by Landon Dixon

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ISBN-13: 9781908917461
Publisher: Xcite Books
Publication date: 09/06/2012
Series: Hot Tales of Gay Lust , #9
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 49
Sales rank: 994,412
File size: 367 KB

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The buttoned-down banker by day, depraved sex slave by me, just couldn’t control himself. As I drove my entire dong into the pink, heated confines of his mouth and throat, he closed his stretched lips over my cock and eagerly bobbed his head to and fro, greedily sucking. I jerked back and slapped his face with my dripping tool. He enjoyed that as well, the pervert.

‘You’ve gotten a taste,’ I told the trio. ‘Now it’s time to get stuffed.’

They stared at my dangling club.

‘Stack ’em up!’ I elaborated.

Mike formed the solid base, taller Wes draped over him, shorter Tom stretched out on top. I faced their stacked asses from the rear, admiring the view of those three sets of cheeks piled up one set on top of the other and the other.

Mike, on all fours, held everything steady. I rewarded him first for his dutifulness. Moving slightly to the side, I cracked both his hefty cheeks with the flattened palm of my hand. The pile hardly moved.

I smacked Wes’ ass, then Tom’s, then Mike’s again. I went up and down the pillowed column, spanking their bare-naked fannies. White skin blushed crimson, then burned scarlet. The stack shuddered now with each cruel whack of my heated palm. Cheeks shivered, rippled, quivered, Mike’s cock jumping, the others’ shunting along back skin.

I whaled their asses, one and all, showing those three strangers to each other for certain who was their master, no matter their position in life. Their position in sex was at my discretion. I stung, singed their cheeks, beating my imprint into each of their asses.

Then I got fully back in behind, shaking slightly myself. My cock was seized up rock-hard, raging to strike buttholes like my hand had struck butt cheeks. I lubed, ploughed into Tom’s blazing bottom full speed.

He whimpered, and jerked. As I burst his ring and busted cap and shaft deep into his anus, balls to the walls. His chute was oven-hot and vice-tight, the skin of his beaten bum burning into my pressing thighs. I pumped my hips, fucking his anus.

I pulled out of Tom, poled into Wes. He quivered like a live wire between the other two men, my dong driving the length of his heated satin ass tunnel. I gritted my teeth and blinked away sweat, pistoned his chute, rocking the stack back and forth.

Big Mike was next. His gasping anus swallowed up my club with hot, greasy satisfaction. I crouched down and slammed into him, the brisk smack of my balls against his cheeks sounding even above everyone’s ragged breathing.

I went up and down, in and out, fucking sucking asses with controlled abandon, ramming, reaming, rutting. Tom came first, shooting against Wes’ back, as I pile-drove his anus for the sixth or seventh time. Then Wes jerked, jumped almost vertical, shooting off into Mike’s skin.

Mike twisted his head around and glared desperation at me, his face and butt cheeks flamed beet-red. I nodded, ravaged his anus full in and full out. He lifted a shaking arm and grabbed on to his cock, stroked and shot.

I blessed him with first blasts of my own sizzling jizz. Before pulling out, plugging into Wes, coating his bowels with white-hot spurts. Then Tom’s.

I had them clean up and cook me lunch, keeping them blatantly naked. They’re my domestic, as well as sexual slaves, after all.

I sat back and stroked my big, black cock, satisfied slave-master.

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