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Slow Bullet

Slow Bullet

by John L. Lansdale
Slow Bullet

Slow Bullet

by John L. Lansdale



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A "page-turner...Those who like their thrillers with a heavy dose of violent action will be satisfied." - Publishers Weekly

A "straight-ahead's about action, and there's plenty of that. Check it out." - Bill Crider

Washington cover-ups. Crooked CIA operatives. International intrigue.
McKay wants to find a murderer. But what happens when he uncovers so much more?

In this timely novel, veteran Clark McKay is haunted by the loss of his wife and son, and nightmares of his time in Vietnam have been keeping the former U.S. Army Special Forces colonel up at night.
Trying to drown his problems in a bottle only makes his body and the mirror remind him he's not getting any younger.
After hearing terrible news about the murder of a close friend he served with in the war, McKay is determined to rise above his own problems and find the killer.
No matter the cost.
This search for truth takes McKay across the globe, where he crosses paths with a multitude of unforgettable characters with mixed motives.
Along the way, it becomes increasingly clear to McKay that his friend was murdered for uncovering the truth behind one of the nation's most notorious conspiracies – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
After wallowing in a murky ocean of corruption, McKay is brought to the conclusion he may have to resort to murder if justice is to be truly served.
Truth and fiction make for an interesting mixture in this fast-paced and entertaining novel.
There are always those who escape justice, and one hand will always wash the other.
Unless you have someone like Clark McKay willing to pay the ultimate price.


What Others are Saying about John L. Lansdale

"Mickey Spillane fans will welcome this page-turner...Lansdale effectively delays revealing the novel’s big secret until the end. Those who like their thrillers with a heavy dose of violent action will be satisfied." - Publishers Weekly review of Slow Bullet

"This is an entertaining, science fiction-historical-horror blend with resourceful protagonists and a solid cast of secondary characters." - Booklist review of Zombie Gold

"Slow Bullet is a straight-ahead's about action, and there's plenty of that. Check it out." - Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine

"...the author’s innate ability to spin a complex tale painted with vivid characters and intense suspense provides readers with a well-paced book that they may find difficult to set down...a worthwhile suspenseful ride." - Amazing Stories review of Horse of a Different Color

"Has something for everyone… It's exciting, entertaining and educational. A fun ride." – legendary TV personality/actress/author Joan Hallmark, review of Zombie Gold

"...something unique and comfortable and difficult to put down. Highly recommended." – Cemetery Dance review of Hell’s Bounty

"True to Lansdale tradition, John L. Lansdale has compiled a piece of work that should appeal to a wide range of readers." – Amazing Stories review of Zombie Gold


John L. Lansdale was born and raised in East Texas. He is a retired Army reserve Psychological Operations Officer and a combat veteran with numerous medals and awards. He has worked as a comic book writer for Tales from the Crypt, IDW, Grave Tales, Cemetery Dance and several more. He co-authored the Shadows West and Hell's Bounty novels with his brother Joe R. Lansdale. He is also the author of Horse of a Different Color, Slow Bullet, Zombie Gold, When the Night Bird Sings, Broken Moon, Long Walk Home, The Last Good Day and several more titles.

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ISBN-13: 9780999036105
Publisher: BookVoice Publishing
Publication date: 07/11/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 310
File size: 284 KB

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Front Matter


Part 1 – Wrong Hand

Part 2 – The File

Part 3 – Who Did It

Part 4 – What’s In The Box

Part 5 – The Last Stand


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