the base of the stairs and he'll let ya up. That's where our target is. Apparently, he's some kinda superspecial fuck, I dunno." Killian could almost hear the roll of Jeret's eyes. The kid didn't put much stock in affairs of the heart or physical pleasure. Jeret much preferred machines and tech to actual people.

Killian hoped he was right, approaching the base of the stairs and catching the eye of a guy that even Killian, who was no small man, found a little intimidating in size. He didn't say anything, just passed the guy a few credits and tried to hide his relief when the guard examined the glittery nodules and then waved him up the stairs without so much as a word. Thank Christ.

"Good, keep goin' straight down the hall at the top. Ya want the door at the end, on the left. Ought to be a set of double doors, kinda fancy-lookin'."

"The whole place is fancy-lookin', brat."

Jeret snorted in his ear. "Fancier, then."

He moved as if he was in no hurry, so as not to draw attention. Not that it seemed like anyone was paying attention to him. There was plenty of distraction in this place—and soon to be even more.

"And what happens if Mr. Ridiculously Expensive and Popular is busy, huh? I ain't exactly keen to hafta yank some poor schmuck's cock outta his ass before I snatch him."

"He's alone. Most of these folks can't afford the likes of him, anyhow. Better be showin' yer credits up front 'fore his bodyguard hauls you outta there for tryin' to peek at the goods without payin'."

"Bodyguard?" No one had said anything about a bodyguard.

"Um, did I forget to tell ya 'bout that? Bodyguard, prison warden, whatever ya wanna call him, our boy's got himself a big one in there with him. He'll leave once ya show you'll be payin' though, no worries."

Right, no worries. Great. Jeret's plan better fucking work. He approached the end of the hall, focusing in on the doors in question. It looked like you might find some kind of ancient treasure behind fancy, gilded doors like that. He figured if the man was even half as beautiful as rumor had it, the idea of treasure might not be too far-off.

He stopped in front of the doors, hesitating for a second. Was he supposed to knock? It seemed polite, so he shrugged and raised his hand. Before his knuckles could connect, the doors swung inward and he was face to chest with what he assumed must be his target's bodyguard. Where the hell did these guys find so many giants to hire? It was getting a little awkward feeling like a fucking midget.

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Sky Runners 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Second installment in the Skybound series is lots of fun. The story has heroes, villains, plenty of action and adventure. There's also a sexy m/m romance and a satisfying resolution. What more could you ask for?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book itself was ok it was about 100 or so pages. The whole concept of the story was good. But the way it was done and all over was not. But all in all it was pretty good.