Smart Startup: The Fine Art Of Being The Dumbest One In The Room

Smart Startup: The Fine Art Of Being The Dumbest One In The Room

by Tim J Sinclair


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So you have an idea. Now what? Taking a concept from the mind to the marketplace is a daunting task, especially when you don’t feel academically, financially, or emotionally prepared to do so. But here’s a little secret: no one is prepared. Ever.

It’s not natural for anyone to charge straight ahead when they think they’re the dumbest (or poorest or least-qualified) person in the room. Normal people go find something else to do. Sane individuals avoid fear, insecurity, and pain. But entrepreneurs are far from normal or sane.

If everyone who felt dumb or “less than” simply decided not to pursue whatever made them feel inadequate, nothing would ever change. Many companies wouldn’t exist. Many people wouldn’t have the rights they do today. Certain countries would never have tasted freedom. But, thankfully, history shows us the countless brave individuals who decided to take a chance and embrace their inadequacy, despite the inherent risks.

Smart Startup: The Art of Being the Dumbest Guy in the Room addresses the realities of moving from idea to industry—what it takes to get started, what to expect along the way, and, in the end, why success isn’t dependent on making millions.

Who cares if you don’t know enough code or make enough money or have enough schooling? Who cares if everyone else seems smarter or more qualified or better equipped? Who cares if the odds or the percentages or the math aren’t in your favor? There can be no more excuses.

Take a risk. Change the world. Dumb doesn’t matter.

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