Slamwich Deluxe Card Game in a Tin

Slamwich Deluxe Card Game in a Tin

by Gamewright

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Slamwich Deluxe Card Game in a Tin

It's Slamwich in a lunchbox! This 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition features all new cards and comes in a mini-lunchbox that looks just like a sandwich. Game play is the same as in regular Slamwich, where players will slap their hands on the card pile whenever there's a Double Decker (2 of the same cards in a row) or a Slamwich (1 card sandwiched by 2 of the same cards). Players will try to stop thieves, avoid Slip Slaps, and munch their way to collecting all the cards and winning the game. The updated cards include gummi worms, drumsticks, meatballs, and sparkling cards with sardines, birthday cakes and ketchup packets. It's fast flippin' fun!

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UPC: 0759751020019
Manufacturer: Gamewright

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