Small Animal Toxicology Essentials / Edition 1

Small Animal Toxicology Essentials / Edition 1

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It took Dell a few minutes to find the control room. For some reason, they felt compelled to explore every inch on the ship. They felt that they would be spending a lot of time there. The control room was just up the flight of stairs. Everything was black for a moment, and the soft piano and flute duet faded out. <br> <p> It all opened up to show a wide and spectacular view. The walls were made of glass or something similar and displayed the swirling void of space. Smudges of color and dots of light layed out a map of the swirling galaxies and shining stars. The space ship itself was plain metal with a complex design of blue and orange lights on the ground leading behind them. Turning around, Dell saw a floating red orb of energy inside a glass tube. As a upbeat fanfare played, they aproached Elizabeth who was fiddling with the controls. <br> <p> "Hm? Oh! You made it!" She gave a warm smile. "Welcome aboard! Untill we find out where youre from, youre gonna have to work here- after all I dont allow people to stay here without a reason. Got any skills?" A menu list apeared with the following options: Engineer, Navigator, Chef, Adventurer, and Being a Dissapointment. They had never clicked a button faster in their entire life. <br> <p> "A dissapointment?" Elizabeth laughed. "Theres no way someone like you could be a dissapointment. So I guess that means you dont know what you can do... You look like the adventures type. Ever since /the accident/," the words the accident were red for some reason. She coninued, not wanting to explain. "We lost a lot of power. Its a mirical we can keep the ship running. Our ship is one of a kind, and uses a special energy sorce we call \core\," unlike the accident, core was written in blue. "The \core\ has been skattered over many galaxies and worlds. Theres a \core\ piece around here, but its guarded by members of |Team Diamond|." The mention of the team was in pink and had a picture of a diamond after it. (~Shoutout to whoever can get me the code for that symbol~) Dell asked who Team Diamond was. <br> <p> "|Team Diamond| is an evil force that 'rules' over the universe. They dont like us very much because we constantly trespass on their territory. Me and my crew are studying all the planets in the universe. Each one has its own unique core, makeup, and life. The planet closest by used to be ruled by a community of small wood creatures, now theres only one section of land that is given to the people, while to rest of it is looked over by |Team Diamond|, who are guarding the \core\ piece. Do you think you can get the \core\ piece for us?" A yes and no box apeared. They touched yes. <br> <p> "Thank you! When youre ready, meet me at the warp pad. Its right below the core," as she walked off a text box apeared. <br> "Use [L] and [R] triggers to switch the camera angle. Hold [L] and press down to exit first person mode and [L] and up to change back." Out of curiosity, they tapped out of first person. It was weird seeing themself from a distance, and for a split second they though they saw something in their shadow. Dell quickly decided that they did not like the new perspective, and quickly changed back to first person. They looked around, admiring the place before heading below deck. <br> <p> "Are you ready?" Asked Elizabeth once they made it. Dell nodded, choosing yes on the option menu that apeared. "Good luck!" She called as they steped into the yellow beam of light that would take them to the planet below.