Sleeping with the Opposition

Sleeping with the Opposition

by J. K. Coi


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Sleeping with the Opposition by J. K. Coi

Leo Markham has everything a man could want. Money. Power. Respect. But there's only one thing he needs-Bria. The trouble is, she's determined to move on, despite the breathtaking passion still between them. Sure, he's made mistakes, but he'll make her forgive him. He has to.

Shocked to find herself facing her devastatingly gorgeous ex as opposing counsel in the courtroom, Bria knows she can't let Leo hurt her again. He's the only man she'll ever love, but he wasn't there when she needed him most. She's just going to have to learn to resist the pull of his lethal magnetism.

Leo is determined to win Bria back no matter what it takes. He isn't about to lose the only woman who's ever had his heart.

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ISBN-13: 9781682811856
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: 05/02/2016
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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Sleeping with the Opposition 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
complex 2nd chance romantic relationship read I enjoyed reading about exs who come back together for that 2nd chance. They were coming apart at the seams and thru a series of miscommunications and misguidance, had come apart and were not really a couple due to a terrible event in their lives. When we meet them, the author shows us a MC, a couple , that doesn’t really want to be apart. Bria is still in love with her husband, yet she feels him further away from her as if he was clear across the world. They were the couple who were so in love and yet now, now they are a couple on the verge of losing it all. Leo knows he has let it all go but he wants one more chance to have his wife back in his life, to have their lives back the way it way where they were as one. Well, Bria isn’t going back to the way things were because that is what got them in this position and she is tired, so tired. This is the story , an emotional story of how one good couple lost their way. It leads up to an explosive, passionate climax. We finally got to see why Leo is so controlled and why he was so rigid –it also helped explain to me why Bria was so give and take when it came to taking his behavior. At times, this story was hard to understand the MC behaviors but when the climax of the story came, and all was reveled, then I did like how it was written. I wish things were cleared up smoother but when the emotions that this story portrays comes forth, I did understand. Its messy, hard to control and passionate which is what relationships are like. I did like the outcome and would like to see what this author will write next. My rating: 4.2 stars **** **I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review***
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
Sleeping With the Opposition was a very emotional and heartfelt read with two people who are very much in love but loss something that was very important to them both. One wants a shoulder someone to talk to as they work it out along with having to be alone when something bad happens. She wants to be told what he is feeling and talks about if this had not happen what their life would have been like. He just bottles it all up inside as he uses boxing to work out his anger and guilt. He doesn’t want to bring her pain back, he must be strong, a man doesn’t show emotion or cry. By doing this he has lost the most important thing in his life. Leo isn’t one to give up he would not have made it so far if he turn tail and ran every time something didn’t go his way. He doesn’t know the word and will fight to keep what is his. He is very much in love with his wife and it pains him to see her going through what she is. He tries so hard to be what she needs only what he thinks she needs isn’t what she needs at all. He puts forth a plan to win her back it isn’t that she doesn’t love him she does and he knows it. There is no way he will let his wife go. Bria is dealing with their loss and wants Leo to work through the issues with her. Talk out their feelings, lean on each other, feel the pain together and move on. Only what she sees is a cold stone of a man who will not show his true feelings. All he said is it will be ok we can have others but what about what they loss can you really replace that. If he can’t be the man she needs through the bad times than he isn’t the man she wants through the good times. It is time to throw in the towel and walk away only he won’t he must win. This isn’t a game nor is she one of his court cases. I really enjoyed this book there is a lot of pain, sorrow and sadness. When two people love each other as much as these two do you would think they could work out anything. The characters were very likeable along with being able to relate to and see both sides. At times you would like to shake them until they see what you do. I am sure more family can relate to this issue. I can’t even imagine it or how I would deal with it. This had a wonderful plot with wonderful characters. The supporting characters are outstanding none taking sides all pushing to help them find their way. You can feel the passion they have for each other and the pull they have. It isn’t easy to walk away from someone who can drive you wild just by a touch or a look. I thought the author did a great job in making us feel the emotions. Your heart will break for these two as they travel down a road many couples have. They will need to back up and really talk and find away to deal with the issues before they can even think about getting back together. It is an emotional read that I feel most people will enjoy.
CCarroll More than 1 year ago
This book was a delight from the beginning because it was written completely backwards from what we expect in a romance novel. Sleeping with the Opposition looks at a couple that is breaking apart due to a sad and heartbreaking event that they cannot seem to work through. In this book the author gives us an in-depth looked a couple deep in love, however Bria is expecting in-depth emotion from her husband that he can't give in the way she thinks she needs. Communication issues abound. From the beginning you are completely involved in this story. The strong, emotional push and pull seen in this couple is spilled out in the pain that we see on the pages. The author walks us through their life as they struggle to try to keep their marriage intact. The love they feel is intense and you find yourself cheering them on with each turn of the page. Have to admit this is a very emotional book and there were a number of areas that wrapped me up tight with more than a few tears falling. This is a book you love to hate but it's definitely one you just can't put down. The author has a magic touch when it comes to pulling the emotion from you and laying it out for all to see. Sexy and full of passion, this is definitely one to to dive head first into if you can deal with the emotional pain of loss and ending with a lovely HEA. * copy received for review purposes
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Wow! what a truly emotional and angst filled story. Leo and Bria suffered the worst tragedy I could ever think of. And this caused their problems. But the way Leo pursued her and never gave up fighting for her was pure beauty. Bria was a strong woman who was hurting and needed Leo to share himself. Their story was so well written that you like both characters. You want them to be together, to get it right, to prove love is stronger than anything. I loved their story from beginning to end and got a little teary eyed with the prologue. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars Sleeping With the Opposition was an emotional and heartfelt read. Leo and Bria have suffered a terrible loss and they both deal with it in different ways. One shuts down and the other one wants to talk and share their feelings. I found myself sympathising with both at different times, but they also frustrated me with their assumptions and lack of communication. I never doubted these two shared a deep love, they just needed to find their way back to each other with honest and open communication. Overall this was an emotional read with characters that will bring out all the feels and leave you with a smile on your face.
Crystal_Yawn More than 1 year ago
The pain of miscarriage has split Bria from Leo. The push/pull is heartbreaking, but Bria doesn't want to end up feeling alone again like she did in the hospital. opposing clients put the two in the same room and open eyes along with the help of friends. the chemistry between the two is strong and it's a nice easy afternoon read. a few parts drag on as Bria's hold out is a bit forced. interested in reading the other stories in this series.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Sleeping with the Opposition by J.K. Coli...The book was a quick great read that holds your attention. The characters are very well written and relatable. J.K. Coli takes a tough subject and has written a beautiful story. This was my first book by this author and it will not be my last. I received a complimentary book from publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: I really enjoyed this book, although it's an emotionally difficult story to read. This story is about an estranged husband and wife who are still both deeply in love, although they are on their way to getting divorced. Leo doesn't understand why, but Bria is adamant about it. Leo can't give her the support she needs, and while she believes that he loves her, she can't go through the pain of being alone when something bad goes wrong. She needs her husband for the bad times, too, not just the good, happy, sexy times. It probably doesn't help that they are both divorce lawyers...they see the worst in marriage every single day. Although I will admit, I loved Bria's ability to do her job in this story. She excels at negotiating middle ground for her clients so that everyone is happy. She just can't seem to do the same for her and Leo. Leo is determined that if he out-stubborn's her, she will realize that she's made a mistake. He doesn't really see what the issue is for Bria. These are two characters who were definitely molded by their dysfunctional childhoods and they have to work past that before they can have their happily ever after. Bria's right in that a marriage won't work if it's not a partnership in both good times and bad. Both of these characters have to find their empathy for their partner before they can even hope to be happy. It was a good lesson and I thought it made for an amazing story. I also liked the couple who played in the background of the story who were working through their own divorce throughout the course of the book and how their negotiations translated against Leo and Bria's negotiations. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this story and plan to reread it again someday. I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.
missalicia2013 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.... Note to readers there is a major trigger warning here it contains a major theme of miscarriage and it is a huge part of the book. If this something you cannot handle I would suggest skipping this book. I could not finish this book. I tried for many days. I am a quick reader and this is not typical for me. This book was difficult to read the main characters seemed stuck in a constant state of limbo. They would take a few steps forward and then a slide backward. Bria is alone in her pain from her miscarriage. The husband Leo is unable to emotionally support his wife during this time. This book is painful and sad. The author has tried to through in sexual tension along the way. For me this book is a fail.
MELHUTCHINSON More than 1 year ago
This was a good, quick read by J.K. Coi! The characters were well developed and came with their own set of problems that they were both dealing with. I loved how J.K. Coi sort of changed this one up and gave us the heroine playing the one that is hard to get instead of it mainly being the men. Nice twist! When we meet Leo and Bria they are both hard working and in the same profession. We find out that Leo was the one to pretty much train Bria in her job and the way that she does things. Granted everyone has their own little quirks, but Leo taught Bria the ropes of the main idea behind being a good lawyer. When things sort of go wrong for Leo and Bria in their marriage and they begin to drift apart from each other, it also tends to effect their jobs as well. Bria has taken on a new job at another law firm and is shocked to find out that she will be going up against Leo in one of her new cases. Leo was just as shocked when he saw that her name, and especially her maiden name, was on the opposition of his clients case. Leo is not happy about it at all but Bria is determined to make a name for herself at her new job. When Leo asks Bria to agree to a deal he wants, Bria thinks he is crazy and that there is no way at all that they can salvage their marriage and what used to be. Bria thinks that it is over and that is it. She decides to agree to Leo and get these two weeks out of the way so that he will sign his portion of the house over to her and they can both move on with their lives. What Bria does not expect is for Leo to be more attentive to her than ever and for them to become closer than they have ever been. Will they be able to save their marriage along with their careers and reputations? You need to read to find out! Such a great series that leave you longing for more of the Bad Boy Bosses!
Laura_F More than 1 year ago
This story was so beautifully written and unique. This second chance story is about a married couple, Leo and Bria, who have experienced a terrible loss and are losing their marriage because of it. These characters felt so real and true. It was wonderful to see the hard times that often come after "I do" and the HEA. Leo is doing his best to be strong on the outside while grieving. Bria just wants him to share his feelings with her. Since that isn't happening, she's decided to move on. Leo refuses to give up on his wife and fights for her the way he fights in the courtroom, with ruthless tenacity. Marriage is hard work and this story was a fantastic look at the happiness that can be found when the work is put in. *I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.*
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars--SLEEPING WITH THE OPPOSITION is the third installment in J.K. Coi’s contemporary, adult BAD BOY BOSSES romance series. This is lawyers and married couple Leo and Bria Markham’s story line- a second chance for two people whose lives fell apart months before. SLEEPING WITH THE OPPOSITION can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Told from dual third person perspectives (Leo and Bria) SLEEPING WITH THE OPPOSITION focuses on the breakdown of a marriage due to loss, lack of communication and misunderstanding the little cues and nuances that make up the individual, the couple and the marriage. Leo and Bria have witnessed heartbreak first hand; unexplainable loss; and the dissolution of a marriage once thought brought a happily ever after. But things changed, emotions were caught unbalanced, and misinterpretation of actions resulted in Bria wanting out-out of her marriage, our of her law practice, and Leo out of their house. What ensues are Leo’s attempts to win back his wife; and Bria finally coming to realize that what one sees on the surface is not necessarily what one finds underneath. SLEEPING WITH THE OPPOSITION is a tough read especially for anyone having experienced loss and divorce. Not only is the subject matter difficult for some readers but the actions and attitudes of the heroine amped up my anxiety and dislike for the story line female lead. Bria is a woman who is determined to end her marriage but is unwilling to look beyond her own pain and at the pain that her husband bears as well. There is no denying that each individual grieves and suffers in their own way but to presume that someone else feels differently or not a all leads the potential for disaster right up to your own door step and beyond. Bria Markham is a difficult character to like; her attitude and emotional distance from Leo is worthy of a teenage tantrum and an immature ideology on life. In this, I found my dislike for the Bria Markham enhanced my dislike of the story line premise which does not reflect on the author’s writing style but on my own personal dislike of the heroine’s actions and personality. It is not until Bria recognizes herself and her situation in others, does she begin to understand there is always more than life in black and white. The premise is profound; the characters are passionate; the romance is a struggle towards a happily ever after.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVED this story. This was a bit different from most of the romance books I read but I adored how Leo was determined to keep his marriage intact and wasn't willing to just walk away. Leo and Bria felt real and true. Watching as they worked through the pain of the past and slowly begin to forge a new beginning was truly a thing of beauty. Absolutely a book I would recommend!!
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
A book about two lawyers. That's what jumped out at me. However there is more going on than a forbidden love affair. There is a battle to save a relationship in turmoil. Leo is ruthless in his career. He knows how to get what he needs to procure the outcome he wants. What he can't figure out is how to save the one thing he treasures most his marriage. Bria is falling apart and the only way to protect herself is distance from the disappointment and heartbreak her relationship represents. Sleeping With the Opposition is overwrought with tons of emotions. It was hard to keep up. This is my first book by J.K. Coi and it was powerful. Who wouldn't want someone to love them enough to fight the way Leo did for Bria?