Slayers (Slayers Series #1)

Slayers (Slayers Series #1)

by C. J. Hill


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Dragons exist. They’re ferocious. And, in this novel from C. J. Hill, they’re smart: before they were killed off by slayer-knights, they rendered a select group of eggs dormant so their offspring would survive. Only a handful of people know about this, let alone believe it—these “Slayers” are descended from the original knights and are now a diverse group of teens that includes Tori, a smart but spoiled senator’s daughter who didn’t sign up to save the world.

The dragon eggs have fallen into the wrong hands. The Slayers must work together to stop the eggs from hatching. They will fight; they will fall in love. But will they survive?

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ISBN-13: 9780312675141
Publisher: Square Fish
Publication date: 08/20/2013
Series: Slayers Series , #1
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 271,879
Product dimensions: 5.76(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.06(d)
Lexile: 740L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

C. J. Hill is the pseudonym for a popular YA author who makes her fantasy debut with Slayers.

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Seventeen years later

From the passenger side of her sister's BMW, Tori surveyed the camp parking lot. It was dirt, with no white lines, so cars were parked at odd angles. True, the surrounding forest had a picture-perfect beauty to it. The oak and maple trees crowded together, their thick branches perfectly still in the early summer sun. But the buildings seemed shabby. The paint was faded in places on the main lodge, and even if it hadn't been, it still would have looked boxy and spare—rundown, really.

The sign read ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGON, with the word CAMP tacked up underneath the other words like it was an afterthought.

Tori made sure she had her registration confirmation, then slid her purse onto her shoulder. Her mom was supposed to have driven her here, but ended up having to host a party for senators and their wives instead. The job had then fallen to Tori's older sister, Aprilynne.

Aprilynne lowered her sunglasses enough to consider the stream of people making their way through the parking lot. "It's just what I thought. Riffraff, gangster wannabes, and probable orphans."

Tori refused to be disappointed, at least yet. "They're normal kids," she said.

"Exactly my point."

"It will be fun." Tori opened the car door, stepped out, and swatted at some gnats. Two teenage boys with squirt guns darted past and chased each other into the forest.

Aprilynne wrinkled her nose. "They're not even clean now, and camp is just starting."

"They're campers, not doctors performing surgery on me."

Aprilynne pushed a button on the dashboard and the trunk popped open. Tori slid out of the BMW and went around to the back to get her luggage.

Through the open window, Aprilynne said, "Why come here for a month when you could be at a good camp? What about that one you went to in Cancún last summer? I thought you liked it there."

"That was a finishing school at a resort, not a camp."

"I bet the mattresses here aren't clean. You'll come home with lice or something even more disgusting."

Tori hefted one suitcase and then the other out of the trunk. Each weighed a ton. She had probably brought too many shoes and books. She had packed some romances in case camp turned out to be boring, and then had thrown in a few classics from her English reading list in case camp turned out to be really, really boring. She shut the trunk of the car with a thud. "Tell Mom I'll call her later."

It was probably better that her mom wasn't here to see the camp, Tori decided. She undoubtedly would have found several reasons why it wasn't suitable.

Aprilynne hung her head out the window. "You realize your friends have a bet going to see how long you'll last here. Now that I've seen the place, I think I'll wager a hundred dollars on three days."

Tori grabbed her matching shoulder bag from the backseat of the BMW. "I've got my stuff. You can go now."

Aprilynne started up the car, then glanced back again. "You know, there's no point in being rich if you act poor."

Tori ignored the comment. She should have never told Aprilynne that some kids came to Dragon Camp on need-based scholarships. Aprilynne wasn't impressed by that type of largesse. She had only rolled her eyes and said, "You mean, not only is dragon camp made up of Renaissance Faire rejects, but they're all broke, too?"

The BMW pulled out of the parking lot going too fast—Aprilynne's normal driving speed—and soon nothing was left of her sister but a trail of dust and designer perfume hanging in the air.

Tori walked slowly toward the main building and the hand-printed sign that read REGISTER HERE. She pulled her two suitcases, wishing too late that she hadn't brought the good luggage. The dust would probably ruin the canvas by the time she made it to her cabin. Still, she couldn't very well pick them up and haul them around; they were too heavy. Several kids streamed around her, jostling by with backpacks and duffle bags.

How had they managed to fit everything they needed for a month into a duffle bag? Tori's shoes alone took up that much space. Still, it had been a mistake to pack so much, or maybe just a mistake to come. Maybe Aprilynne was right. That occasionally happened. The beds would be hard, the food bad, and the stuff about dragon classes that had made her want to come in the first place—a bunch of hype to attract little kids.

Besides, she was too old for a camp like this. She was sixteen and a half, and most of these kids didn't look much older than the required entrance age of eleven.

Tori pulled her suitcases harder. They bumped along on the uneven ground, nearly falling over.

She thought about the cell phone tucked into her shoulder bag. Aprilynne probably hadn't even reached the main road yet. If Toricalled her now, the car would be back here in minutes. They could be somewhere shopping by early afternoon.

Tori stared at the road leaving camp and wondered who would win the bet. Had anyone wagered she would only last five minutes?

As Tori pulled, her biggest suitcase gave a shudder and tipped over. A cloud of dust rose from the ground at the point of its demise. She bent to straighten it, and as she did, her shoulder bag slid down her arm, knocking into her other suitcase, which then joined the first one on the ground. She let out a huff of exasperation, set the shoulder bag down, then righted her suitcases.

Stupid dirt parking lot. Fine, it was a camp, but every camp Tori had ever attended had paved parking lots and sidewalks between the cabins. By the look of it, this one had neither. A worse thought came to her: What if this camp didn't have real toilets? What if it had outhouses?

She walked slower, searching for a restroom among the rustic log cabins that were scattered through the forest. The words from the brochure came to her mind: Step into the world of dragon slayers. Campers will practice fencing, horseback riding, archery, and everything a young dragon slayer needs to save the world. Older campers can apply what they learn in medieval history class for college credit.

The college credit part had been new this year and had finally sold her parents on the idea. She had wanted to go to St. George for the last four summers, but every time she'd asked, her parents had sent her to a camp they deemed better. One with a wider range of facilities. A higher camper-to-counselor ratio. More exclusive clientele. Ones for horseback riders, ice skaters, or debutantes.

But Tori had wanted knights, or answers, or perhaps magic. She had wanted a place where people understood her and her crazy dragon obsession, because then maybe she could understand herself.

Tori looked from the dirt parking lot to the huddled log cabins andgray trash cans. This place had nothing even remotely magical about it. Probably all she'd get out of the summer was a succession of sunburns, a few rashes, and a healthy appreciation of bug spray.

Did any decent restaurants even deliver out here?

And did any of these kids really have lice? None of the kids who poured past her seemed to be scratching, but if Aprilynne mentioned it, then it might be a real concern. After all, Tori had never even been to a public school.

The thunking of her suitcases suddenly stopped, and the next moment she felt them lifted away from her.

She turned to see two guys about her age hefting her suitcases off the ground. Both wore mirrored sunglasses, and both were tall, perhaps six two. One was blond, with muscular arms covered in a layer of dirt. The other guy had wavy dark brown hair, or perhaps it was just uncombed. His biceps were equally impressive, or at least they would have been if they weren't holding onto her luggage. With the sunglasses hiding their eyes, she probably wouldn't even be able to identify them once they made off with her possessions.

Tori held onto her luggage straps fiercely. "There's nothing of value in here—only my clothes—and if you don't let go, I'll scream."

The brunet set her suitcase down and turned to the other guy. "I don't want her on my team. You get her."

The blond shook his head. "No way. It's my turn to choose, and I've already got Lilly. You get this one, pal."

The brunet peered over the rim of his sunglasses at Tori. "We're not stealing your luggage. We're carrying them to your cabin—unless you want to drag these things across camp by yourself." He picked up her suitcase again, moving it from one hand to another. "What do you have in here anyway, your lead collection?"

Tori blushed and let go of the luggage straps. "Sorry. I didn't know the camp had bellhops."

The blond groaned and walked past her. The brunet forced a smile in her direction. "We're not bellhops. We're campers who happen to be doing you a favor."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't know ..."

He walked past her shaking his head, which she supposed meant that tipping them was out of the question. She followed after him awkwardly. He picked up his pace. Not only were these guys strong, they weren't going to wait for her. She tried to keep up, but her platform sandals proved more decorative than useful, and pebbles and bits of twigs wedged into them as she walked. With every step, she fell farther behind.

This was off to a great start.

"Maybe she isn't—," the blond said to his friend in a voice low enough that most people wouldn't have heard it. Tori's hearing had always been exceptional.

"Dr. B thinks she is. Why else would she be here?"

If the blond had an answer to this question, he didn't give it, which was too bad. Tori was beginning to wonder herself.

The guys hauled her luggage into the lodge. Instead of setting her suitcases next to the front desk, where younger campers stood in noisy lines waiting to check in, the two went around the desk and down a hallway. The blond knocked on a door, only then glancing back to see if Tori had followed.

A voice called, "Come in," and the guys disappeared inside. Tori went in, too, taking off her sunglasses to let her eyes adjust to the light. The room looked like any small office: shelves lined the wall and a large metal desk was parked in the middle of the room. Books, pencils, and photos frames cluttered its surface. A middle-aged man with wire-rimmed glasses smiled as she walked over. He was tall, slightly overweight, and his thick gray hair had a sort of Einstein disarray to it. He had no wrinkles to match the gray hair, though, and it gave him the odd appearance of being both old and young.

His office window looked out on the parking lot. He had probably seen her struggling with her luggage and sent these guys out to help her. He'd undoubtedly also seen her reaction, and now before she'd even registered, she'd done something wrong.

Tori wished she was more like Aprilynne, who didn't care what she said, but Tori felt the weight of her father's job too keenly. Politicians stayed in office by making friends, not insulting people. Their daughters were supposed to do the same.

The man held his hand out to her. She'd been wrong about the wrinkles. His eyes crinkled when he smiled. "Welcome to Dragon Camp. You're Victoria Hampton?" He had the hint of an accent, but she couldn't place it. British maybe? Australian?

She shook his hand. "I go by Tori."

"Tori, then." He gave her another smile, which was good news. He probably wouldn't have kept smiling if he was going to yell at her for assuming everyone at camp was either a thief or a menial worker. She relaxed, but only slightly. Why was she here instead of out in the registration line?

"I'm the camp director, Dr. Bartholemew. Most everyone calls me Dr. B. It's easier."

She remembered reading about him in the camp literature. He was a professor of medieval studies at George Mason, which was why his class was good for college credit.

Tori cast a quick glance at the two guys. Both had taken off their sunglasses, and it didn't make her feel better to see they were both on the extremely warm side of hot—as in, way to make a fool of herself in front of what were likely to be the only cute guys her age here.

She turned back to Dr. B with an inward sigh.

"I've always admired your dad," he said.

"Thanks." She wasn't sure whether to be surprised that he knew her father was a senator. Hopefully her mother hadn't called and made a big deal about it. Sometimes her mom liked to throw the titlearound to drum up preferential treatment. Tori could imagine her phoning and saying things like, "You have adequate supervision, don't you? The boys and girls cabins are chaperoned? It would be such bad publicity for your camp if anything happened to a senator's daughter ..."

"I'm glad you could join us at Dragon Camp," Dr. B went on. He glanced at the guys and some hidden meaning passed between them before Dr. B returned his attention to Tori. "I noticed from your application that you signed up for the advanced section of horseback riding and fencing. You've done those before?"


"And you didn't sign up for the tae kwon do class."

"I'm already a fourth-degree black belt."

"Ahh." He sent another meaningful look to the guys. "Any other lessons you've taken?"

"Ice skating." She had been competing since age twelve and had a shelf full of state and regional trophies to show for it. Her coach kept telling her she could go to nationals if she put in more practice time.

"Have you ever used a rifle?" Dr. B asked. "Gone hunting, perhaps?"

"I've done target practice." Her father had originally taken her shooting to impress his NRA supporters, but she'd liked it and had kept going. "Why do you ask?"

Dr. B clasped his hands behind his back and grinned. "I'm always curious to see what kind of people come to our camp. You'll find you have a lot in common with many of the other campers." He gestured in the direction of the guys. "Both Dirk and Jesse are black belts, as well. Jesse is the state champion for his age in fencing, and Dirk, well, one day I think we'll see him win a medal for archery."

If Dr. B thought this information would make them feel friendlier, it didn't work. Both guys regarded her with expressions that were atbest guarded and at worst disapproving. She wondered which was Dirk and which was Jesse.

The blond was probably the one most girls would go for first. He was good-looking in a flashy, sensual sort of way, and he had a swagger in his walk that said he knew it. His hair was a little too long and scruffy, but when you had a square jaw and perfect features, you could get away with that sort of thing. Tori tended to avoid guys that were cocky, though. They always ended up being trouble.

The brunet was handsome in a serious, understated way that Tori liked best. She let her eyes linger on him for a moment. His eyes were dark and piercing, as though they knew secrets.

"I see you signed up for the dragon mythology class," Dr. B continued. "You have an interest in that topic?"

She had played an imaginary game of knights as a child, read every book she could find about dragons, and for the last few years perused websites on the subject. She probably knew more about dragons than Dr. B. "Yes," she said.

"Then I'll look forward to talking with you about them this afternoon in class." He gave a pronounced nod, signaling the interview had ended. "Dirk and Jesse will take you down to your cabin."

"Which cabin?" the brunet asked.

"Number twenty-seven," Dr. B said.

The guys glanced at each other and then back at Dr. B. "You're sure?" the blond asked.

"Quite," Dr. B said, then smiled at Tori. "You're in the same cabin as my daughter, Bess. She'll be here tomorrow. Right now she's busy with ..." he hesitated, "something important."

He made it sound mysterious, but didn't elaborate. Instead, he picked up a sheet of paper from his desk and handed it to Tori. "I hope you'll fit in well here. I hope it very much."

Tori's name was printed across the top of the paper, with herschedule listed underneath. She noticed, without trying to, that hers had been the only schedule on his desk.

The brunet picked up her largest suitcase, swung it onto his shoulder, and headed out the door. The blond picked up her smaller suitcase and shoulder bag, then left, too. Tori had no choice but to go after them. As she shut the door behind her, Dr. B murmured, "Now if we could only find Ryker."

But she could have heard wrong. It was an odd phrase for a person to say as he stood alone in a room.

SLAYERS. Copyright © 2011 by C.J. Hill. All rights reserved.

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Slayers 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What I would give to be a "flier." This is a great book for teens and adults who like urban fantasy. It is action packed, full of twists and keeps you turning the pages. As a reader I look for clean books that I can feel good about letting my young adults and teens read. C.J. Hill has brought it to the table!! I can't wait for book 2!!!!! Nobody better lose their powers!!! Go Slayers! We need a camp song!
snarkyharpy More than 1 year ago
Just when I'd grown weary of all the "dragons are our friend" books and movies, Slayers bursts onto the scene. Slayers is about a group of teens destined to kill the fearsome dragons foretold to destroy the world. It's told from the point of view of a young teenaged girl who doesn't particularly want to save the world, and no one particularly likes the rich new girl, either. The characters are complex and likeable. The stakes are high and there are lots of highs and lows as Tori discovers and learns to control new powers that just may save her life when the dragons hatch and begin wreaking their destruction. There's even a fun love triangle. But when things look up, the Slayers realize there's a traitor in their midst. Slayers in a must-read for anyone who enjoys reading fantasy or young adult novels.
JulieWallace More than 1 year ago
I’m a believer! Dragons really do exist. After reading “Slayers” by C.J. Hill the storyline is plausible. Dragons may have disappeared but their return and attack on mankind is inevitable. All the stories in medieval times that Dragons exist are not fables but true. What’s great about this book is its happening today right in your own town. Well this story takes place in Washington DC but no one is safe from the return of Dragons! Tori can’t help being attracted to Team Jesse with his dark and tall features and Team Dirk with his blonde blue eyes and surfer boy attitude; really they are the “team” captains. That is how they train by competing against each other and they are very competitive. Tori’s way behind in training and very frustrated because she doesn’t know her purpose in the group. Her special power is she can hear what the dragon hears, which for now, as an egg is a heartbeat. How special is that? This story is exciting and keeps you speculating what will happen next. Not everybody is who they claim to be and with their lives on the line they have to decide who they can trust. Ryker is a side story of the boy who got away but I can’t wait until the second book when he finally joins the group and find out his powers. I believe he will be powerful and just what the other Slayers need to finally rid the world of Dragons.
Sonoran_Teen_Librarian More than 1 year ago
Teens keen on evil, ruthless dragons, superheroes with powers like flying, likable characters, mayhem, chivalry, and a bit of romance will flock to C. J. Hill's debut fantasy novel SLAYERS--don't be the last to read this ROCKING novel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
gotta love dragons right???
script-girl More than 1 year ago
A new spin on the age old legend of Dragons and a new breed of heroes. I picked this book up at a great discount because the dust cover synopsis and the cover intrigued me. I didn't expect anything when I cracked it open and headed off to camp with Tory and the rest of the Slayers. And then I couldn't put it down. I hadn't heard of CJ Hill, which is a pseudonym for a well known YA author. So, this author was brand new to me and I really enjoyed the writing and the story. This book has everything you need; action, romance, mystery and a few twists. Once of which left me speechless. Of course now we're left hanging to the next one, isn't that the problem with series?!
Jessie-FairytaleAddict More than 1 year ago
Suspensful, clean, romantic, and dragons. What more could you ask for? Tori has been dreaming about dragons her whole life, now she's signed up for dragon camp. As a seventeen year old she feels somewhat nerdy doing this, but she's drawn there regardless. When she's shown to the "advanced camp" she realizes she's in for more than she bargained for. She learns that dragons are real and that she's a descendent of dragon slayers with powers and now a moral obligation to kill them before they destroy Washington D.C. This is only book 1 of the series. No big metropolis destroying showdowns, but still packed with action, secrets, choosing sides, and choosing which hot guy to date. So many important decisions... If you like dragons or any of Janette Rallison's other books this is a must read.
LuluTheBookworm More than 1 year ago
I didn't love, love, this book but I highly enjoyed it. The aspect that caught me was the fresh take on dragons. No, they are not going to be our pets and love us. They are just the opposite. For the main part of the book we see the story progress through the eyes of Tori. The POV switchs sometimes in between, I appreciated that because it gave us a look into different peoples thoughts on the matter. Tori, well, lots of people say they didn't like her but I didn't mind her at all. She's a little bit of a wimp at first but she is definitely smart. And I loved the fact that the author didn't make her excel at everything. We find that alot, where the main hero/heroine is good at everything. That made her more realistic in my eyes. As the summary above says, they will fall in love. Particulary two will fall for one (see where I'm going here?) and those two, although one was the obvious choice the other dare I say, I felt sorry for. He really did have good intentions. But I'm still sticking with the main choice here... he's awesome. He (yes no names here) can aim arrows, ride horses, shoot a rifle (with his eyes closed!) oh and yeah... FLY! He's a keeper. I like that the romance didn't overtake the book but there was enough to keep my interest (and enough swoon worthy boys around!). One of my favourite characters though, was Bess. She's so sassy and smart, and has all the bravo in the world! The book moved at a pace that was good. I enjoyed the writing style and I loved how she incorporated super-powers. That was awesome. But I felt as though the real action didn't come until far into the book, and I'm sad to report that.... I think this is going to be a series of some sort. Sigh. I had to keep reminding myself while reading that all these events were happening over a four day period and then it ended with finally mentioned the eluded Ryker (rocking name!) Davis, the character that I wanted to know so much about! Cliffhanger? No not really. Opening for second book? Uh, yeah. But all in all I was happy with the action, there were a lot of neat elements in this story. I would recommend it to fantasy fans, dragon fans, romance people and anyone who's interested. A very well done job by one of my favourite authors!
Laura100 More than 1 year ago
Great premise, fast action and interesting characters ¿ I really enjoyed this book. Dragons are real and they¿re almost unstoppable killing machines. A group of teens find out they are descended from dragon slayers and must now train at a secret camp to develop their special talents to save people. But what if they don¿t want to fight dragons and would rather go back to their regular teen lives? The plot in this well-written and enjoyable book introduces interesting twists. I can¿t wait for the next book in the series.
bcbuchan More than 1 year ago
I consider myself to be a huge Rallison/Hill fan. Her style of writing is bubbly, witty and CLEAN. I respect that this author has created such a high standard for all YA authors out there. My young sister is an avid reader, and I often cringe when I think of some of the YA novels out there with some explicit material that she might be exposed to. No need to worry about that issue this Christmas, parents! ALL of Hill's books are free of any explicit material for all ages. As a married woman in my mid-twenties, I still fall in love with love, in each of Rallison's books. "Slayers" was no exception. When I began reading "Slayers," I was instantly drawn into the story line. This has a different, yet similar writing style to her previous books. I found that I often could not put "Slayers" down. In fact, I finished reading it on Thanksgiving. Instead of eating with my family, I holed myself up in a room, finishing the book. No regrets! It was awesome! TEAM JESSE ALL THE WAY!
Bookie54 More than 1 year ago
This book was surprisingly good. I had my doubts when I first saw the cover, but after the first chapter... I was hooked. There is both romance, and adventure--my favorite combo. This book is fantastic, and fast paced. A definite two thumbs up.
krau0098 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I got an advanced reading copy of this book for review through NetGalley(dot)com. It was a fun read and an excellent book. This is a book about young adult dragon slayers in the modern day world. Think Percy and the Olympians, but the kids are fighting dragons instead and are part of an ages old genetically modified race. I haven't been able to find any information on a sequel to this book; but based on some things that were left unresolved I imaging this will be a series.Tori has always been fascinated by dragons. But since her father is a Senator and her family is rich and elite, Dragon Camp has never been deemed worthy enough by her father. Finally this year her father relents and Tori finds herself enrolled in Dragon Camp. No pedicures and bell-hops here, just cabins and a bunch of dragon-obsessed kids. Or is it? Tori is older so she is put in the advanced part of the camp; the area for older teens. Thing is the teens in this part of the camp are very different, they have super-hero-like powers. Could Tori be part of a genetically modified subgroup of humans destined to save all of humanity from vicious dragons?The premise of this book is wonderful. The Dragon Camp reminded me a lot of Camp Half Blood from the Percy and the Olympian series by Rick also reminds some of the unicorn fighting school in Diana Peterfreund's Rampant series. You have a group of teens together learning how to use their super powers and how to fight dragons. How cool is that?The characters are all fairly engaging. There are two girls who are pretty stereotypical mean girls, and we never really get a reason for their behavior. Outside of them the rest of the characters are very interesting. Tori comes off as a bit of a spoiled rich girl (she assume the boys that help her take her luggage to her cabin are bell-hops), but she isn't pretentious...she's just used to a different way of life. As the book goes on Tori sheds this rich-girl persona and really grows as a character.There is a love triangle in this book. Slayers always have a power match; one person whose power is similar to or compliments theirs and they are more in tune with this person. This pairing doesn't have to be romantic, but teens being teens it does get involved. Tori is drawn to and gets along with one guy in the camp really well but of course her power compliments a different boy's. So this is just a comment for those of you who either love or hate love triangles. That being said the love triangle doesn't take up a ton of story space.The story is mainly told from Tori's perspective but there are short chapters between that are told from other characters' perspectives. It was well done and I felt that seeing small parts of the story from other characters' viewpoints actually added a lot to the story rather than subtracting from it.The story is well wrapped up in the end, there are a few unresolved plot points but it wasn't really a cliffhanger. I enjoyed the writing style, it was easy and fun to read. The story was full of fun action scenes and interesting superpowers, with a touch of romance. Deeper questions are breached about the importance of saving humanity as a whole versus the happiness of an individual.Overall this was a fun read. It takes the old idea of dragon slayers and applies it to a modern day story with deeper implications on humanity as a whole. I thought the dragons' powers were interesting and had a lot of fun reading about the Slayers and their different powers as well. The characters are generally interesting and engaging. People who enjoy reading about monster slayers and teens learning how to use their monster slaying powers should enjoy this book. It is best suited for middle grade and older. If you love fantasy and reading about dragons, with a bit of a coming of age added to them you should check this book out.
psteinke1122 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars!! Dragons Exist. Dragon Slayers Exist. Dragon Overlords Exist. But I am getting ahead of myself. Back, centuries ago, alchemists were not really looking for a way to turn things into gold, they were creating a serum that would allow Dragon Slayers an edge. The serum worked on their DNA to allow them to fight and kill Dragons. Those mutations were passed down through the Slayer¿s generations and lay dormant, until awakened by proximity to a dragon or a dragon egg. Meanwhile, the Dragon Overlords managed a few DNA mutations of their own which allowed them to slip into the minds of the dragons and control them from within. It¿s present day, and there are a couple of dragon eggs that are due to hatch in the not-to-distant future. The transportation of those eggs through the Washington DC area woke up the sleeping DNA in about 12 fetuses at the time of the transport. Those fetuses are now young adults and the only thing that stands between us and a man who wants to rule the world by controlling Dragons. I really enjoyed this roller coaster ride. I¿m not a big fantasy lover. What I loved about this fantasy was that it takes place in present day United States rather than some fictional world, and that the characters and story were geared toward young adults rather than middle schoolers. The book grabs you from the beginning and doesn¿t let go. However, the main character, Victoria, ¿Tori¿, a Congressman¿s daughter, was a bit tedious in the beginning. She was a typical rich kid who didn¿t think any of it applied to her. We did see her grow and mature, but it did seem as though we spent an awful lot of time focusing on how self-absorbed she was. The story was a bit predictable, but that didn¿t take away from the action or the story. The author got us through one conflict, but we know there is at least one more out on the horizon, so I know there has to be a sequel in the future¿which I will look forward to for a number of reasons. I recommend this for the quick, easy, enjoyable read that it is.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't bare to put it down. My new favorite!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent story. Loved every part of the story line and characters. I wish I could fly with Jesse ;) I love fantasy and dragon myth. This book brings action and a small dose of romance that keeps you entertained.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If u like dragons and romance its starts out boring then gets amazing
book4children More than 1 year ago
Dragons, superheroes, and evil villains. What's not to love? Every now and then I come across a young adult novel that I just love, and this happens to be one of them. It was fun joyride through the imaginary modern world where dragons exist and can be controlled (somewhat) by dragon lords, and can only be slain by Slayers. The story was a lot of fun. C.J. Hill (aka Janette Rallison) created an entertaining scenario where young superheroes go to Dragon Camp every summer for a month to train for the time when the dragons would inevitably be set loose on America. Without the Slayers, the country/world would be doomed. Infused with humor, the story quickly unfolds as you follow Tori on her journey to discover and explore both her destiny as a Slayer and her new found abilities that come with the job. The book itself was a good length, but I read through it pretty quickly. Mostly because I was enjoying the story so much that I was dragging the book around the house with me while I chased after kids and cooked dinner. The writing was clear, without any weird spots to leave you wondering what was happening. The descriptions were easy to follow and gave a clear picture of everything that went on. One of the things that I love the most about this author is her ability to keep a story clean. It had plenty of action, romance, and humor, all without giving me any reason to feel uncomfortable. It was a book that I could happily hand to any teenager or recommend to my mom (which I will). There was a small amount of kissing that happens, but it was very clean and age appropriate. The humor was one of the best parts of this book. I love when an author can infuse their story with funny situations and quirky comments and have it work with the rest of the plot. This is definitely a recommended book from me. The Cover: I can't say that I am a big fan of the cover. I like the colors and the text, but the actual illustration is too hard to see. I am still not quite sure what it is. I am guessing it's supposed to be the dragon egg with an x-ray like view of the dragon inside, but I'm not really sure. No matter, the book was still a winner.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is totally awesome! I'm only ten and read this book three times. Its so awesome. Its appropriate for young teens or preteens. This book has romance,action,and adventure! Those are the three things that make a book awesome.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All I can say is when will the next one come out? Ive been searching and searching all over google, all the while holding my breath and hoping I just might get lucky and the book comes out tommorow. But alas, I cannot find even a simple release date! Well, nobody better get killed by dragons while I wait with baited breath for the next installment in this series!!!
townieofdonorisland More than 1 year ago
WOW! I never thought I'd be a fan of dragons but after I read this book, I want to read another dragon book! Tori is described to be a spoiled brat but she ends up being loyal, and caring with a little bit of spunk. At the beginning she is unsure why she loves dragons but later learns from Dr. B that she is actually a dragon slayer. She begins to train with the other slayers so she can help defeat Overdrake from taking over the U.S. Tori starts out at camp being underrated by the other slayers but she rises to the top and proves them wrong by the end of the book. Definitely one of the best books I ever read. I couldn't put it down. I HIGHLY Recommend, so read it!!! TEAM JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!
CleanTeenFiction More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! The author C.J. Hill is a pseudonym (pen name) for one of my favorite authors. I own 9 of her books! Obviously I'm a fan. My husband liked it too so it's not just for girls. =) Have you ever read a book where you wanted to read it slower so it wouldn't end and you could stay in that fictional world forever? That's how Slayers was for me. I wanted to go to dragon camp and be a Slayer. It's been a few days, and I'm still daydreaming about being a dragon Slayer. These teenagers have some pretty awesome powers, but you'll have to read and find out the specifics yourself. Tori, the main character, is a Senator's daughter. She wasn't the typical girl you'd pick to save the world in her expensive clothes and stilettos. Which is what made the book and journey so fun. The majority of the book was from Tori's perspective, but a few pages throughout were from other side characters. I liked those times where I could sneak into other characters' thoughts. CJ does a great job having a big group of characters that each stand out. There were 9 Slayers plus other side characters. I loved all the action and romance. Overall a wonderful read! I recommend it to everyone.
meggadance More than 1 year ago
Slayers was so enjoyable this author Incognito has always had me laughing and feeling the butterflies of first love. I love Slayers! I can't wait to read more of the adventures of these heroes. Janette always has me turning pages in to wee hours of the night. I have gotten our local library to purchase almost all of her books. Wow ,Rallison you really pulled off this world of dragons. I can't wait to see where it takes us readers next. It's so great that I know before I even pick up one of her books I will love it! So happy I picked up C.J. Hill's book I only did because I knew it was Janette Rallison's. Hope you pick this book up and read it til 3:00 in the morning like me. Happy Dragon slaying!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
•~• NAME: Bella •~• GENDER: Female •~• SPECIES: Vampire •~• AGE: Appears 15 •~• LOOKS: Dark brown hair, almost black it is dyed red at the ends. Has red eyes (not natural happened when changed), unhumanly pale. Around 5'7 •~• HISTORY: Was created a year ago, made for destruction, she has killed people before but wanted to change her ways so she decided to join the good guys and try to bring down evil vampires. •~• STATUS: Single