Smart Power: Toward a Prudent Foreign Policy for America

Smart Power: Toward a Prudent Foreign Policy for America

by Ted Galen Carpenter



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ISBN-13: 9781933995168
Publisher: Cato Institute
Publication date: 06/25/2008
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xi
Introduction     1
Trying to Thwart the Drive to War against Iraq     9
Overthrow Saddam? Be Careful What You Wish For     12
Missing the Point: Bush's Speech to the UN     14
False Historical Analogies on Iraq     16
Back Off Tough Iraq Policy     18
Pro-War Camp Can't Make the Case That an Attack Is in the National Interest     19
Uncomfortable Questions about U.S. Policy toward Iraq     21
Assessing the Iraq Debacle     23
Where Are the WMDs?     27
Focus on U.S.' Exit, Not UN's Role in Iraq     28
Peter Pan Strategy in Iraq     30
America Alone Again, Naturally     31
One Year Later: Warning Signs in Iraq     33
Hawks Didn't See What Was Coming in Iraq     35
Iraq 2004, Vietnam 1964     36
Despite Bush's Speech, U.S. Planning Long Stay in Iraq     38
Washington's Imperial Socialism     40
Iraqi Elections     43
Bush Misreads History     44
Bush's Call to Stay the Course Is Simply an Act of Folly     46
With Zarqawi's Death, U.S. Should Exit Iraq     48
Washington's Masochistic Policy in Iraq     50
Withdrawal from Iraq Now Will Be Less Painful Than Years from Now     51
No al Qaeda Takeover of Iraq     53
U.S. Needs to Stop Iraq Problem from Spreading to Region     54
Reject False Prophets: The First Step in Mitigating the Iraq Debacle     56
Go to Kurdistan? No     60
How Exactly Is Iraq Like South Korea or Germany?     62
America's Other War: Afghanistan     65
Head Straight for Pakistan     68
Avoiding Distractions: The Case against Nation-Building in Afghanistan     69
Focus on Terror, Not Drugs     71
America's Other War: The Deteriorating Situation in Afghanistan     73
The War on Terror     81
Fixing Foreign Policy: How the U.S. Should Wage the War on Terror     84
Instinct for the Capillaries: The 9-11 Commission Report     88
Drug Prohibition Is a Terrorist's Best Friend     90
War on Terror Is Not Another World War     92
Violent Awakenings: How Do Pearl Harbor and September 11 Compare as Turning Points for America?     94
Attempting to Head Off War against Iran     97
Caution on Iran     101
Dubious Assumptions about Iran     102
U.S. Snub of Iran Is Wrong Response     104
Bombing for Regime Change     106
Haste Not Called For with Iran     107
U.S. Should Try for a Grand Bargain with Iran     109
Evidence Suggests Iran Wouldn't Pull Nuclear Trigger (Coauthored with Justin Logan)     115
Talk to Iran: It's Working with North Korea     117
Prospects for Peace and Democracy in the Middle East     119
United States Can't Do the Impossible in Middle East     122
Roadmap to Nowhere     123
Transforming the Middle East-Washington's High-Stakes Gamble     124
Democracy and Demagoguery in the Middle East     130
New Approaches for the Troubled Korean Peninsula     133
North Korea Crisis Exposes U.S. Risks     137
A Nuclear Reaction to North Korea     138
Time to Get South Korea Off the Security Dole     140
Acid Test for North Korea     143
Bush's North Korea Gambit     144
Forcing North Korea's Hand     146
Keep North Korea Talks Focused on Ending Nuclear Threat     147
A Nuisance, Not a Threat     149
Bringing Down Kim     151
Muted Applause for the Nuclear Deal     153
The Dangerous Taiwan Issue     155
Bush Still Doesn't Get It Right on Taiwan      159
Beijing Smothers Hong Kong-and Drives Taiwan Farther Away     163
Ticking Taiwan: China Is Growing Impatient about Washington's Policy     164
Asian Countries Send Taiwan a Message     166
The Real Trouble with Taiwan (Coauthored with Justin Logan)     168
How China Can Cool Row with Taiwan     170
The Pressure Cooker Heats Up     172
Taiwan: A Troublesome Client     173
Tougher Than It Looks     175
The Bush Administration Snubs Taiwan     176
What Strategic Ambiguity?     178
Taiwan's Free Ride on U.S. Defense     180
A Delicate Relationship with China     183
Beijing's Newfound Reticence Says Much     187
America's Troubling New Alliance with Beijing     189
The Pentagon's Surprisingly Sober Look at China (Coauthored with Justin Logan)     190
Transparency Is the Best Weapon, Beijing     193
Modern Chinese Secret?     194
NATO, The Balkans, and Relations with Russia     199
Casting NATO Line Perilously Far to East     203
Time to Disagree without Being Disagreeable     205
NATO: A Troubled Transatlantic Marriage     207
Fanning the Flames in the Balkans     208
NATO Insists on Poking the Russian Bear     210
U.S. Allies Bring Little to the Table in Iraq and Afghanistan     212
Cheney's Useless Allies     213
A Military Pledge Too Far for Washington     215
The Disastrous War on Drugs     217
Trumpeting Another Phony 'Breakthrough'     221
Another One Bites the Dust: Plan Colombia Is the Latest Failed Drug War Policy     222
Is Mexico the Next Colombia?     224
Drug-Warrior Wishful Thinking     226
Strung Out: Prohibition Stays Put South of the Border     228
Mexico's Drug Trade     230
The Connection between Foreign Policy and Domestic Liberty     237
Protecting Liberty in a Permanent War     240
Liberty and Empire     242
A Useless and Intrusive PR Display (Coauthored with Charles V. Pena)     246
Index     249

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