A Slender Grace: Poems

A Slender Grace: Poems

by Rod Jellema


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ISBN-13: 9780802827821
Publisher: Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date: 08/01/2004
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.35(d)

Table of Contents

On Double Vision: A Prefatory Noteix
Words Take Water's Way3
The Housekite5
Think Narrow6
Ice Age7
Bicycle Parts9
(1)The Frame9
(3)The Sprocket10
(5)The Front Tire11
(6)Bicycle Seats12
Letter to Lewis Smedes about God's Presence13
The Pineapple Poem14
Incarnal Rhythm: A Kind of Counterpoint16
Come Winter17
Beneath the Signals of the Car Pool Radio, 199920
A Wedding Toast23
The Replay25
Pre-school Learning: Suzie at Three27
Secondary Ed.28
Descending Mount Palomar in a Rainstorm, Two Travelers Rediscover Impressionist Painting29
We Used to Grade God's Sunsets from the Lost Valley Beach33
Green Beans34
New Era, Michigan36
Snow Emergency Route37
Getting the Picture38
Young Man at the Laundromat Watching the Spinning Dryers40
Singing in the Shower41
Little Rock Barbeque42
The Color of His Hunger43
Some of the "Whats" That Are in a Name44
Aphrodite at Paphos, 199445
A Word in the Glare46
Take a Chance47
Still Life Waiting for Something to Start Again48
Cricket Blues49
Bix Beiderbecke Composing Light, 1927-193150
In the Dark52
Blind Willie Johnson (From Suzanne des Cendres)53
Up from the Borinage: Three for Vincent Van Gogh54
(1)In North Brabant, 1927, a Citizen Remembers Vincent Van Gogh54
(2)The Potato Eaters57
(3)Van Gogh, Talking to Himself, Echoes His Letters while Surveying His Latest Works59
Nightrise from the Observation Deck of the World Trade Center61
The Car in the Snow62
III.Assignment Nicaragua, 198565
(1)Easing Down toward Nicaragua67
(2)Assignment Nicaragua69
(3)Managua in the Thirteenth Year after the Earthquake71
(4)"San Carlos Potable Water"72
(5)Too Quickly74
(6)Hearing the Nighttime Crowing of Cocks75
IV."Some Lost Place Called Home"77
Travel Advisory79
Caribbean Cruise: A Letter80
Why I Never Take off My Watch at Night82
In the Red Sea: Snorkeling off Basata84
Report from Near the End of Time and Matter87
A Prayer for Darkness in an Age of Glare88
A Sighting90
Ending the Nationwide Poets' Strike92
Proposing the Text for a United States National War Memorial93
Leash Laws in Effect94
About the Summer House95
A Disquisition upon Whistling98
Hats and Awnings100
Truant Dancer101
Herm Klaasen to Himself102
Some Things Are Easier to Say in the Ancient Tongue of Clodskyvish103
Lullaby at Lake Michigan105
This Way Out106
Meditation on Coming Out of a Matinee107
Cafe Lejano108
Frisian Psalms, 1930s109
Notes to Some of the Poems110

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