Slow Cooker Recipes: 200 Healthy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow Cooker Recipes: 200 Healthy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

by Gina Matthews

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Slow Cooker Recipes: 200 Healthy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes by Gina Matthews

Slow Cooker Recipes: 200 Healthy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes - Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family or for a party or large gathering, slow cooker meal preparation is a great way to serve up healthy, delicious and easy to prepare dishes and meals. With nothing more than a little bit of food prep, such as chopping of ingredients or a quick sauté of onions, the remainder of your dish or meal’s cooking time is all done by your kitchen appliance, the beloved and trustworthy slow cooker. And, with modern day life being as hectic as it is, juggling family, school, work and other activities, slow cooker meals allows you to prepare healthy meals for you and your family even when time is limited.

In this slow cooker cookbook you'll find meat-free, healthy and delicious vegetarian slow cooker recipes that you, your family and dining guest will love. Here's what you'll find inside this easy slow cooker recipe cookbook:

Chapter 1: Slow Cooker Recipes - Breakfast
Chapter 2: Slow Cooker Recipes - Appetizers
Chapter 3: Slow Cooker Recipes - Soups
Chapter 4: Slow Cooker Recipes - Stews
Chapter 5: Slow Cooker Recipes - Chilis
Chapter 6: Slow Cooker Recipes - Sides
Chapter 7: Slow Cooker Recipes - Desserts
Chapter 8: Slow Cooker Recipes - Miscellaneous Mains
Bonus Chapter: Slow Cooker Cooking Tips

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Publication date: 01/31/2014
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About the Author

Welcome to 'The Veggie Goddess' author page. I've been an advocate for all things nature-made since a child. Nature-made food, is a particular passion of mine, because nature-made food really is our body's best form of medicine. In contrast, man-made, lab-made products that get marketed and sold as 'food', have been one of the leading causes in the decline of our nation's health and well-being.Respecting and loving Mother Earth, provides us with a bounty of natural food goodness, that our bodies can utilize for more than just sustenance. The abundance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are contained in organic produce, far exceeds what any supplement can provide you. In fact, your body doesn't assimilate minerals from a supplement, because they are typically inorganic. Your body can only assimilate organic-occurring minerals. And, all those cheap discount store vitamin supplements are a complete waste of money also. Again, because they are synthetic (man-made) and not nature-made, the human body cannot assimilate them, and your body just expels them out, making for expensive toilet water. So, instead of spending boat-loads of money on those all-inclusive vitamin supplements, that typically end up being expelled from your body unused, just visit your local farmer's market, organic food co-op or health food market instead.I strongly encourage people to support these entities, and stop funding the lab-made foods and other products that our destroying people's health, as well as our environment. And, no matter how small your living space is, you always have options to consider for growing your very own herbs, vegetables and fruits.I've been ghost-writing natural health articles for years, and a holistic therapist by trade, and in 2012 decided to embark on the creation of my own vegetarian and vegan book series. I do truly 'walk my talk', when it comes to living a natural and healthy lifestyle. I'm approaching 50 years of age, literally do not get sick, have no physical ailments or complaints, and am of strong and healthy body, mind and spirit.I have a true passion for sharing my experience and knowledge with others, for the purpose of personal empowerment. Most disease and health issues are completely avoidable and preventable, and we all have the freedom in each and every day, to make choices that support our natural health and well-being, or not.It excites me to see a resurgence of environmental and health consciousness exploding across the nation and world. People are demanding proper labeling on genetically modified foods, origin of product, and more. With awareness, comes support. With support, comes action. And, with action, comes conscious change.If these matters are something you are also passionate about, I invite you to please bookmark my author page, and check back frequently for new information, updates and of course, new books.I wish all my current and future readers a healthy, passion-filled life! Veggie Appetit!Gina 'The Veggie Goddess' Matthews

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