Slow the Pace: Short Story Anthology

Slow the Pace: Short Story Anthology


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They call it the Rat Race. The hustle, bustle, slam-bang pace of the world in which we live. Rush, rush, rush seems to be our motto, our credo, our way of life.

It can't be good for us. What is this hurry-up lifestyle doing to our bodies and minds? Sure, we may be getting ahead and "living the dream," but what is the cost? Shorter lifespans, ulcers, a general feeling of being worn out and frazzled? Aren't we supposed to like what we pay for?

Take the time to consider how you are journeying through this life. Are you part of the Rat Race? If so, we implore you to avoid the haste. You should take time out to enjoy the slower side of things. To be calm while surrounded by a world of chaos. To slow the pace of life and relish every second.

"Slow the pace." Such beautiful words that are full of meaning and importance!

Please, step out of the Rat Race, and let everything just whiz on by. Allow yourself to sink into other worlds. Allow yourself to forget, to be carried away, to enjoy the power and splendor of the written word.

The rats can keep racing-they have for thousands, maybe millions of years-but we need to quit that race. We need to sit back, take stock of our lives, and definitely Slow the Pace.

"Slow the Pace" is an anthology containing fifteen incredible stories written by very talent authors. These are stories that will trigger your imagination, pull you out of the real world, and allow you to escape from the everyday routine. Stories of family loss, workplace revenge, discovery, not-so-gentle aging, hidden monsters, fantasy, magic, dealing with the public, futuristic conflicts, and overcoming lost causes.

Included are authors: Ronna L. Edelstein, Jeff Spitzer, Dorene O'Brien, Tom Stock-Hendel, Michelle Wotowiec, Jennifer A. Powers, Phillip Frey, Catharine Leggett, William D. County, JoAllen Bradham, Joe Dornich, Mike Tuohy, Mary Smith, S. Baer Lederman, and Robin Hostetter.

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ISBN-13: 9780985183356
Publisher: Scribes Valley Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/02/2016
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

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