Sleeping with Her Enemy

Sleeping with Her Enemy

by Jenny Holiday

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He'll complicate all her plans...

Amy Morrison is supposed to be at her wedding. But when her husband-to-be jilts her at the altar, a distraught Amy runs to the only place she feels safe—her office. Besides, everyone who works on her floor is at her wedding...except him. Dax Harris. Playboy, executive, and Amy's official office enemy.

While he and Amy don't see eye-to-eye on the best of days, Dax can't help but feel badly when he sees Amy mid-meltdown. Next thing he knows, he's gotten her good and drunk, and they're making out like two teenagers. And since neither of them wants anything serious, why shouldn't they be frenemies-with-benefits? Because there is no possible way they could ever fall for each other...

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633751996
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/23/2015
Series: 49th Floor Novels , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 235
Sales rank: 111,322
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Jenny Holiday started writing at age nine when her fourth grade teacher gave her a notebook and told her to start writing stories. That first batch featured mass murderers on the loose, alien invasions, and hauntings. From then on, she was always writing, often in her diary, where she liked to decorate declarations of existential angst with nail polish teardrops. Later, she channelled her penchant for scribbling into a more useful format, picking up a PhD in geography and then working in PR. Eventually, she figured out that happy endings were more fun than alien invasions. You can follow her on Twitter at @jennyholi or visit her on the web at

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Sleeping with Her Enemy

A 49th Floor novel

By Jenny Holiday, Tracy Montoya

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Jenny Holiday
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-199-6


When Amy Morrison was left at the altar, she went to the office.

If this were a movie, she and her giant puffy dress would have hailed a cab to the airport and been on a beach at the beginning of the next scene. Or at the very least, the Hollywood version would have shown her and her bridesmaids defiantly boarding a city bus and then cut to them getting blitzed at a karaoke bar while they sang Taylor Swift "boys suck" anthems.

In fact, Taylor Swift would probably play her in the movie version of The Jilting: Toronto Edition. Everyone was always saying how much she resembled the pop queen. They shared the same blond hair, blue eyes, and penchant for vintage clothing and red lipstick. Once, Amy had even managed to talk her way into a club because the bouncer mistook her for Taylor. But the similarities were superficial. Amy didn't even sing in the shower, she wasn't creative, and instead of burning her way through half a dozen guys in as many years, she'd dated the same one for the past seven.

The one who, an hour before their wedding was to start, had come to her with tears in his eyes and apology written all over his face and told her he didn't love her anymore.

If she were Taylor, she'd already be working on a kiss-off ditty that would top the charts and make her rich.

But she wasn't Taylor Swift. She was just Amy Morrison, vice president of Winter Enterprises. She might be a whiz at overseeing multimillion-dollar commercial real estate projects, but she did not have the ability to convert her heartbreak into a platinum record. So she'd come to the one place she felt safe. The place she felt confident. The place where people needed her, where, because she was good at her job, nothing ever fell apart.

Yes, when Amy Morrison got jilted, she went to work. She'd given a fleeting thought to going to the Rogers Centre instead. There wasn't a home game that day — she would never have scheduled her wedding in competition with a home game of her beloved Toronto Blue Jays — but she'd thought maybe just being there outside the stadium would calm her. But in the end, she'd gone for the sure thing. The truly safe place.

The office had an extra benefit — it was guaranteed to be empty because her colleagues were all uptown at her wedding. She could picture them milling around Edwards Gardens, talking in hushed voices about poor, poor Amy. Her cheeks burned when she thought about her mother, who would be in hysterics by now, mortified by the shame of it all. Her mother had the uncanny ability to make every situation she encountered about her, and Amy felt certain her daughter's non-wedding would be no exception. Her father would be no better. He'd have tossed back several martinis before the ceremony anyway, and then once his wife started along her trajectory to nuclear meltdown, he would have polished off several more. Right about now, he'd be at the point where he thought he was fine, all blustery bravado, but really he'd be slurring his words, talking too loud, further incensing Amy's mother.

She waited until the elevator door slid shut in the lobby, and she pressed the button for the forty-ninth floor before she let the tears come. But, oh, they came. Seven years. Engaged for the last two. She was only twenty-nine, so she'd spent nearly all her twenties with Mason. As her career had taken off, she'd supported him though med school, paying the rent while he'd concentrated on his studies, and later, on his OB-GYN residency.

Staring at herself in the mirror-paneled wall of the elevator as it made its journey to the top of the skyscraper, she tried to summon anger to replace the tears. Anger would be better than this gutting sadness, this utter humiliation. But it wouldn't come. Normally, Amy was not a woman who took bullshit from anyone. She was usually really good at summoning righteous rage when a situation called for it.

But apparently Mason took that, too, when he snatched away everything she'd planned for, everything she had to hold on to, ruining the perfect future she'd been meticulously constructing, with those five evil little words: I don't love you anymore.

She swallowed hard and swiped a hand across her face. With any luck, the suite would be empty, but sometimes the cleaners were here on Saturday afternoons. She just had to pull it together enough to make it to her office without running into any of the custodial staff.

Because God forbid someone see her looking anything less than perfect.

* * *

Goddamn, the office was quiet. It was Saturday, yes, but normally Cherry Beach Software's offices were populated with at least a programmer or two on the weekends. The tech geniuses Dax Harris employed generally didn't observe the whole nine-to-five thing, which was fine with him, on account of the whole genius thing. If they wanted to play ping-pong all week and then go on coding binges on the weekend, who was he to judge? The company had been successful beyond his wildest dreams in the decade since he founded it, so he must be doing something right.

But today, as he locked his office and made his way to the elevators, you could have shot a missile through the empty corridors. It was Canada Day, but still, the programmers didn't normally notice, much less observe, holidays. And he would have expected Jack Winter, the CEO of one of the other two companies that shared the forty-ninth floor, to be in. The two of them often went for a drink on Saturday afternoons after catching up on paperwork in their respective companies.

The elevator dinged. Given the fact that the forty-ninth floor was apparently a ghost town today, he didn't bother looking up from his phone as he stepped on — or rather, as he crashed into — someone stepping off. "I'm sorry. I wasn't —"

"Eff off, Dax."

Dax had never thought blood pressure was something you could actually feel. Until he met Amy Morrison, the vice president of Winter Enterprises. When she was around, he turned into a cartoon — there was probably steam coming out of his ears. He tamped down his irritation and smirked at her. "I am rubber and you are glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you."

She tilted her head. "There's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't marvel how someone so immature and dim-witted managed to become a multimillionaire CEO." Not waiting for a reply, she curled her lip and brushed past him.

He lunged for the elevator doors, which were starting to close, but missed. Her laughter rang out as she sashayed in the direction of Winter Enterprises. He watched her hips, encased in some kind of shiny silver material, sway. She sure got dressed up for working on the weekend. But that was Amy for you, always dressed and coiffed like she'd stepped from the pages of a fashion magazine.

Wait. Suddenly he realized why the office was so empty. Everyone was at Amy Morrison's wedding.

Everyone except, apparently, Amy.

He and Amy Morrison were like oil and water. Cats and dogs. Whatever cliché you wanted to throw at them, they were it. When his company had moved into the building three years ago, he'd tried to be civil at first. But somehow things degenerated so that before he knew it, she was refusing to share elevators with him and he was locking her out of the men's room when the ladies' had flooded. It had gotten so they didn't even try to pretend they didn't hate each other. But the one thing he could respect about his nemesis was that she had a hell of a work ethic. It wasn't unusual to see her on the weekends.

But her wedding day? Wasn't that a little much? Had she forgotten something she needed for the ceremony? The unlucky groom's ring, perhaps?

He shrugged. Whatever. Not his problem.

It did, however, explain where all his staff was. Dax's employees and Jack Winter's were all friends, sharing a common kitchen, socializing after work, and doing typical office things like placing bets on when Amy's boring boyfriend was finally going to pop the question. The Cherry Beach programmers were all a little bit in love with her, so of course they were at the wedding, falling in line like panting, besotted puppies.

On a superficial level, he couldn't blame them. Amy was hot as all get-out — he'd concede that. She had the kind of tall lankiness that's awkward on girls when they're young, but when they grow into their long, lithe limbs, watch out. Bouncy blond hair, slight curves to take the edge off her otherwise sharp angles. Frankly, it was hard to look at Amy Morrison and not imagine what it would be like to fuck her. If you kissed her hard enough, you could muss up that perfect little rosebud of a mouth she always had painted dark red.

But then she'd open that perfect little rosebud of a mouth and ruin everything. It was probably some kind of karmic law of the universe that such a scorchingly hot girl had to be a smart-ass.

He thought about that mouth as he waited for the elevator to come back. She used it just now to sneer at him, but she hadn't been wearing lipstick.

Which was weird. Amy always wore red lipstick.

Maybe he'd been imagining things, conjuring up a phantom image of Amy au naturel. He took a few steps toward the Winter Enterprises' reception desk. What was that noise? It grew louder as he rounded the corner, heading for the executive wing where Amy and Jack's offices were.

And then it resolved itself into crying. Sobbing, in fact.

He came to a halt in front of Amy's office.


She'd been standing at the window, but at the sound of his voice, she turned and lifted gorgeous, devastated blue eyes at him. Black streaks of mascara painted her usually porcelain cheeks. She looked like she'd teleported in from the 1920s. Her shimmery white-silver dress was short and edged with fringe like a flapper's, and she'd done her hair in that kind of wavy style he associated with silent film stars.

And, indeed, her lips were bare. He'd never seen her without the signature scarlet pout. He'd always wondered what she looked like when she first woke up. He was a man, after all, and it was impossible not to. But he always came to the conclusion that Miss Self-Righteous Frostypants actually slept in her lipstick.

Something was wrong. Really wrong.

She swiped her hands across her face, which only smeared her ruined makeup more. She would never want him to see her crying. He should probably leave. Amy Morrison was a royal pain in the ass, to be sure, but it wasn't any fun beating someone who was already down. He took a step back.

But then she spoke, her voice small and vulnerable when it was usually confident and, well, a little bit grating. "He left me. Mason left me at the altar."

He hesitated. On the one hand, who could really blame the guy? But on the other ...

"Well, fuck that asshole. He was never good enough for you anyway."


"Think about it. He looks at vaginas all day. Like, professionally. For a living." Amy thunked her empty beer bottle down on the bar and turned to Dax. She was in that strange limbo where she was sober enough that she was still in her right mind but tipsy enough to say things she otherwise wouldn't. "Do I really want a husband whose job it is to look at vaginas all day?" Dax opened his mouth, so she held up a finger. "I know what you're going to say. I know what you guys call him."

Dax signaled the bartender to bring them another round. "And were we so off the mark? It sounds like"— he paused, presumably for dramatic effect —"Dr. Vajayjay turned out to be not quite the upstanding paragon you always thought. You remember that time at your engagement party when he was showing pictures of scars from hysterectomies he'd performed?"

Mason had been unnaturally proud of his surgical skills. "What I remember about my engagement party is you showing up uninvited." Her blood boiled just thinking about it. "And what was your gift? I can't quite remember. Oh, wait. It was a pair of noise-canceling headphones for Mason and the business card of a divorce lawyer for me."

He shrugged. "I thought that party needed a little livening up. Anyway, my point is that Mason was deadly dull."

"Dax, in addition to having the mental age of, like twelve, you are so amazingly self-centered, it takes my breath away. How can someone who's such a womanizer presume to criticize someone like Mason?" She braced herself for a snarky reply, for him to heap even more insults onto her fiancé.

Ex-fiancé. Whatever.

He just looked at her, though, for a long moment, like he was trying to decide something. When he spoke, his voice was low and controlled. "Like I keep saying, you're better off without him."

She didn't know how to respond to a Dax who wasn't fighting with her. And, God, how had she sunk to the point where Dax Harris was giving her relationship advice? "Oh, and you're the expert on relationships?" she shot back, half hoping to fan the nearly extinguished flames of the little tiff she'd started. She leaned closer, bracing for battle. Battle would be distracting. And distracting was what she wanted right now.

Dax smelled good. She would have expected him to smell like ... what? What did jerks smell like? Anyway, certainly not like sea air and a hint of coconut. He smelled like a beach, which was very ... surprising.

And that was not the kind of distraction she was after. What was she doing? Oh, right. Battle. Bracing for battle.

He shook his head. "I'm about as far from an expert on relationships as you're likely to find."

The fact that he was so uncharacteristically unwilling to argue with her deflated her a little. She shouldn't have said all those things about Mason. Had she no shame? Relationships were hard work. People were complicated. She would have liked to think she knew better than to trash Mason in front of a jackass like Dax, but apparently not. "Well, good, because you're pretty much the last person in the world I'd take relationship advice from. How's. ..." She trailed off, casting around for the name of Dax's latest model-girlfriend. They never lasted, so it was hard to keep track of them. "Shelly?"

"Shelby," he corrected. "But Shelby and I have decided to go our separate ways."

"I rest my case," she said, aware that she was talking a little too loudly.

"Listen, all I'm saying is that Mason wasn't the right guy for you. He was too nice."

"He was too nice," she echoed, incredulous.

"Yeah. Like if Martha Stewart had a DIY-boyfriend craft, she'd come up with Mason. Doctor, blandly handsome, boring. He probably had some lame-ass hipster hobby like brewing craft beer."

"He collected vintage records," Amy said, swallowing a giggle and feeling a little guilty for throwing Mason under the bus again. "He would drive a hundred miles out of his way for a nineteen-whatever Otis Redding, but then he wouldn't listen to it. Not even once. It was like having the object was more important than getting any enjoyment of out it." Crap. Maybe she'd hit on something there. Mason had thrown himself into wedding planning with an enthusiasm that matched his passion for record collecting. Yet in the end, he hadn't actually wanted to be married. Not to her, anyway.

"I rest my case," Dax said. "Even his name — Mason. Really?"

"Oh, and Dax is so much better?" she snapped.

She could see the vein in his temple bulging as it always did when they sparred. But he remained silent. Amy found herself a little disappointed that he wasn't going to rise to the bait or even acknowledge the barb. "What kind of genius names their kid Dax? It's the kind of name Gwyneth Paltrow would come up with."

His head whipped around. "Hey," he snarled. "Insult me, but leave my mother out of it."

Oooh, his mother was apparently a sore point. Amy smirked and filed that one away for future reference. She pretty much despised Dax, but he was the perfect person to be with right now. When he'd first suggested — no, insisted — they go out for a drink, she'd thought he was crazy. But now she saw the genius of the plan. She already knew he was an asshole, and he hated her right back, so she could say practically anything to him. She could even tell tales about Mason, because nothing she said would ever get back to Mason — Mason and Dax, though both successful and wealthy, moved in different circles. And there was a certain twisted enjoyment to be had in spending time with someone who didn't have a clue.


Excerpted from Sleeping with Her Enemy by Jenny Holiday, Tracy Montoya. Copyright © 2015 Jenny Holiday. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Sleeping with Her Enemy (Entangled Indulgence) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a good story and a fairly fast read. I loved the playfulness of the two characters in their love/hate relationship!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was really good!
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
While running away from being jilted at the altar, Amy Morrison runs into Dax Harrison, the last person she'd want to see right now. Amy and Dax are office enemies. He feels sorry for her so he takes her to a bar to drown her sorrows. The more time they spend together, the closer they get. These two have vowed to want nothing serious from anyone right now. When they're done having "fun" together, can these two walk away with their hearts intact? This is a fun and very sexy contemporary romance. The sexual tension is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. Amy and Dax have unique but wonderful personalities as well as the minor characters in this book. I very much enjoyed reading this book and I can't wait to read more from this fantastic author. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
This was a great read with an awesome enemies to lovers story line that was so much fun to watch unfold. Not only was there a strong heroine and an underneath-it-all good guy hero, but the secondary characters in this book added so much to the story without taking over the page. And the fact that the book was filled with strong women characters kept me smiling and turning the pages. From the moment Dax finds Amy crying in the office you just know that these two are perfect for each other – the fact that they don’t like each other really isn't important! What was fun was watching these two learn about each other and realize that there was so much more to each other than they both initially thought. Dax reminds Amy how to have fun and lighten up a bit, Amy helps Dax work past some of his relationship issues. As fun as Dax and Amy were, it was also easy to get caught up in the secondary characters without having them steal the show. From Dax’s family to Amy’s friends, all of the secondary characters were colorful and engaging, but also really added to Dax and Amy’s story. This was such a fun read and I’m looking forward to seeing what is in store for Marcus, the last of the CEO’s from the 49th Floor! So if you like the enemies to lovers trope, or even just like a solid romance with lots of great supporting characters where you can watch a relationship and a friendship take root and grow, that also has some heat and even a little dirty talk, then this book should definitely be on your TBR! I received a copy of this book from NetGalley through the publisher for an honest review.
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read. Amy and Dax story is life happens and you move on and find the love of your life.
BlushingReader More than 1 year ago
When you are having the worst day of your life and you realize you have no one to call or anywhere else to go, sometimes life hands you the unexpected.  Jenny Holiday has created a story that really sucks you in from the beginning (or the blurb, if you are like me) and keeps you riveted until the end. Sleeping with Her Enemy was an unexpected gem!  While friends to lovers may be my favorite book trope, the idea of two people that can't get along without arguing turning into friends, then lovers was pretty spectacular! Sleeping with Her Enemy is book #2 in the 49th floor series (Saving the Ceo is book #1), you can read it as a stand alone book, like I did and have no issues feeling out of the loop.  Since I didn't read book one, I will be going back to see if we get more of the "enemy" factor shown between Amy and Dax and because that is all that is left on Jenny Holiday's back list (and I need more of her writing!).   Jenny Holiday does a great job setting up the scene, getting the reader invested in Amy's character and creating witty banter between her and Dax.  The characters in this book were not what you expect and had way more depth and personality than your typical "CEO/co-worker" trope.  I loved Dax!  He was like a breath of fresh air! I just wish we would have gotten more insight into his point of view during all this but I am very pleased with what we did get.  Dax isn't your typical alpha CEO that has a superiority complex.  From the start of the book I was expected to dislike him like Amy and have to be "won" over by him.  I was wrong.  Jenny Holiday made him layered, with a strong sense of playfulness and loyalties to loved ones.  Dax was a great male lead with his patience and inner struggle to keep it just friends with Amy.  Then we have Amy.  Poor Amy was a mess when we meet her and the reader gets to watch her rebuild herself while learning what she thought she needed in life might not be something she can plan.  I liked Amy's character, she was strong, independent but at the same time struggling to find what her heart actually wanted. Sleeping with Her Enemy was a great book, this was my first book by Jenny Holiday and I will definitely be going back to read Saving the CEO and watching for what else she writes. I loved her style of storytelling, letting the characters slide into love by putting down their habits of snarky zingers to become friends and then letting them "fall".  The pacing was great, the story keeps you turning pages and ignoring the outside world until you are done and the sparks/heat will reddened a few cheeks for sure If you are looking for a great story about two people realizing what they have always wanted was right in front of them, then Sleeping with Her Enemy needs to get in your e-reader!  If you are a fan of Jenny Holiday, I think you will love Amy and Dax's story and getting up to date on all the happenings on the 49th floor.  I can't wait to read more from this author, even if she did leave me craving Beef Stroganoff!
cutiephinphin More than 1 year ago
Dax and Amy were always at loggerheads whenever they meet each other and it doesn't help matters that they are working on the same floor. However when Amy found herself jilted at the altar on her wedding day, she went to office hoping to find solace and Dax caught her at a vulnerable state. To her surprise, Dax offered her his shoulder to cry on and from enemies they became friends. Will their friendship remain or will it turn into something deeper for Dax who doesn't do serious relationships and Amy who can't do casuals? I really enjoyed how the story progressed. Honestly I couldn't see why Amy would dislike Dax so much although I kinda get her. Dax was seen as a womanizer although I felt that was just the persona he wanted to portray. The turn of events between Amy and Dax were realistically done; combined with humor, great friendships and some light family meddling made it an absolutely enjoyable read. Many thanks to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
A great romance! It is a must read for people who like romance between rivals/enemies. The storyline is very entertaining and its full of humour. I find it immensely enjoyable read. Its the best book I've read this month. This is the kind of light-hearted romance which I like the most. Amy has a successful carrier and her whole life is planned out. She knows exactly what she wants and she is going to get just that. But all her careful plans fall apart when her fiance left her at the alter. She is upset and decides to hide in her office. One place where she might be able to forget all about Mason. Unfortunately she runs into Dax, her enemy. One person she hates and can't stand the sight of. But Dax turns out to be not so bad. He is sympathetic, takes her out for drinks and keeps her company in her worst time. After that two of them become sort-of-friends who are also attracted to each other. Amy is no longer looking for a relationship and Dax is a player so why not the have an affair?! One thing leads to another and soon they became frenemies-with-benefit. I liked all the characters in this book. Especially Dax's sister Kat and his mother are bother very entertaining ladies. There are many laugh-out-loud moments in this book. In my opinion that is the best quality a book can possess. As I don't like books which are too much drama and emotions. This was a perfect read for me.
Sophie_Valencia More than 1 year ago
I completely enjoyed this book. This was a story of slow reveals. Every interaction was like some form of foreplay, and not just the physical kind. Yes, Dax and Amy had some great kissing sessions and indulged in more than a few flirtatious looks. But even more importantly, something real was uncovered whenever they were with each other. The physical aspect of their relationship didn't really heat up into the second half of the book so we were allowed to follow Amy and Dax as they became friends first. It made the physical relationship that eventually followed that much more satisfying because it was based on more than just lust. It's unusual to find a contemporary romance that is funny. I'm not talking about the demure chuckle kind of funny. I mean the snorting in public type of funny. If you enjoy books that make you laugh so hard that people sitting next to you may think you're crazy, this book is for you. The characters in this book were hilarious, particularly the members of Dax's family. Even the post-coital internal dialogue had me laughing out loud. However, if there was one character that stole the comedic show, so to speak, it was Dax's mother. She was everything. This book had me hooked from the first page. I'm definitely going to have to read the first installment of this series. Also, I'm going to have to add Jenny Holiday to my list of authors to follow because it's just not possible for anyone to be so lucky as to have written a book as good as this one by accident. Reviewer's Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All errors and omissions are my own. This review was excerpted from my book blog.
ETrupkiewicz More than 1 year ago
Sometimes, the worst moment of your entire life leads you to make a decision (however hasty) that makes that “worst moment” turn out to be a blessing you never saw coming. Kind of like the way Amy Morrison never imagined that her broken engagement could possibly result in anything positive. Impulsively, after being abandoned on her wedding day, she goes back to the office, where she’s most comfortable among the accouterments of her chosen career, to hide. There, she runs into one of her least favorite people in the world—Dax Harris, a known womanizer and one of her colleagues, who happens to get on every single one of her nerves every time they meet. On his side, the feelings of hatred are mutual, except that Dax can’t just let a heartbroken woman suffer by herself. Before either of them realize it, they’re at a bar, drinking and sharing their personal lives, and something sparks that night between them (besides sexual attraction) that billows into the kind of earth-shaking force that could either keep them connected … or tear them apart. Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence imprint presents SLEEPING WITH HER ENEMY, a 29th Floor novel by Jenny Holiday, published just this month. The work, a contemporary sexy romance, features the kind of drawn-out sexual tension and unique characters that only a masterful writer can create. Amy and Dax’s attraction to one another is heightened all the more by the obvious factors that should keep them apart—their different outlooks, perspectives, and priorities are never more obvious than when they are together—and by the fact that every time they get close to fulfilling their mutual sexual desires, Amy (having recently been betrayed by her long-time fiancé) panics. Dax isn’t known for his patience, but something about Amy makes him want to wait and be tender with her. The bigger-picture story line also increases tension between the characters, as Holiday forces them into more and more intimate and unexpected situations with each other that begin to reveal character facets neither imagined existed in the other. Amy delivers Dax’s sister Kat’s baby in Dax’s bedroom. Dax includes Amy in several of his family get-togethers. Even the reader likely never thought that they had lives outside their workplace feud. If I had a wish for the work, it would be for less telling and more showing, especially in the first several chapters. Too much back story and information, and too many helping verbs rather than strong, present ones, bog down the first pages of the story and made me reluctant to keep reading until things finally picked up again. All in all, however, an appreciably good work. # # # Author: Jenny Holiday Title: SLEEPING WITH HER ENEMY Series: 49th Floor (#2) Publisher: Indulgence (Entangled Publishing) ISBN: 978-1-63375-199-6 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this work from the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Office Mates to Loves story ~Fantastic Read ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review*** Sleeping With Her Enemy by Jenny Holiday is a story about a woman who is told the morning of her wedding by her fiancé’ that he no longer loves her and that the wedding is off. Amy Morrison is that woman and she is devastated. She finds that her life is turned up side down and doesn’t know where to turn so she goes to her job where she finds her office mate who is also her office enemy Dax Harris. Dax Harris is at work and he runs into Amy. Knowing today is her wedding and seeing her in a distressed stated, he takes her to a bar to help her unwind and to calm down. Amy realizes that Dax isn’t the enemy that she thought. Amy is trying to figure out why she was cheated on by her ex and she is also trying to figure out where Dax figures out in her life now. After going to the bar and talking, both realize they are not what they assumed. Now they are drifting into a relationship and they like it. The pace of the book at times is fast and the dialogue is good and funny. The passion that springs up is hot and the ending of the book was sweet and had me in happy tears. I really enjoyed this story. Great office mate to lovers’ story from Ms. Holiday. My rating: 4 stars ****
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
*I received a complimentary copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review* I read the previous book of the 49th Floor series by Ms. Holiday and loved it, so it was a no brainer when I found that Sleeping With Her Enemy, the next one, was about to come out. While I enjoyed the book, and read it fairly quickly, I didn’t like it as much as I was expecting to. It might have to do with the main characters not getting together *wink wink* until over the 60% mark, and even then they fight it until the last 5 minutes of the story. Dax, CEO of one of the companies on the 49th Floor who, after a very bad experience with a relationship in his youth, is now a serial dater/womanizer/manwhore. Amy, second in command to Jack (the hot anti-commitment H of Saving the CEO) had her whole life plan set and in motion, until her fiancé decides to leave her one hour before the wedding starts. Dax and Amy who used to be enemies come to a weird truce when she fled to her safe haven (the office) and he finds her in the midst of a meltdown (that was totally understandable). But of course, Dax has secretly lusted after Amy and her red lips from day one (so he nettled her, because you know, he is like a 5 year old who calls the girl he likes names) and Amy decided that after being in a seriously boring committed relationship for.freakin’.ever. what she needs is to learn casual. And who else to teach her how to do that than Mr. Dax “Casual” Harris? And so the story goes. Their chemistry is seriously hot, they share some very heavy kissing and groping in public places, and when they’re finally together, it was hot. hot. HOT. I loved Dax’s family, they were all crazy. And when Dax and Amy are together they were very sweet. So I guess what bothered me about the book, as I mentioned previously, was that they had little if no time together as a couple. Both of them working through their issues I get. But I think that it could have been resolved a little earlier and let them be together and have some issues as a couple… I don’t know, maybe had I had a baby epilogue all would have been forgiven, but given that I waited the whole freaking book for them to BE together I felt a little bit cheated when they say “I love you” on the next to last page and the book ends with them planning to go get it on… the girls don’t call me the Epilogue Nazi for nothing. So, recapping. I liked the book. I enjoyed reading it. It was fun and a quick read. I dig Jenny Holiday’s writing style and I’ll be waiting for the next book on the 49th Floor series. Just a heads up though, I WANT BABIES! (and not from side characters!)
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4 very satisfying stars What a fun and entertaining story Sleeping with Her Enemy turned out to be, I really enjoyed it =) Amy and Dax are both lovable and memorable characters, loved seeing their relationship go from enemies to frenemies-with-benefits to something more... *swoon* This book ticked all the boxes for me, I couldn't put it down. It was fast-paced, fun, sweet, romantic and sexy.  I highly recommend Sleeping with Her Enemy and the 49th Floor series. Looking forward to reading more from Jenny Holiday in the near future.
Nelsonaa More than 1 year ago
Cute enemies to friends to more story. Amy's perfect planned life falls apart when her boyfriend of seven years leaves her at the alter. Escaping to her safe place, the office, she bumps into her number one sparring partner Dax. Normally they'd be at each other with snide comments, but Dax can't quite go there when Amy is in tears. He takes her out for a drink where they both begin to realize perhaps the other isn't what they assumed after all. Here's where you think they will hook up as a rebound thing but they don't (yet), a refreshing surprise. They decide to try a friendship, which works well until it doesn't and someone wants more. But who and how will that work with a guy who has vowed to never get serious and a girl who can't do casual? I really enjoyed Dax's character. He was a bit different than the normal romantic lead (props to the author for diversity). His family was fun. The Sunday dinner scenes were great. The contrast between his loving family and her distant one was well done. I do feel the book title is a bit misleading. Sleeping together was not instant and not the main focus. This book was a pleasant surprise, with a fresh take on a standard romantic trope. It is book two in a series; I have not read book one and did not feel that mattered for this story. ARC received from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
What a great story of Dax and Amy going from enemies to frenemies to friends to more. I loved their chemistry and banter. The pace of the book was so good. I loved their stop and go routine, but also loved that they got to know each other. His family was hilarious. Totally enjoyed their messing with Dax. But when Dax and Amy were alone and gave into their urges, they were on fire. Such an enjoyable read and I hope we get more from this group/series. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
LAUNDRY WARNING: Don’t eat or drink while reading this book cause you will wear it! Dax Harris is a Mr. Boocoo Bucks with his technology company, Cherry Beach Software & has a different woman every night because HE DOESN’T DO RELATIONSHIP EVER! He had an old girlfriend who made him believe that a loving relationship doesn’t worked, besides his own parents. So he has a great company, great employees aka Boy Geniuses, a kooky pregnant sister & great parents, but he will keep love in his rearview mirror! Or so he thought? Amy Morrison thought this was HER DAY, with her flapper styled wedding dress & killer shoes, but when her groom says, “I don’t love you anymore,” kinda says it all! So what’s a modern gal to do, but pull on her armor (with awesome fashion choices) on & go to her HAPPY PLACE! It sucks that her HAPPY PLACES were either her VP office on the 49th floor or a home game for her beloved Toronto Blue Jays! Since she ANALLY planned her wedding on a Blue Jay off day, her office was her RIGHT NOW happy place, plus the whole 49th floor was invited to her wedding beside her office enemy Dax & she could have her mini nervous breakdown without an audience. Or so she thought? Amy & Dax are like pouring gas on fire, KABOOM, but their battles of the 49th floor are epic! So when he crashes into a “barely hanging by a thread” Amy, this is want we, as lucky readers, get! “I’m sorry. I wasn’t—” “Eff off, Dax.” Dax had never thought blood pressure was something you could actually feel. Until he met Amy Morrison, the vice president of Winter Enterprises. When she was around, he turned into a cartoon— there was probably steam coming out of his ears. He tamped down his irritation and smirked at her. “I am rubber and you are glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” She tilted her head. “There’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t marvel how someone so immature and dimwitted managed to become a multimillionaire CEO.” Not waiting for a reply, she curled her lip and brushed past him. They are combustible & when he finds her with black mascara running down her face, he decides to be a semi friend, get her drunk, bash her ex (Dr. Vajayjay) & then her safely home! Drunk or not, Amy wants to pick up any male & actually LIVE, but Dax feels pain in his chest, like maybe emotions, but his BF Jack, Amy’s boss, makes her FORBIDDEN FRUIT & there is no way he is taking a nibble of that poison! On the ferry to Dax’s island home, they get some ferry time necking with Amy wrapping her arms & legs on him, as he slams her up against a wall! He tells her, “I only F@#k,” so it was like icy water dump her head, but she wants to see his quirky island home. She almost gets lucky again, but soon his very pregnant sister, Kat crashes their party! Amy so-called friends join her up to Tinder (no dating, just 1 night stand app), cons Dax to her beloved Toronto Blue Jays baseball game, where they share a stolen Jumbotron moment, a baby is birthed by calm Amy as Dax freaks out, Dax’s keeps slamming her up against any available surface (dang, I begging for Dax’s hands all over me) as he gobbles up his own personal 40s pinup gal in a strawberry field & elevator kisses that left scorch marks! His matchmaking mom using her ancient Chinese secret & FINALLY, Amy gets that much needed screaming satisfaction (she didn’t have to make herself) & Dax just gets more confused about his sudden chest pain! Can enemies actual be friends kicking boots? Who will screw up their new fragile world more, Dax or Amy? Will Amy’s soul searching help or hinder? Is Dax ready to face his love? And tell Amy those 3 little words that scare him? This is book #2 of the 49th floor series & I loved Saving The CEO (book #1 in this series) with all the belly laugh HILARIOUSNESS GALORE, which Mizz Holiday continue into this tale. This romance had so many one-liners or expressions that had me ROFLing & I also got a leg filled with my reading buddy Simba’s 10 bloody claws because I couldn’t stop laughing, so of course I need to share some with my peeps: Miss Self-Righteous Frostypants, post-jolting etiquette handbook, annoying Amy-esque way, Prince Among Womanizers, third-choice duty, maximum snack access & Mizz Holiday sprinkled in a little Downton AbbeyNESS, too! Amy was a career driven female who had a girlie side with her 40s styled outfits, yummy “DO ME” heels, undies in neon colors & her killer red painted lips. She was a pair of steel cojones in her work world, but she was a walking disaster with the female/male relationships, from watching her social climbing parents. Mizz Holiday made Amy a real today kind of girl who actually loved food & I enjoyed her bumpy path! Mizz Holiday hero was Dax, who was raised by his loving parents with his quirky sister, but his life changed after a shocking & devastating event happened (y’all have to read the book), so he didn’t feel LOVE was worth fighting for. A lot of Fairy Godfolks were causing endless & SNAUGH (snort+laugh) mayhem to bring these 2 idiots together, so Mizz Holiday just went with it & it totally reeled me in for more! Now about the NEKKID NAUGHTINESS & can y’all guess if Mizz Holiday made my vajayjay pant (I totally stole that from Book #1)? Hell yeah, she did & Dax is a man I want to kidnap & make mine! His dominant take-charge caveman moves had my searching for drier undies & I love his “slam Amy up against any surface” kisses! Amy was a slow burning ember, but her mind won’t turn off & she coulda of burst into flames in Dax’s arms! That was my only complaint with this book, it had too many ALMOST MOMENTS with sultry “to die for” kisses that I wanted for myself! Yes, I did SCREAM at my Kindle at their shared STUPIDITY, but I kinda loved the slow burning need building between them! Just when I think I couldn’t be shocked by any more outrageous situations, BANG, Mizz Holiday faceplants me with tons of CRAPPOLA HITS THE FAN moments that made me go to that crazy place that I call my HAPPY PLACE, belly laughing, tears rolling down my face & did I mention Simba’s 10 bloody claws embedded in my leg. Now I was already Mizz Holiday newest fan with her 1st EVER book & loved that she brought her AWESOME HUMOR back to her 49th floor with true opposite attract storyline, so she totally earns my score of 4 fingers up, 8 toes & my ER bill for all of my blood loss! Who is the next CEO to be beotch slapped by love? ARC given for my honest review.
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating! I read the first book in this series a few months back and I loved it. It was the first book I'd read by Jenny Holiday and so I tucked that name away for future reference when I was searching for something new to read. So when I opened my email and saw the name Jenny Holiday listed in among the review books up for request I had already been planning to do just that, put in a request. Then I started reading the blurb for Sleeping With Her Enemy and I got to the name Dax Harris and I practically squealed! He didn't make a lot of appearances in that first book, but the ones he did make were memorable and I couldn't wait to have a book entirely of him. To say it was everything that I had hoped it would be, would be an absolute lie. It was so much better. I believe the word I used for a status update upon finishing it was...perfect. These books are filled with such interesting and fun characters. The types of characters you wish you knew in real life. Normally, and I hate to generalize but it's kinda true, books about wealthy, playboy CEO types, the guys tend to be unbearable to me. They're full of themselves and you have to dig extra deep to find any sort of redeemable quality about them. The thing with this series is that's so far off from how the characters in it are. Amy was also in the first book and yet sadly I couldn't even offer up a scene to you that she was in. I know her name but she just hadn't made an impact on me...yet. After knowing her now through this book I have to wonder how she slipped my mind! I thought she was great! She's spunky, smart, passionate and funny. I loved how much she enjoyed getting under Dax's skin and thrived on the office enemy relationship she had with him. I was feeling so much for her throughout the book and loved watching her grow from being so rigid and plan oriented to allowing herself to let loose and occasionally allowing things to just sort of...happen. And Dax, excuse me while I go fan myself! This guy...Like I mentioned earlier, when I realized this was his book I was beyond excited. He's just sort of one of those characters that when he's in a scene, even if it isn't a book all about him, he will totally steal that scene. He's playful, funny and I love the relationship he has with his entire family. Just so many things about this guy makes my heart flutter. Like Amy, he also lived for that fighting, snarky, hateful relationship that he had with Amy. Yet even though they couldn't stand each other, even he would easily admit that there was something he was very attracted to with her. One of my favorite things though was being able to experience the entire Harris family. Dax's sister Kat is this fierce, independent woman who also loves to give her brother a hard time and meddle. His mom is very much one of those loving but when-are-you-going-to-finally-give-me-grandchildren types of mothers who is stubborn as all heck. I adored her. And his father is just sort of quiet and blends in to the scene while his mother railroads through it. And yet when he finally does speak he just endears himself even more to you. Such an awesome family. Plus there were so many appearances of other characters from the first book that had me absolutely thrilled most importantly Danny, I think everyone needs a Danny in their life! As you can tell this was a very character driven book for me. I mean I adored the setting most especially of Dax's island home and the lake but it all comes down to these amazingly written characters. I've probably gushed on and on enough now. There's one more guy from the 49th floor, Marcus, that I can't wait to get to know. I haven't been able to get a good read off of him yet but if these first two books are any sort of indication of what's in store than I am super excited. I cannot recommend this series enough, most especially this one! End fangirling. I promise! Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Amy Morrison was amazing!!! I totally loved her. I also loved Dax's sister, Kat, and his family. There were so close to perfect you wanted them to be your's, but had enough "family drama" that kept them real. We even get to see the couple from book one a quite a few times (they do all work in the same building/floor). Notice I haven't said much about Dax yet? He was fun, he was great, but the other characters overshadowed him a bit. He had a good reason for avoiding relationships - and it took him a looong time to get over it, but you could see him making progress the whole way through the book. I really liked that part of him. He was also amazingly spontaneous - there's a scene at a baseball game that made me completely fall in love with him. I just wish he had shone more in the scenes that involved other strong characters. They had an almost accidental romance. They definitely weren't planning on one or looking for one - it just kind of showed up one day. I loved how much fun the story was. I was grinning through most of it just because everyone was having so much fun throughout the whole story. Even the conflict was done in a way that you couldn't help but smile just a little because you just knew these characters could get through anything together. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
I love the enemies to lovers romance trope, especially when it is so well executed that I am unable to put the book down. Jenny Holiday's latest novel, Sleeping with Her Enemy, is one of those books. This entertaining narrative captured my attention from the very beginning with its engaging plot, lively characters and Toronto landscape. This is the story of Amy Morrison, a smart and beautiful twenty-nine year-old business executive, completely obsessed with keeping her life orderly and well planned. So imagine her surprise when her boyfriend of the past seven years, and fiance of the last two, decides he doesn't want to marry her an hour before the wedding ceremony. So she ends up in the place she feels the safest and most content, her office, to emotionally break-down. Since all the employees from the companies located on the 49th floor were invited to witness her nuptials, she is alone, with the exception of her nemesis, Dax Harris. Dax is known as the resident womanizer. He is the good-looking CEO of the neighboring software company, and he and Amy have always rubbed each other the wrong way. However, seeing her so upset presently supersedes any feelings of dislike and animosity. They are civil to each other that faithful day, which results in some casual dates, a few hot kisses, family dinners and some mind-blowing sex that evolves into so much more. This is both a fun and passionate love story. Ms. Holiday perfectly combines heat, drama and humor into this fast-paced romantic read. I immediately connected with both Amy and Dax, and there was never a moment that I did not want them to be together. Kat, Dax's sister, is a total riot. Her spunky comments and personality had me laughing out-loud on more than one occasion. Overall, this is a terrific book with a happy ending that will leave a smile on your face. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loved this story!! A fantastic enemies to lovers story that is well written and the chemistry between the characters jumps off the page! Amy Morrison and Dax Harris have been office enemies from day one but when Amy is jilted at the altar and runs to her office to hide, Dax can't not be kind to her. From that day on, one hilarious event after the next, their relationship changes and it's a fantastic journey. I highly recommend this one to everyone.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This fun sexy romance is the story of Amy and Dax. Jilted on the day of her wedding (to a man she realizes she should never have agreed to marry in the first place), Amy hides out in her office only to encounter Dax, her nemesis, the one who pushes all her buttons. But even Dax can't abandon a woman in dire straits and when he suggests a drink or two to ease the pain and embarrassment they find themselves in a startlingly new position - one where a buried sexual attraction lets loose along with their inhibitions. Soon a secret sex-only fling ensues, one where they both find that perhaps their animosity towards each other has been masking some deeper emotions. Will they be able to admit the truth to each other? I loved this story! The premise was great - Dax and Amy can't stand each other, but when push comes to shove Dax's true chivalrous nature comes out. Both characters were really likeable, friendly and spirited. The witty banter and humorous dialogue between them sparks the sexual attraction they feel for each other and the love scenes between them are packed with heat and emotion. When they discover that they actually like spending time together, on top of the great sex, it's a wake up call for both of them - in particular for Dax who has valued his playboy ways and had no plans to give them up - until Amy makes him rethink his life goals. Besides the fun back and forth of their relationship, I really liked the part that Dax's family played in the story. It was interesting to highlight the cultural differences of Dax as a half Asian/half Caucasian hero and his relationship with his mom was really sweet. His whole family definitely added to the entertainment value of the story. There was just so much to enjoy about this tale, from the hot sex to the deeper emotions as Dax and Amy fall for each other. Super fun read, and highly recommended. 5 stars!
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Jenny Holiday is a new author for me. I have never read a book by her before. That is about to change. Amy and Dax don't get along at all. They get to each other like no one else. Could it be the tension is caused by feelings neither want to acknowledge? An ARC of Sleeping with Her Enemy was given to me for my honest viewpoint. Enjoyable book where frenemies discover that there can be more. If they give it a chance.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Great post jilting romance! On her wedding day, Amy Morrison’s husband-to-be decides to cancel everything and jilts her. Amy can’t believe all her dreams and plans are shattered so, totally humiliated, she goes to take shelter where she feels safe – her office. She doesn’t think anyone else will be there as they’ll be at her wedding but she didn’t invite Dax Harris – they’re usually so combative when together – and he sees her going into meltdown. He is the owner and CEO of a software/app development company that shares the same 49th office floor where Amy works. He decides to take Amy out to drown her sorrows and the two find that their chemistry is extremely volatile! Dax has a warning phone call from Amy’s boss telling him not to take advantage of Amy but she can’t go home as her ex-fiance lives there, too, so he takes her home. I was pleased that, despite the title, they didn’t jump straight into bed together! When his very pregnant sister finds her there, she adds two and two together to make twelve! Still, his family love her, so they’re into matchmaking mode but Dax had a terrible, tragic experience and doesn’t want a relationship. She’s wary after her seven year long relationship crashed out so completely. From the wedding day that wasn’t onwards, their relationship, the other people involved and events all conspire to create a funny, totally enjoyable story. The Sunday lunch scenes, their developing relationship and everything else that happens are a recipe for a fun read that I have no qualms about recommending. Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.