Sleight of Hand: A Practical Manual of Legerdemain

Sleight of Hand: A Practical Manual of Legerdemain

by Edwin Thomas Sachs

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It is always a matter for self-congratulation on the part of an author to be called upon to furnish a Preface to a second or subsequent edition of some "bantling of his brain." In the present instance the task is more satisfactory than usual, the author not coming before the reader empty-handed. Since the publication of the first edition, conjurors have not been idle, and numerous new methods for producing magical surprises have been invented. Such of these as are suitable or worthy—for, in their haste to be novel, many have failed to be satisfactory—the author has incorporated; and, by a thorough revision of the work, he has placed before the aspiring conjuror, written up to date, all that it is possible for him to know in the region of Sleight of Hand. E. S.Part I. Drawing-room Magic. I.—Palming II.—Tricks with Coins III.—Tricks with Common Objects IV.—Tricks with Cups and Balls V.—Tricks with Handkerchiefs VI.—Chinese Tricks VII.—Tricks at Table VIII.—Tricks with Cards Part II.—Grand, or Stage Magic. IX.—General Remarks X.—The Table and Dress XI.—Sleights and Properties for General Use XII.—Tricks with Cards XIII.—Tricks with Handkerchiefs and Gloves XIV.—Tricks with Coins XV.—Miscellaneous XVI.—The Cornucopian Hat XVII.—Tricks with Watches and Live Stock XVIII.—Sham Mesmerism, Clairvoyance, &c. XIX.—Final Instructions

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Publication date: 08/23/2016
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