Small Steps to Rich 2022: Personal Finance Made Simple

Small Steps to Rich 2022: Personal Finance Made Simple

by Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall
Small Steps to Rich 2022: Personal Finance Made Simple

Small Steps to Rich 2022: Personal Finance Made Simple

by Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall




Personal finance mastered makes for a happy life. But it's rarely taught in school, often clouded in hype, and complexified by financial professionals.

Small Steps to Rich 2022 solves these problems. It lays out a clear approach that anyone can adopt, regardless of education, experience, or profession. It shares a simple, three-step model that cuts through inessentials to focus on the moves that matter. You'll learn how to:

  • Maximize investment returns with mutual funds and ETFs.
  • Lower taxes with IRAs, 401(k)s, and other advantaged accounts.
  • Slash costs on mortgages, student loans, and other debt.
  • Control biases that interfere with good financial decision making.
  • Stockpile the right amount of cash in government-insured accounts.
  • Know when and how to hire qualified financial professionals.
  • Stay the course during market turbulence.
  • Provide for loved ones with trusts and ITF accounts.

Updated annually, the book is written for U.S. citizens and residents aged 18-65. It's current on today's interest rates, contribution limits, and tax deductions. And it includes new links-unsponsored and objectively picked-to the best information sources and financial institutions.

More importantly, Small Steps to Rich 2022 gives you the healthy mindset that naturally yields smart money choices. Wise moves will become intuitive. And destructive ones will become revolting.

The book covers diversification, credit scores, stocks, homebuying, investing, mortgages, financial advisors, refinancing, annuities, bonds, CDs, dividends, high-yield savings accounts, insurance, leasing, interest, Medicare, rollovers, 403(b)s, 529s, cryptocurrencies, 401(k)s, IRAs, ETFs, mutual funds, trusts, and much more.

Small Steps to Rich 2022 champions simple solutions that work. It doesn't dwell on difficult formulas, Wall Street jargon, or untested investments, nor does it endorse some all-consuming regimen that's hard to embrace. Instead it uses plain language and proven tools to give you the confidence to make good economic decisions over a lifetime.

Few subjects are as masterable, and as potent, as personal finance. It's masterable because it's straightforward. And it's potent because it has the power to level up your life. Make personal finance your place to thrive with Small Steps to Rich 2022.

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ISBN-13: 9781737673408
Publisher: Judicial Corporation
Publication date: 10/06/2021
Pages: 334
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About the Author

Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall teaches personal finance at Stanford University. He has been featured on NPR and CNBC. He is the author of Good Stocks Cheap, which in 2019 was also published in Chinese. He holds a BA in Economics, International Area Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles; and an MBA from Harvard University.

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