Sleeping Under The Bandstand: An Historical Memoir

Sleeping Under The Bandstand: An Historical Memoir


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Sleeping Under The Bandstand is a memoir written by my mother, Enola D. Handgis. This memoir is historical in nature being the author's accounting of her life describes places and events that are now but historical memories, socially and personally.
The book is comprised of stories my mother has compiled in the oral tradition, describing her personal life growing up in Kansas, her adventures as a young woman hitchhiking to New Orleans and beyond, as well as rich descriptions of social expectations, social habits and historical events and milestones that unfolded during her lifetime.
This book is an historical ledger of my mother's life, in sometimes painful detail to her adventures, as well as the demons which tormented her. The title; Sleeping Under The Bandstand was my mother's wish, before her death. Befitting, as it was the place she slept under in Chesney Park when she needed refuge from a troubled life at home.
The thirteen chapters of this book each contain connected stories, building upon the larger storyline and historical accounting. My mother continued to record stories at my urging until her death, October 1, 2013.

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ISBN-13: 9780692263877
Publisher: Brother Coyote Publications
Publication date: 07/25/2014
Pages: 360
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About the Author

Enola D. Handgis was born Betty Jo Lattin, July 17, 1926. She was adopted at age three days, beginning her new life as Enola Cloepfil. Enola ultimately had four children, as well as four husbands, although her first three children were from her first marriage, and the fourth child was from the second husband.
Enola Handgis was born in Glen Elder, Kansas, growing up in Topeka, Kansas, where she would return several times over the course of her early life. She had always wanted to write, and did so through her married years to Nick Handgis, as well as in her later years when she began putting her stories to paper at the urging of her eldest daughter, Sherri Leigh.
Enola's professional life includes thirty years in various capacities in apartment management, including Dell Webb corporation, Sun City, Arizona.

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